Celery. Its benefits for the figure and health in general.

Celery is a vegetable crop and has about twenty varieties. The so-called cultured celery is most popular. Its benefit lies not only in the leaves and stems, but also in the large succulent roots of the plant.

It became famous due to its calorie content, in which there are only eighteen calories, and even they have negative energy, that is, digesting this vegetable, the body spends more energy than it receives when it is consumed. That is why it has become so popular among women who monitor the slimness of their figure. You can eat it in any form. Many people cook soups with celery, bake it, fry it, steam it or use it raw. Greens are added to salads, and fragrant seeds are used as a fragrant seasoning for many dishes. With its minimum calorie content, it gives a sufficient amount of energy and is quite suitable not only for diet food, but also for the usual daily diet.

A remedy for many diseases is celery. The benefits and harms of this vegetable were discussed back in the days of Hippocrates. This wonderful plant, with constant use, can do just miracles. It perfectly cleanses the body, strengthens and even rejuvenates it. If it is necessary to raise the tone of the whole organism, recharge it with energy, increase working capacity, make sleep healthy, and nerves of iron, then celery should be added to your daily diet. The benefits of the essential oils that make up its composition are enormous. They help relieve any manifestations of stress and relieve stress.

It contains vitamins C, E, PP, provitamin A and various minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and others. Therefore, celery is one of the most useful vegetables for hair, nails, skin, eyes. Its benefits are enormous if consumed in the form of freshly squeezed juice. In this form, it is absorbed to the maximum extent in the body and cleans it well of toxins and toxins, helping to slow down the aging process. Half a glass of fresh juice with a spoon of natural honey daily completely normalize metabolism and contribute to a decrease in appetite. It is especially recommended for severe obesity, diabetes and various types of skin rashes. You can get rid of all the extra pounds by eating celery in this way. Its use for the body is invaluable, but nevertheless, during pregnancy (after reaching a period of six months) and breastfeeding, you should not eat celery. Its harm lies in the fact that it contributes to the excessive formation of gases in the body of a pregnant and lactating woman. Which, of course, adversely affects the condition of the fetus or a recently born baby. Patients with epilepsy should also be wary of including a vegetable such as celery in the diet. It can bring harm to people with kidney stones. It was noticed that when it was consumed in too large quantities, a sharp movement of stones began, which caused severe pain and required immediate surgery. People with gastric and duodenal ulcers are also not recommended to abuse celery.

But still, starting to introduce aromatic, juicy and tasty celery into your diet, you should do it gradually, combining it with other, familiar dishes. We must not forget about the power of his cleansing abilities and be sensitive to his body. It is necessary to adjust the diet in such a way that it is not only tasty to eat, but also, not forgetting about the features of your body and some of its diseases, to prevent their development by adding a magical miracle vegetable celery to your dishes.

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