Diet 5P: features and rules

Diet 5P is recommended for people with acute or chronic pancreatitis, but in the acute stage. There are two methods of this diet. The first of them is prescribed when the patient has acute pancreatitis, and is characterized by a strict restriction of the daily diet. The second option is more gentle, because it is prescribed for those who have chronic pancreatitis does not cause pain in the abdominal cavity. That is, the second method of dieting is prescribed between attacks.

Diet 5P has such a scheme (the first option)

The main task for which it is recommended that patients adhere to such a diet is the elimination of pain, the removal of functional and mechanical stress from the pancreas, and the need to narrow the entire digestive system.

As a rule, this diet is prescribed for acute pancreatitis or chronic (in the acute stage), if the manifestations of the disease are severe pain and other related symptoms of the disease.

This pancreatitis diet has the following features:

  1. Food should only be cooked or steamed.
  2. Food should be selected in such a way that it contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates, because it is these substances that have an increased load on the pancreas.
  3. All food products can only be consumed in grated form.
  4. The diet lasts about 7 days. But you must begin to adhere to it after two or three days that have passed since the last attack of pancreatitis. The fact is that on the first day the patient cannot eat at all, because food only causes nausea and vomiting.

Diet 5 P has the following chemical composition:

  • fats should be approximately 40-50 g;
  • carbohydrates - 200-240 g;
  • protein content should not exceed 80 g.

The patient, adhering to this diet, should eat fractional portions, but often enough. Food should be ingested every 2-3 hours. After pancreatitis ceases to manifest, you can begin to use the second version of this diet.

The 5P diet in its second embodiment is used to functionally unload the pancreas. Indications for its use: chronic pancreatitis (not in the acute stage) and acute (only after eliminating the pain syndrome and other signs of an attack).

Fat, according to this form of diet, should be about 70-75 g, carbohydrates - 350 g (but the amount of easily digestible should be limited), and protein - 150 g.

Cooking is also done steamed or by cooking. Serve the products in a grated form, but their number and range becomes much wider.

So, you can eat bread, but only wheat and stale. Wheat crackers are very useful for the body, but puff pastry and rye bread are not recommended.

Meat can only be eaten lean, in particular rabbit meat, beef, turkey and chicken. Before cooking it should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. It is forbidden to roast meat and fatty in any of its manifestations.

Exactly from the same point of view, you need to approach fish: you can choose only low-fat, and you can eat only after cooking. Doctors do not recommend stewed fish. It is forbidden to eat smoked meats, pickles, canned food and caviar.

The 5P diet implies a restriction in the use of eggs: you can eat protein omelets, however, it is forbidden to eat yolks and eggs.

From drinks it is allowed to drink weak tea with the addition of lemon, a rosehip decoction, because it acts as a means to calm the pancreas. But carbonated drinks, alcohol in any quantity, cocoa and coffee should be excluded from the diet.

The main requirement in this diet is fat restriction. It is allowed to consume up to 30 g of butter, but do not process it in any way.


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