Fasting days on kefir and cottage cheese: menu, features, results and reviews

Fasting days are considered good for health and maintaining a slim figure. At its core, these are mini diets that are recommended to be followed within 12 or 24 hours. What you need to know in order not to harm your own health with such dietary restrictions? We will try to figure out how to spend the fasting days correctly on kefir and cottage cheese.

Fasting days on kefir and cottage cheese

What are the benefits of kefir fasting days?

Not all people are able to withstand long diets. Adhering to a certain diet for one day is much easier than controlling yourself for a week. Fasting days help the digestive system relax and "reboot." One-day diets are recommended no more than once a week. Fasting days on kefir and cottage cheese are often praised for the instant weight loss effect. Indeed, if you follow the correct daily menu, you can lose up to 2 kilograms in weight. The thing is that with the unloading kefir bottom, the body is completely cleansed. This dairy product has a positive effect on the digestive system. Kefir is rich in vitamins A, B and D, as well as calcium. The use of this product has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Yogurt is also useful as a means to combat edema.

Fasting day on kefir and cottage cheese reviews

Contraindications kefir-curd diet

Any food system has limitations and contraindications. Kefir mono-diets should not last more than three days. With their regular use, the option of fasting days is optimal . Cleaning the body with kefir is not recommended for diseases such as ulcers, gastritis and kidney disease. At the same time, fasting days on kefir and cottage cheese can be carried out by people with diabetes. This disease is not a contraindication for such a mini-diet. Any fasting days are not recommended when immunity is weakened and increased mental and / or physical stress. Refuse from kefir diet should be with individual intolerance to this drink. If during sour milk days you constantly feel hunger and discomfort, it also makes sense to try a different nutrition system.

Kefir for weight loss and body cleansing: product selection rules

Kefir-curd diet will surely appeal to all lovers of food. During this fasting day, you will not experience hunger. Be careful, not all dairy products are equally healthy! When choosing kefir and cottage cheese in a store, start by studying the composition. Natural dairy products cannot be stored for longer than 5 days. For weight loss, kefir is suitable , the fat content of which is not more than 2%. The product must be made using fermented sour milk bacteria. By a similar principle, you should choose and cottage cheese for the diet menu. Natural origin, low percentage of fat content and lack of artificial additives.

Fasting day on cottage cheese and kefir result

Basic rules for fasting day

With any mono-diet, it is important to observe the drinking regime. Drink plenty of clean water. This will help compensate for the loss of fluid and start the process of cleansing the body. From the daily diet, salt and sugar must be completely eliminated. You can drink 1-3 cups of coffee or tea during the fasting day, but it is not recommended to sweeten drinks. How much kefir can I drink? If your goal is to cleanse the body and lose weight, use no more than 2 liters of kefir. Fasting days on kefir and cottage cheese also require control of the energy value of the diet. The daily norm for such a diet is no more than 700 kilocalories. You can get the maximum benefit by preparing for a one-day diet the day before. On the day before unloading, reduce fat intake and give up junk food. Also, after a one-day diet, start eating regular dishes gradually.

Fasting day on kefir and cottage cheese menus and reviews

Standard menu option

The easiest option for unloading kefir-curd day is the unlimited use of selected products. If your goal is not only to cleanse the body, but also to lose weight, calculate the daily amount of food by its calorie content. Divide the daily diet into 5-6 meals. How to spend a fasting day on kefir or cottage cheese correctly? You can sit down at the table as soon as you feel hungry. It is advisable to eat slowly and in small portions. Your main goal is to eat only cottage cheese and kefir all day, stopping at a measured amount of food. There are alternatives to this one-day diet. One of them involves eating in a certain pattern, while the other even allows you to cook simple dishes.

Food according to the scheme

We bring to your attention a fasting day plan for kefir and cottage cheese. According to this option of the daily menu, the intervals between meals should be 1.5-2.5 hours. Snacks are prohibited during these intervals. Remember to drink enough water between the main meals. Determine the amount of food that is acceptable to eat during the day. Then divide the kefir into 5 equal portions, and the cottage cheese - by 4. Then you just have to alternate the selected products. You should start with 1 cup of kefir, then wait about 1.5-2.5 hours, then eat ¼ part of the cottage cheese from the daily volume. Between meals, do not forget to drink clean water.

We bring to your attention a rough nutrition plan:

  • 7:30 - kefir;
  • 9:00 - cottage cheese;
  • 10:30 - kefir;
  • 12:00 - cottage cheese;
  • 13:30 - kefir;
  • 15:00 - cottage cheese;
  • 16:30 - kefir;
  • 18:00 - cottage cheese;
  • 19:30 - kefir.

Kefir fasting day reviews and results

Diet recipes

Not everyone likes the taste of dairy products. If you are not mentally prepared to eat cottage cheese and kefir all day, we offer you some simple recipes. A great addition to the diet menu are bran. Choose wheat, oat or rye to your taste. For each serving of cottage cheese, simply add a tablespoon of certain bran. As a result, you will get a useful product that perfectly cleanses the body and makes up for the lack of slow carbohydrates. If you decide to spend a fasting day on cottage cheese and kefir, the menu can be varied by adding honey. With it, you can improve the taste of a sour-milk drink. Add one teaspoon of honey to one cup of kefir. Fresh berries will be a great addition to summer fasting days. They can be added to cottage cheese and kefir. For a winter one-day diet, try using your favorite dried fruit as a flavoring. A day is allowed to eat no more than 50 grams. Divide this amount of dried fruits into equal parts and add to the cottage cheese.

Fasting day on cottage cheese and kefir menu

The results of the unloading kefir-curd days

Sour-milk fasting days are very healthy and help maintain optimal weight. If you decide to try this food option on yourself, do not be too lazy to weigh before and after. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, weight loss can range from 1 to 2 kilograms. However, it is important to understand that weight loss is not achieved by splitting adipose tissue or removing fluid. A one-day kefir diet only helps cleanse the body. But even so, a fasting day on kefir for weight loss is quite useful. Menu options will allow you to forget about the feeling of hunger. At the same time, such a mini-diet significantly improves digestion. Experts recommend regularly holding fasting days. Their optimal schedule: 2-4 times a month at equal intervals.

How to spend a fasting day on kefir or cottage cheese

Fasting day on kefir and cottage cheese: a menu and reviews about similar weight loss

Kefir diets are quite popular in our country. They have a reputation for being effective, with their simplicity and affordability. Sour-milk one-day diets are ideal for lazy people - after all, you do not need to cook for such a diet scheme. What do our compatriots who have tried fasting day on kefir and cottage cheese say? Reviews can be found very different. Many women like the effect of "instant" weight loss. Indeed, kefir "starvation" allows you to note weight loss of up to 2 kilograms in just one day. But do not forget that this effect is not high-quality and long-term. Regularly repeated one-day diets will help you keep fit. But if you want to achieve a high-quality result, do not forget about the principles of good nutrition and physical activity. Is a fasting day on cottage cheese and kefir useful for health? The result of regular body cleansing is hard to miss. Sour-milk mini-diets help to forget about edema and normalize the intestines. In their reviews, many kefir lovers note that this particular drink has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair. You may be surprised, but some do not like fasting days on kefir. Among lovers of such mini-diets, you can find reviews about the discomfort of consuming a large number of fermented milk products. This option of one-day diets is not suitable for those who simply don’t like the taste of kefir. Be sure to try to personally spend a fasting day on kefir! The reviews and results of other people are not comparable with personal experience when it comes to the natural cleansing and healing of the body.


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