How to dry the body and not harm the body?

Many athletes often wonder - how to dry the body? This article is intended to provide simple recommendations for both sports professionals and amateurs.

To begin with, we will understand what drying is on slang of pitching. The word "drying" in them means nothing more than the maximum reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat. Why exactly drying? The thing is that professionals in their pre-competition period, actively preparing for the performance (now we are talking about bodybuilders), gain muscle mass, and at the very last moment (about a week or two before the performance) they begin to dry in order to give their forms more relief and severity. Thus, drying in bodybuilders involves the removal of subcutaneous fat.

In addition, the concept of "drying the body" is well known to other athletes who need to reduce weight due to subcutaneous fat in order to "fall" into their weight category.

Professionals know, but amateurs very often wonder - how to dry the body?

Both boys and girls, playing sports, want to look their best in the summer, in the so-called beach season. Therefore, it is not surprising that in online forums there are a lot of questions about how to dry a girl's body. Encountering such ones, one should not be surprised.

Active, high-intensity training is what matters. However, in order to find the desired relief and emphasize their forms, it is necessary not only to visit the gym, but also to adhere to a special diet. For men, as well as for women, this diet should include a minimum of animal fats. The amount of vegetable fat should also be reduced. The protein content in the diet should be increased, as they are structural elements necessary for recovery after intense and lengthy workouts. The amount of carbohydrates should be normal and depend on the person’s age, gender and BMI (the content of this macronutrient is regulated by the rules of good nutrition).

However, it is important not only to get a complete answer to the question of how to dry the body, or how to reduce weight, it is important to do it right and without harm to your own body. Any changes that occur in the external environment cause a corresponding response in the internal state of the body.

How to dry the body safely?

Firstly, do not drastically change your diet. The process should be lengthy (at least a month for men and a half to two for women). Sudden changes in weight are not only harmful to the body, but also do not allow to consolidate the achieved result. The body should not be tortured with exhausting hunger strikes, but trained - then the result will be pleasant for you and last for a long time.

Secondly, special attention should be paid to the amount of fluid consumed during drying. With an increase in protein in the diet, as well as a decrease in all other macronutrients, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluid consumed. At least two liters of water should be drunk per day (milk, juice or tea can be).

In the process of reducing the intake of fats in the body, it is necessary to restore the balance of micronutrients by using vitamin-mineral complexes. If your workouts are very intense, then you need to take them in quantities doubled from the norm or use special preparations for athletes who contain an increased dosage of vitamins.

If we talk about specific products that should be preferred when preparing a diet, then it is necessary to note cottage cheese, eggs, cheese, beef, chicken, rice, buckwheat. All these products are almost indispensable for athletes, they help to create the desired shape.


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