The best gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg: how to get there?

This article contains information about gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg). The best of them will be considered, their addresses, a list of services, work schedules and much more will be indicated that will help you make a choice. After reading the article to the end, you will find out which gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg are the best.

gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg

We will describe the clinics in Krasnoselsky, Vyborg and Kalinin districts. Only the best of the best will be selected. This rating is based on the feedback of those people who used the services of hospitals.

St. Petersburg organization "White Rose"

Gynecological clinic "White Rose" in St. Petersburg is aimed at the diagnosis of cancer of the female organs. At the end of the examination and studies with positive results, the patient is sent for treatment in medical organizations. Here is the range of services that are provided in the clinic in question:

  • specialist consultation: gynecologist, mammologist;
  • smear for cytology;
  • sampling for biological markers;
  • Ultrasound
  • mammographic research.

"White Rose" - the best gynecological clinic in St. Petersburg with a charity bias

best gynecological clinic spb

In the center is a reception psychologist. Due to the saturated flow of people who want to visit the gynecological clinic, an appointment should be made in advance. The clinic accepts patients from 8:30 to 21:00; doors are closed on weekends. If you are wondering how to get to the clinic, here is the exact address: Moskovskyi Vorota metro station, 104 Moskovsky ave., Cor. 3.

Women's Health Clinics of Krasnoselsky District

gynecological clinics spb Kalinin district

We continue to discuss gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg, we will consider the Krasnoselsky district further. Here is a list of the best clinics in the area:

  1. The medical center "Alfa-Medica" has a wide selection of medical services, in particular, obstetric and gynecological profile. Location: Krasnoselsky district, Leninsky Prospect, 84, building 1. When visiting, look for the entrance from the end.
  2. The medical center "Als-Med" is multidisciplinary: they advise, diagnose, conduct examinations, and, if necessary, conduct therapy. Location of the complex: Krasnoselsky District, 12 Veteranov Ave. Reception: 9:00 - 21:00.
  3. Medical Center "Leninsky 95", provides multidisciplinary medical care to patients. Guaranteed anonymity, a comfortable and acceptable form of payment. In addition to therapy and examinations, quality preventive measures are provided. Location: Krasnoselsky District, 95 Leninsky Ave., building 1. Schedule: 8:30 - 20:30.
  4. Maternity hospital No. 10 is the best gynecological clinic in St. Petersburg from the list. This can be contacted not only during pregnancy, but also during the planning of the baby. The list of services includes rehabilitation therapy: physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy. Address: st. Tambov, 21. Works around the clock.

How to get to the gynecologists in the Vyborg region

We continue to talk about gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg. Vyborg district also cannot be missed. Let's find out what clinics are there and what they can offer the patient.

gynecological clinics spb vyborgsky district

  1. The medical institution "BaltMed Ozerki" provides a wide range of services, including home visits. The list includes: pregnancy support, mammology, examinations by an oncologist. Address: Ozerki metro station , 40 Vyborgskoye Shosse. Opening hours - around the clock, it is better to make an appointment in advance.
  2. The Center for Fetal Medicine "Medica" is a branch that works in antenatal clinic No. 22. It provides ultrasound at all stages of pregnancy. The examination is carried out in a three-dimensional image and recorded on a disk. Address: Ozerki metro station, Vyborgsky district, ul. Siqueiros, 10, building 2. Schedule: 9:00 - 20:30.
  3. Clinic of the family "Medica". Direction of the center's services: mammology, oncology, pregnancy management, infertility therapy. Center address: Udelnaya metro station, 72 Toreza Ave. Schedule: 8:00 - 20:30 (on weekdays), 9:00 - 20:30 (on weekends).
  4. Women's Health Center. Provides services in gynecology, pregnancy monitoring. Address: Ozerki metro station, Yesenina street, 1, building 1. Schedule: from nine in the morning to eight in the evening.

Addresses of gynecological clinics of the Kalinin district

So, we already talked about Krasnoselsky district and Vyborg, mentioned the best gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg. Kalininsky district is next in line.

gynecological clinics spb Krasnoselsky district

  1. Medical Center "Eleos" - a broad-based organization. Provides gynecological services: consultation on contraception, work with intrauterine devices, receiving a gynecologist-endocrinologist. Address: metro station "Academic", st. Gzhatskaya, 22, building 2. Schedule: 8:30 - 18:00 (on weekdays), 10:00 - 13:00 (on weekends). It is better to make an appointment in advance.
  2. Family planning clinic. This institution provides services in urology, gynecology, surgery and anesthesiology. Examinations such as ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, laboratory tests are available. Address: metro station "Ploshchad Lenina", st. Komsomolskaya, 4. Schedule: 8:00 - 20:00 (on weekdays), 9:00 - 14:00 (on weekends).
  3. The BioHarmony Center is the best gynecological clinic in St. Petersburg, which provides services of a geneticist, gynecologist, andrologist, mammologist, urologist, as well as conducting ultrasound examinations. Address: Ploshchad Lenina metro station, 23, Kondratyevsky ave., Schedule: 9:00 - 18:00 (on weekdays), 11:00 - 14:00 (on weekends).
  4. Medical Center I.P. Pavlova is a multidisciplinary medical institution, but they also offer here medical services especially for women. Since this article informs about gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg, it is worth noting services in the gynecological profile: pregnancy management, childbirth, mammology, oncology, medical and consultative gynecology. Center address: Grazhdansky Prospekt metro station, Kultury ave., 19, building 3. Schedule: 8:30 - 20:30 (on weekdays), 10:00 - 18:00 (on weekends).


As a result, we can conclude that almost all gynecological clinics in St. Petersburg are equipped with modern equipment and have highly qualified medical staff. If you have to go to one of the above clinics, you can be sure that in each of them you will receive quality assistance. But which institution to choose is up to you.


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