How is menopause in women: symptoms and features

Today we will tell you how the menopause manifests. We describe the symptoms of this period in a woman's life.

Her body is so arranged that it undergoes hormonal changes all the time. First of all, this is the menstrual cycle. Every month a woman experiences a different phase of it. From what phase the girl is in, her mood depends. Everyone knows that in the premenstrual period, a woman becomes irritable, she has a bad mood. And for example, during the period of ovulation, she tries to please everyone, especially the male representatives. All these are the consequences of the action of secreted hormones.

how is menopause

Another serious test for a woman is pregnancy. During this period, there is a restructuring of the entire female body. Doctors recommend that close relatives, and especially her husband, be patient with the woman, give her signs of attention, you just need to wait out this time period. Since a woman carries a child, it is necessary to treat her mood swings, possible tantrums and depression with understanding. After giving birth, the girl also has a difficult period, since at this time postpartum depression can begin. And so throughout life. It is no secret to anyone that in old women, menopause begins. Of course, everyone knows about him. But often they are not ready for how the climax manifests itself. Although it is very important to take care of your health in this period. It is better if a woman is ready in advance for changes in her body so that she can control her health.

Climax at what age is manifested?

Before describing the symptoms, it is necessary to identify the period when exactly these changes occur in the life of a woman. There is no certain age when this period begins. Therefore, it can begin at any time after 40 years. It is better if a woman knows how menopause manifests. It should immediately be said that the uncomfortable state of the lady is provided.

First symptoms

So, how is menopause manifested? What are the symptoms of a given period in a woman’s life? At such times, hot flashes occur in the body. What it is? Tides are a condition where blood rushes to the vessels and a woman has a fever in the upper body. This condition does not last long and recedes almost immediately. In some women, hot flashes occur several times a day. For example, every hour or every 30 minutes. And others may have once a day. Tides can also occur at night. This leads to a woman waking up in sweat. Perhaps then she fails to fall asleep. If the tides are frequent, then they lead to the fact that the woman does not get enough sleep. And as a result, he feels tired and overwhelmed. Tides are also characterized by sweating. Sweat appears on the face and hands. All this will look unaesthetically and accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

how is the onset of menopause in women

How is the onset of menopause manifested? The first symptom is a bad dream. As already mentioned above, the tides that occur in the body disrupt the quality of sleep. Moreover, it was revealed that a woman wakes up before this process begins. Since women are distinguished by their emotionality, because of the experiences they cannot fall asleep. And if the tides are frequent, then it does not work at all to rest at night. Also, during menopause, poor sleep is noted, not associated with hot flashes.

How is menopause manifested in women? Headaches appear. They are frequent with menopause. There can be several reasons for this condition. Firstly, headaches are associated with overexertion. The hormonal background of the female body is changing. Therefore, the mood is changing. It is found that a woman may become depressed or be in a bad mood. It happens that she does not like everything, it is impossible to please, and so on. Being in this state, a woman cannot physically relax, and this is reflected in the muscles of the neck and shoulder. As a result, headaches occur. Secondly, the menopause is accompanied by migraines. With them, the head hurts in the temple area. Migraines are especially common in those women who have had them before menopause. Sometimes the pain is so strong that there is a darkening in the eyes.

Unstable emotional background

If we talk about how the onset of menopause in women manifests itself, then, as with other changes in the hormonal background, mood swings are noted. There are bursts of good, cheerful mood, which can dramatically be replaced by irritability and even crying.

menopause at what age is manifested

There are women who understand the reason for the differences and can control themselves. Some do it on their own. Others struggle with special medications. Worse, when a woman does not understand what is connected with her bad mood, and blames others. Communicating with such a special will not please anyone. Another sign of a menopausal condition is a lump in the throat, which passes after a while.

Decreased attention span

In the climacteric period, a woman's forgetfulness, distraction, and lack of assembly are observed. A similar condition occurs during pregnancy and is associated with the hormonal background of the body. A woman can completely forget about something. She does this unconsciously, without any intent. In this situation, the habit of writing down the necessary cases or setting reminders on mobile devices will help you out.

Deterioration of genital microflora

The most unpleasant factor in menopause is the lack of sufficient lubrication in the vagina.

how is menopause manifested in the body

Especially during intercourse, this symptom causes discomfort. Pain and itching may also appear. This problem can be eliminated using special drugs.

Impaired urination

With menopause, some women have a malfunction of urination. This is another sign of how menopause manifests itself in the body. Firstly, more often you have to go to the toilet. Women are worried about the frequent urge to urinate. Secondly, urine can be released involuntarily with laughter, coughing, or for no reason. This situation affects many ladies oppressive. Bad mood, genital itching, and involuntary urination can cause a woman to become depressed. Therefore, it is important not to bring yourself to a state of depression, but to consult a doctor in time and take measures to stabilize the body.

Menstrual irregularities

The above symptoms are the first sign of a climatic period. The next manifestation of menopause will be a violation of the menstrual cycle. At first, the discharge becomes irregular and scanty, and then ceases to appear. During this period, there is the possibility of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself during this period.

how does the onset of menopause manifest

It should be said that several years can elapse from the onset of hot flashes and other signs of menopause to the onset of menopause.

Medical care, hormonal drugs and contraindications for their use

If a woman has noticed symptoms of menopause, she needs to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs for the treatment of menopause and for contraception.

how is menopause manifested in women

Usually prescribed hormonal medications that normalize the body and eliminate the symptoms of menopause. Also, the doctor should choose the most suitable contraceptives. It should be said that, since menopause does not occur at a young age, hormone replacement therapy is not suitable for all women. It is necessary to take into account the individual state of health of the body. There are a number of contraindications for taking hormones. These include:

1. Heart disease.
2. Pathology of the intestines and stomach.
3. Endometriosis.
4. Diseases of the excretory system.

how are menopause symptoms

Therefore, before prescribing hormonal drugs, the doctor will be interested in the presence of the above diseases. And also prescribe the necessary examination according to the results of analyzes.


Now it is clear how menopause is manifested in women. Modern medicine is developing rapidly. Therefore, now it is possible to maintain your body in excellent condition during menopause. Women are advised not to fall into despair and not to wind themselves up with negative thoughts. And turn to the gynecologist and carry out the treatment prescribed by him. Subject to the recommendations of the doctor, menopause will go smoothly, without much concern.


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