4 day delay, pulls the lower abdomen. Causes, possible diseases, treatment, reviews

Arising delays are not uncommon for the menstrual cycle of the fair sex. Ideally, they are not present more often than a couple of times a year, painless and short-term. Not more than 7 days. Such delays are a variation of the norm.

But what if there is already a 4th day of delay, and pulls the lower abdomen and lower back in a woman? There can be many reasons. Reviews confirm this.

menstruation delay of 4 days pulls the lower abdomen

What reasons could have contributed to this state of affairs?

It is immediately worth noting that such a delay in menstruation is not a symptom of pathology. Severity in the lower abdomen may be due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). One of the symptoms can be severe constipation, as well as bloating. It is worth diagnosing this problem after all possible causes from the side of gynecology are noted.

Important! At the first ailments and complaints of well-being, a specialist consultation is required.

Firstly, if a woman leads an active sexual (sexual) life, it is necessary to refute or, conversely, confirm the presence of pregnancy.

4 day delay pulls lower abdomen white discharge

Lack of menstruation is the first sign

You can conduct a test for home diagnosis or seek help from a medical center where they will take blood for the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The analysis will help to accurately determine the interesting position even for a very short period of 1-2 embryonic weeks (3-4 obstetric weeks).

If the result is positive, then pulling pains on the 4th day can talk about the following.

4 day delay pulls the lower abdomen and lower back

Growing uterus

The uterus becomes larger due to the flow of blood to it. Gynecologists can determine the almost exact period when examining a woman in a position, precisely by the size of the enlarged uterus. Ligaments begin to stretch, causing uncomfortable pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, but not very painful! Treatment in this case is not required.

4 day delay pulls the lower abdomen white discharge test negative

Yellow body work

After ovulation in one of the ovaries, and sometimes on both sides, a corpus luteum is formed. It can be detected in the diagnosis by ultrasound (ultrasound). VT has the ability to give unpleasant sensations during its growth and work. The production of the hormone progesterone begins, which supports the normal development of the fetus until the formation of the placenta. There is no need for treatment, if the sensations interfere with normal life activity, then you can take an antispasmodic in a small amount. (No-shpa, Drotaverin, etc.)

4 day delay pulls lower abdomen and lower back causes in women

Progesterone deficiency

Lack of progesterone (corpus luteum insufficiency) happens often. To determine this pathology, blood is given for analysis of the hormone. The results will indicate the values ​​of the norm for different periods and your personal values. If the indicator is low, support should be carried out, namely, to take synthetic or natural progesterone. Such drugs as Dufaston and Utrozhestan. "Duphaston" is taken exclusively orally, but "Utrozhestan" is still inserted vaginally, which is convenient for people with gastrointestinal diseases. Dosages vary by degree of deficiency. A gynecologist can prescribe a single dose of one of the drugs, or several doses per day. In extreme cases, a series of injections are carried out for a guarantee.

4 day delay pulls the lower abdomen and lower back test negative


The tone occurs for many reasons: adhesions in the abdominal cavity, physical activity, nervous disorders, inflammation, incomplete production of progesterone, etc. The uterus is a muscle, and upon contraction (when the lower abdomen is stony, pulls), a tone arises. In this condition, the fetus does not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, hemodynamics (the transfer of nutrients from mother to child) may be disturbed. In general cases, it is enough for a woman to take antispasmodics, for example, insert Papaverine suppositories, providing peace and positive emotions. Prescribe "Magnesium B6" or "Magnelis." In severe cases, hospitalization is required, day hospital. Droppers with magnesium, drotaverin injections and bed rest will be given.

It happens that the tone accompanies the pregnant woman all the time, in such cases you need to be especially careful and carefully listen to the recommendations of your doctor!

4 day delay pulls lower back

Threat of interruption

If the pulling pains are accompanied by a small amount of blood discharge, with a positive test, you should immediately call an ambulance! This could be a threat of interruption. The reasons for the mass: hematoma, bleeding, damage, failure, inflammation, pathology of the fetus. A timely ultrasound will help to detect the basis for the appearance of a threat.

Important! It is impossible to diagnose this pathology and competently treat it yourself! In medical centers there is everything necessary to help a woman in a similar situation.

A pregnant woman should not be delayed with examinations of the body. It is possible that on the 4th day of delay pulls the lower back. It can also speak of a threat.

Ectopic pregnancy

A daub in the early stages can be very life-threatening. An ectopic pregnancy is the absence of a fetal egg in its intended place (uterus) and its presence in the tube, ovary, or even the surrounding peritoneum. Chorionic villi invade the organ and damage it, since there are no normal conditions for development. A pipe rupture may occur, depending on the location along the pipe, the timing changes, internal bleeding may occur. A timely diagnosis can not only save a life, but also preserve the reproductive function in full. Laparoscopic operations (with punctures) are currently being performed, as a result of which it is possible not to remove damaged pipes. Recovery after such an operation is much faster than after abdominal.

Is there a pregnancy?

If there is no pregnancy, the delay may be due to various reasons. Not all of them require specialist supervision. It is enough to simply monitor your health status. Many girls confirm that they periodically experience short-term delays. But if there is white discharge, the test is negative, for the 4 day delay it pulls the lower abdomen and lower back, the reasons may be the following.

Late ovulation

On average, a woman’s cycle is 28 days, but in fact, it can fluctuate in a large range. From 21 to 35 days. Ovulation can also occur at normal rates on the 14th day of the cycle, and maybe on the 21st, for example. Depending on this, delays occur. Late ovulation can be painful for the most sensitive. In this case, the discharge is of a normal nature, without various impurities. There is no need for medication. To make sure of the correct conclusions will help ultrasound.

Anovulatory cycle

An anovulatory cycle occurs 1-2 times a year in an average female. There is no ovulation, the follicles either do not develop or develop into a follicular cyst. The follicular cyst gives an unpleasant sensation, but as a rule, after the arrival of critical days, it disappears by itself. Often you have to resort to the "challenge of menstruation" with the help of progesterone preparations, since the delay can last a very long period. After 7-10 days at the appropriate dosage, on cancellation or the last days of adoption, menstrual bleeding begins. If such cycles are repeated regularly, the cause should be sought.

Painful PMS

If there are no periods, a delay of 4 days, pulls the lower abdomen and white discharge becomes saturated, it may be PMS. According to reviews, premenstrual syndrome lasts an average of about a week before menstruation. Irritability, peculiar taste preferences, increased appetite, drowsiness, pressure surges, etc. With a delay and approaching critical days, these symptoms can easily be confused with the first signs of a nascent life. PMS can be very painful, having pulling pains in the abdomen and lower back. You can use antispasmodics to prevent pain, start consuming foods that help to increase hemoglobin (pomegranate, liver, red caviar) in advance.

Hormonal disbalance

Hormonal malfunction contributes to the breakdown of the usual rhythm. An analysis will confirm this problem, the treatment of which should be carried out under the supervision of specialists.

Important! With a failure, pain does not occur if there are no concomitant diagnoses. Therefore, if on the 4th day of delay the lower abdomen pulls, then it is worth checking with a specialist.

Inflammation of the appendages

On the fourth day of the delay, you should listen to your feelings. Do pains give off to other parts of the body? Maybe in the foot? Does it hurt on both sides or only on one side? With inflammation of the appendages, often the pain is not localized in one place, but diverges. For example, in the leg, lower back, in the middle of the abdomen and on the side. Allocations become liquid, perhaps there is a smell, a kind of color impurities (in the presence of infectious inflammation). The nature of infections can be different, you must pass smears and conduct an examination. In some cases, anti-inflammatory suppositories and pills can be dispensed with, provided there is no infection. Most often, antibiotics of a wide spectrum of the 1st or 2nd generation are used, which is more effective in injections. Doctors recommend staying in a hospital in rare cases, if there are serious indications.

Cervical erosion

Violation of the integrity of the cervix - erosion. It can be congenital or mechanically acquired. At birth, a large number of women acquire cervical erosion. Erosion is characterized by spotting spotting, unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, and the acquisition of infections. This pathology can lead to cervical cancer. It is necessary to pass all the tests and, ideally, delete. Applied moxibustion, surgical methods, laser.

Benign and malignant tumors

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do without complications. Gynecological tumors have many types and different nature. If even benign formations are found, they are most often removed, constantly monitored. For example, myoma. Testing for tumor markers will help make sure the nature of the swollen. Neoplasms cause discomfort, severity. They are easy to confuse. Treatment and diagnosis of such neoplasms is carried out most carefully, with a positive analysis sent to oncology centers.

Turning to a good specialist, when there is no menstruation for the fourth day and heaviness is observed in the lower abdomen, will certainly help to identify the cause and treat it.

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