Bran for constipation: how to take, which to choose? Brewing recipes, pros and cons of treatment

Digestive problems for many people cause serious discomfort. According to statistics, 80% of cases of taking painkillers without a doctor’s prescription are just bloating and colic that accompany constipation. Of course, one cannot do without anesthesia, it is necessary to solve the problem. And at the heart of this is nutrition correction. Lack of fiber leads to deterioration of the intestines, from which all other troubles follow. Today we’ll talk about how to take bran for constipation in order to normalize digestion and forget about the problem.

how to take bran for constipation

Fiber Source

Specialists in the field of healthy nutrition do not tire of repeating that the best way to avoid constipation is to optimize nutrition. This is the only natural and safe way to get rid of any digestive problems. That is, you have to take a whole range of measures, stop overeating, reduce the amount of refined sweets and unhealthy fats. It is very important to include in the diet a source of fiber, which are bran.

This is a recognized tool, which can safely be awarded the title of "Majority Choice." Due to the high content of fiber and dietary fiber, it contributes to the removal of toxins and toxins, the regulation of the imbalance of microflora and cholesterol. This leads to the normalization of impaired intestinal motility. This is usually the primary cause of constipation.

No need to fool yourself

Before talking about how to take bran for constipation, you need to clearly understand that the solution to the problem lies primarily in proper nutrition. Refined foods, a large amount of fat and sweet, lack of fiber - all this leads to a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. That is, you can forget about the problem of constipation forever. The main thing is to choose the right products and follow the recommendations for their use. In fact, the balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the presence of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals in food is very important.

wheat bran for constipation how to take

The benefits and harms of bran

Let's dwell on this point in more detail so that you better imagine the mechanism of action on the body. Perhaps for some, this will be the first step to include bran in the diet or, conversely, abandon them. Bran is a unique discovery of mankind. An unremarkable shell contains a whole complex of vitamins and minerals. These are magnesium and potassium, fatty acids and proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Bran absorb toxins, cholesterol and other harmful compounds and safely remove them. Already on this basis, you need to ask how to take bran for constipation. The product contains a large amount of fiber. Coarse fibers stimulate intestinal motility, contribute to getting rid of congestion. It is recommended to take them with intestinal atony and gall bladder dysfunctions. Shells of grains bind fats, cholesterol and cleanse blood vessels.


It is best to consult with your doctor. He will be able to tell how to take bran for constipation, and about the existing contraindications. In particular, people who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases need to completely abandon therapy, especially during an exacerbation. The rigid structure of the particles can cause damage to irritated or inflamed organs.

Do not forget that excessive passion is dangerous. Therefore, today we are talking about how to properly take bran for constipation. Uncontrolled use of the product will lead to bloating and colic. There is one more danger. If you abuse this product, this can lead to the fact that beneficial substances that do not have time to digest will be excreted from the body.

how to take bran with constipation

Different types of bran

The most popular and concurrently inexpensive are wheat bran. But you should be aware that there are other varieties of this product on the market. But the mildest effect is precisely wheat. How to take bran from this cereal for constipation, we will continue to consider further. If you have not tried this supplement and do not know how the body will react to such an innovation, start with this option. The benefits of the product compensate for the likely harm, so it’s definitely worth a try. Whole wheat shells are considered the best antioxidant. Gradually getting used to such a product, the body prepares for a more radical impact.

How to use?

It’s worth starting with a few granules, bringing the amount to 1 tablespoon per day in a week. If a person has a lot of excess weight and wants to lose weight with bran, it is recommended to increase the dose based on the formula "1 tablespoon per 60 kg of weight."

The portion can be divided for the whole day (2-3 tablespoons) or steamed each time again. It is recommended to pour this amount in a glass of boiling water and let stand for 30 minutes. All bran ready to eat. They can be eaten separately or mixed with kefir, yogurt, add a little honey. You can put bran in soup and porridge.

how to take rye bran for constipation

The best recipes with wheat bran

  1. Bran with milk. To do this, two tablespoons of bran is poured with a glass of milk and insisted for an hour. You need to eat the mixture on an empty stomach, in the morning, 15 minutes before breakfast. Repeat the procedure for a month.
  2. Bran water is an excellent tool for normalizing intestinal motility. It is necessary to take 4 tablespoons of bran and pour 20 tablespoons of boiling water. You need to insist for 4 hours, then strain and drink.
  3. The most delicious recipe. The dish seems to be created for real sweet tooth, but at the same time it perfectly relieves constipation and promotes weight loss. To do this, 100 g of steamed bran must be passed through a meat grinder with 100 g of raisins and 200 g of prunes. You need to eat this mass during the day, in three doses, be sure to drink it with water.

How to take rye bran?

With constipation, it is better to postpone acquaintance with them for later. They are characterized by an increased level of stiffness and act more aggressively on the intestines. When the body has passed the period of adaptation, that is, accustomed to wheat bran, you can gradually switch to rye.

It’s not difficult to take them. They are added with first courses, eaten with dairy products: yogurt, kefir. It is advisable to break the daily dose into 3-4 doses. Up to 65 g of bran can be eaten per day. In this case, you get 100% of all fiber, which is necessary for the body. But if you only try bran, it is recommended to reduce the dosage to a few granules.

Rye bran with constipation can exacerbate the situation if you exceed the recommended amount. In this case, a person experiences heaviness in the abdomen, increased gas formation. Remember one more rule: without liquid bran will not bring benefits. At least 2 liters of pure water should be drunk per day.

oat bran for constipation how to take

Ways to use

The easiest way to abandon wheat bread in favor of rye. Just 100 g of this product per day will allow your intestines to start working like clockwork. But there are special recipes that help solve the problem with constipation:

  • With their help, you can cleanse the intestines. To do this, during the month before each meal (three times a day) you need to eat 1 tablespoon of bran and drink them with two glasses of water. Of course, you first need to accustom the body to this product.
  • Bowel problems can be resolved by eating a tablespoon of bran each morning and drinking them with water.

Do bran help with constipation? Yes, of course. But you need to consider that in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract, you need to use them with great care, in minimal quantities and be sure to monitor your well-being.

Oat bran

They have a unique composition, since it includes hard fibers and soluble fiber. Therefore, the effect on the intestines is quite mild. The composition of the product includes a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, in particular selenium, magnesium and potassium. Among other things, the tool helps to get rid of weakness, vitamin deficiency and malaise. The oat shell is used to prevent atherosclerosis. Helps to cleanse the blood and reduce the number of plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

How to take oat bran from constipation? Useful husk removes bad cholesterol. Soluble trace elements neutralizes it more effectively than many medicines. During the treatment course, you need to eat 30 g every day and drink plenty of clean water. But first you need to accustom your body to a new product. To do this, it is recommended to eat a small amount of bran three times a day and drink them with water.

bran constipation reviews

Bran in childhood

In preschool age, digestive problems are normal. This is due to the immaturity of the enzymatic system, that is, age-related features. Malnutrition also contributes to the development of constipation, because children choose from the menu only what they like. Bran is recommended to be given to those children who have poor appetite. Their regular use is indicated for anemia, since bran is a source of iron. The product is very useful in the spring, as it is able to remove allergens from the body.

How to take bran for children from constipation? Beforehand, it is best to consult a doctor. Exceeding the dosage is not recommended, so as not to cause digestive problems. The product has contraindications:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Sharp pricks.
  • Stomach ulcer.
  • With pancreatitis and cholecystitis, you can eat bran only during the period of remission.

Children are allowed to give bran from 10 months. First in the form of a decoction, and after a year you can already add them to dishes in steamed form. Among all varieties, wheat bran should be preferred. The first method is the fourth part of a teaspoon of dry raw materials or a few grams of decoction. Gradually increase the volume, observing the condition of the child. At a normal dosage, the child calmly walks on the pot and does not experience pain due to gas formation.

bran from constipation to children

Recipes for children

Parents should carefully read the information on how to take bran from constipation. Reviews say that with the right dosage, babies do not experience any digestive problems.

  • Decoction for babies is prepared as follows. A teaspoon of bran should be poured into 0.5 cups of boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes over low heat. After this, you need to strain and cool the broth. Feed him throughout the day.
  • After a year of bran, you can cook them as follows. One and a half teaspoons should be filled with a glass of boiling water and covered with a lid. After 30 minutes, the liquid is drained, and bran is fed to the child, adding them to various soups and cereals.

Being healthy is easy! To do this, you need to eat the right foods, and bran can be safely called one of them.


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