Kefir for diarrhea: features of use and recommendations

Kefir is considered a useful sour-milk product that is able to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract and restore its microflora. Some experts recommend drinking it for digestive upsets. Is kefir possible with diarrhea, because with this disease all dairy products are in question?

Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea is called loose stool, which occurs in a person 3 or more times a day. In this case, abdominal pain, urge to defecate and spontaneous bowel movement may appear. With diarrhea, the digestion process is disturbed and motility is accelerated. As a result, the liquid contents of the intestine quickly move along the organs of the digestive tract, which is accompanied by frequent emptying.

The main cause of diarrhea is considered to be the ingestion of pathogens, viruses or toxic substances. In this case, diarrhea acts as a protective reaction of the body, with which it gets rid of pathogenic microflora. Diarrhea in such a situation occurs unexpectedly.

Can there be diarrhea from kefir? Diarrhea can occur as a result of intolerance to lactose (a carbohydrate that is present in dairy products) or gluten (a protein present in cereals). The use of kefir can be harmful. The most effective help is the exclusion of products that contain these substances.

Can kefir with diarrhea

If chronic intestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome) caused diarrhea , is it possible to drink kefir, the specialist will specify.

Sometimes, diarrhea can be caused by stress. This happens before a crucial event. The condition is normalized independently without any treatment. In this case, kefir should not be excluded from the diet.

Diarrhea can occur after taking antibiotics, when the body's defenses are weakened. In the intestine, the growth of pathogenic microflora occurs, which provokes diarrhea. In this case, kefir or other dairy products are simply necessary to treat this condition.

The composition of kefir

The basis of sourdough for a drink is alum fungi. The microorganisms used in the fermentation of kefir contribute to the improvement of intestinal function, normalize its microflora and relieve diseases of the digestive tract. The drink contains many vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Can there be diarrhea from kefir

Fresh kefir with diarrhea can inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora. The lactobacilli and acidophilus coli present in its composition remove toxins from the intestines and restore damaged epithelial tissues.

The effect of kefir on the digestive tract

Sour-milk products favorably affect the intestinal microflora. Many experts note the beneficial qualities of kefir. It can be used for diseases of the digestive tract.

Is kefir useful for diarrhea? Its main effects include the following:

  1. Affects the quantitative composition of the intestinal microflora.
  2. With constant intake, metabolism improves.
  3. Suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.
  4. Quickly removes toxins and prevents their absorption in the blood.
  5. Increases immunity.
  6. Reduces the risk of cancer.
  7. Suitable for people who have had surgery.
  8. Positive effect on the walls of blood vessels.
Is it possible to drink kefir with diarrhea for an adult

With lactase deficiency, it is a substitute for milk. Kefir should be fresh. A spoiled product can be very harmful.

Can I drink with diarrhea?

Drinking kefir with diarrhea is allowed for both adults and children. Sourdough consists of alum fungi. Live bacteria are used to make the drink. They are able to normalize the intestinal microflora, restore its quantitative composition, and prevent the development of inflammatory processes. Indeed, in the drink there are many useful substances.

Kefir with diarrhea is able to suppress the activity of pathogenic microflora and remove toxins from the intestine. Due to this, the healing process takes place within a few days.

A universal drink for the treatment of diarrhea is characterized by consistency, fat content, acidity and composition. Depending on its characteristics, its therapeutic effect is determined.

The fatter the product, the greater the level of lactose.

Kefir with diarrhea in children

The acidity of kefir determines the functioning of the intestines. An acidic product has better fixing power. They occur in the drink 2 days after preparation.

One of the most important properties of a product is its freshness and shelf life. Poor kefir will only harm the body.

Why after kefir diarrhea? This can happen if the product is fresh, released on the same day. It has a laxative effect.

Reception instructions

Can I drink kefir with diarrhea for an adult? The drink is allowed to be included in your diet in this condition, but you must do this correctly.

To quickly and efficiently restore bowel function during diarrhea, kefir should be consumed according to the recommendations of a specialist:

  • The drink can be consumed only if the condition is not acute (there is no vomiting, high temperature). This is best done on the second day of the disease.
  • Treatment should be carried out with a fresh, and best prepared independently drink. Kefir should contain a minimum of preservatives and harmful substances.
  • You can drink no more than 2 glasses of the drink per day. One in the morning on an empty stomach, and the second - at bedtime.
  • The general course of treatment should not be more than 14 days.
  • During the period of therapy, you must follow a diet. The patient needs to give up fried, spicy and fatty. Without medical nutrition, kefir intake will be ineffective.
  • Is kefir possible for diarrhea in a child? Drinking a drink with prolonged diarrhea in a baby is allowed only by a specialist.
  • If diarrhea is caused by taking antibiotics, then the drink must be included in the diet without fail. It will restore the intestinal microflora better than any probiotics.

To achieve effective treatment, it is not recommended to increase the amount of kefir per day. This can lead to new attacks of diarrhea.

Why after kefir diarrhea

Kefir is an effective tool that helps with mild ailments. If diarrhea is caused by serious causes, then a drink in this situation will not help.


Despite the effectiveness of kefir for diarrhea, there are a number of restrictions on its use:

  1. With lactose intolerance.
  2. With low acidity of gastric juice.
  3. Kefir with diarrhea in children under the age of 1 year should not be used due to intolerance to casein protein.
  4. In case of chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract to avoid possible complications.
  5. If diarrhea occurs in pregnant or lactating women, then taking kefir with diarrhea should be discussed with a specialist.

All other categories of patients who do not suffer from such problems are allowed to drink kefir with diarrhea after consulting a doctor.

Is kefir possible for diarrhea in a child

Therefore, if you experience diarrhea, you should initially consult a specialist. Only a doctor can determine whether to drink kefir, whether there is intolerance to dairy products.

General recommendations

Kefir has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. Trace elements and beneficial bacteria make up for their lack in the intestinal microflora, which normalizes the balance.

One kefir with diarrhea can not do. Together with the drink you need to adhere to such dietary restrictions:

  • Reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates that enter the body.
  • Exclude pears, citrus fruits, sunflower and olive oil from the diet.
  • Remove intestinal irritating foods from the menu.
  • Increase the number of meals, reduce the amount of servings. This will reduce the burden on the intestines without harming the production of vitamins and minerals.
Features of taking kefir with diarrhea
  • Patients, in order to prevent dehydration, drink more fluid.

Alternative methods of treatment

To speed up the healing process, taking kefir with diarrhea can be combined with medicinal plants, such as chamomile or horsetail. The duration of therapy is determined in each case individually.

High efficiency in the fight against diarrhea was demonstrated by kefir alum, which is added to cooled milk. They insist during the day and take 2 cups. The drink is allowed to be consumed only on the third day, in total, to drink during the week.


Diarrhea is one of the signs of disturbances in the body, especially if other symptoms are present. To drink or not to drink kefir, the patient decides on his own. With acute symptoms and diarrhea in children, self-medication is not recommended, you should seek help from a specialist. Only he can prescribe the right and effective treatment.


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