Chicken Breast: Calories and Benefits of White Meat

Let's talk about the benefits of white meat and its undoubted attractiveness for those who care about their figure. To begin with, protein food is necessary for those who model a beautiful body, and for those who actively move and work physically. Protein used in food is a building material for muscles, a kind of fuel for their work. It’s good when this protein is not associated with animal fats, for example, in the case of a product such as chicken breast - the calorie content of this part of the bird is easy to determine even for taste. Chicken fillet is often considered too dry and not inspiring in taste because of its fasting. This protein is digested quickly and efficiently, easily absorbed even by patients, it gives the necessary influx of building protein to the muscles of the body.

A lot depends on the cooking method, and fillet fried in oil and seasoned with fat sauce is hardly a dietary dish, not like boiled chicken breast, whose calorie content is only 113-120 kilocalories per hundred grams of the finished product. The figure is approximate, since it depends on the type of bird and the way it is fed, the fillet may turn out to be completely skinny or with a small amount of barely noticeable chicken fat.

The best cooking methods in which you get juicy chicken breast, calorie content does not increase, and the taste is at an altitude, this is boiling in a small amount of water or steamed. Regarding the minimum calories, these are the most suitable cooking methods. But baking chicken in the oven by itself is not too happy, the dish turns out to be dry, and you have to invent something, improving the taste and texture. That is, the baked chicken fillet will be tasty and not too dry if you cook the whole chicken, and only then separate the breast, in other cases, it is recommended to bake with vegetables or in a non-greasy filling, then the calorie content will not increase, and there will be no unpleasant dryness.

A relatively light meal is obtained by frying breaded chicken fillet. A large amount of fat in this case is slightly bathed by the fact that the crispy crispy pieces are necessarily folded onto a sieve or paper towels to eliminate excess oil. It turns out juicy and tasty chicken breast, calorie content is slightly higher due to breading, however, even in this case there is a way to reduce it. For example, to make breading not from white flour, but from rice starch or from oatmeal ground into flour.

Why is chicken fillet guaranteed not suitable? It is impossible to cook high-quality chicken broth from it. That is, the resulting liquid will certainly resemble the desired dish, but the real chicken stock, which is attributed to the healing power, is necessarily cooked from a whole bird, with skin. We have to admit that the most unsuitable meat for a good broth is chicken breast - the calorie content is low, there will be no fat. However, it is boiling in a small amount of water, as a method of preparing a delicious fillet, perfectly suitable for everyday dishes, and even as one of the elements of a festive table.

For sports nutrition as a protein dinner, this is practically one of the best options, specifically chicken breast - the calorie content is exactly as expected, the proteins are perfectly absorbed, and protein dinner helps to build muscle. Carbohydrates are best left for breakfast. Yes, and such a dinner looks wonderful and somewhat elegant - tender chicken fillet and, as a complement, a green salad. When compiling a diet, be sure to consider the fact that the chicken fillet is rather dry when cooking, but with juicy vegetables this drawback becomes completely invisible.


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