What is included in the diet of a nursing mother?

Pregnancy is a physiological process that requires a lot of strength and energy. As you know, during pregnancy and lactation, a woman needs a special diet, which will help to carry and feed a healthy baby, but at the same time stay in shape.

The diet of a nursing mother should be primarily balanced, because this is important not only for pregnant women, but also for any person.

Food for a nursing mother should exceed the calorific value of the norm by 500-800 kcal. Thus, a woman compensates for the energy costs of lactation and feeding the baby. It has already been proven that a hypocaloric diet leads to hypogalactia, and as a result, milk may be completely absent. At the same time, a young mother should observe the rule 1-1-4 (ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates) in her diet.

The diet of a nursing mother should be very diverse, but at the same time useful. You must understand that high-calorie nutrition = healthy nutrition. Indeed, for most women, the mechanism “I am pregnant - I must eat for two”, “I can eat whatever I want” is activated. This is absolutely untrue. The amount of nutrients for a pregnant and lactating mother should really increase, but not due to the amount of food, but due to its quality. Instead of a regular sausage, it is better to eat a piece of boiled beef or rabbit, and instead of a plate of pasta, vegetable stew. Natural juices, fruits and vegetables are the source of vitamins. Nuts and dried fruits are a delicacy of a nursing mother.

Include more protein in your diet - this is not only meat, but also fish, cottage cheese and hard cheeses.

Everyone needs to understand that the daily diet of a young mother adjusts to her baby. It is best to eat when your child is sleeping, and before feeding directly eat light curd or yogurt - this will increase the amount of milk.

The diet of a nursing mother must be designed so that it has the optimal amount of fluid. If for an ordinary person, one and a half - two liters of fluid per day is enough, then a nursing mother needs to consume about three liters during the day.

What foods can a nursing mother eat?

Modern representations of gynecologists and pediatricians in this regard are very different. The former believe that a woman should not limit herself in the variety of food, and the latter, on the contrary, that some foods provoke diathesis in babies. Everyone has different opinions, but doctors agreed on one thing - mom should eat right and eat only high-quality foods.

Products that should not be included in the diet of a nursing mother (or included in a strictly limited amount).

- salted, smoked and fatty dishes

- alcohol

- minimize the amount of spices, canned, garlic and onions

- chocolate and sweets are best replaced with fruits, but if you really want to, you can treat yourself

- exotic fruits are also best not to eat until the child reaches the age of six months

- honey must also be consumed in a strictly limited mode.

Pediatricians advise at least during the first lactation month not to eat red varieties of fruits, berries and vegetables. Eat meat only in boiled form and exclusively rabbit meat or beef.

Limit the intake of dairy and dairy products, as they cause fermentation. The most common myth: "milk increases lactation (especially condensed milk)." These products increase the amount of body fat at the woman’s waist and the risk of developing diathesis in the child, especially if consumed without measure.

At this time, it is best to give preference to oatmeal and buckwheat porridge and not to eat pasta and potatoes. It is also better to forget about bakery products for a while.

Now do you understand that being a mom is a lot of work?

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