Healthy breakfast

Each of us starts the day in his own way. Someone likes to sleep longer, and someone gets up early and gets down to business. However, despite the differences in the nature and way of life, the morning should start at about the same for everyone. For starters - a little gymnastics, water treatments and, of course, a wholesome breakfast. The importance of the first meal of the day has long been recognized and is not disputed by anyone. Dietitians are advised to eat in the morning for obese people. A delicious and healthy breakfast will not only finally wake your body, but also charge it with energy for the first half of the day.

Unfortunately, many neglect these tips. For breakfast, they do not have enough time or desire, and lunch during the working day is rarely full. As a result, having come home in the evening, a person eats a daily norm of food and, of course, gains weight. In addition, the lack of breakfast is fraught with a breakdown, inadequate performance, and dysfunction of the digestive, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast should contain 2/3 of the daily intake of carbohydrates, 1/5 fat and 1/3 protein. It should be as dense and contain slowly digestible carbohydrates. They saturate our body for a long time and normalize the metabolism. As a result, the well-being improves, the work of all systems is being adjusted. A healthy , healthy breakfast contributes to all of this .

tasty and healthy breakfast

It will be tasty and healthy to eat an omelet with vegetables in the morning . It can be zucchini, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, legumes and so on. Be sure to make a fresh salad. It may include: pepper, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, radishes, herbs, onions. You need to fill it with sour cream or olive oil, you can add a little salt to taste. It is difficult for some to imagine a healthy breakfast without porridge (oat, corn, pearl barley, wheat, barley, buckwheat). You can cook it both in water and in milk. For a change, you can add honey, dried fruits, nuts to it. If you do not like sweets, then prepare a piece of lean boiled meat, poultry or fish for porridge. It should be without spices and, of course, without ketchup and mayonnaise.

If you can not imagine life without dessert, then for you cheese cakes, sweet dumplings, pancakes are perfect for you. They can be served with sour cream, jam or honey. As a drink, try cocoa with milk, tea with lemon, a milkshake, yogurt, kefir, fresh vegetables, and dried fruit compote. A brown bread sandwich with a slice of cheese, boiled egg and sausage will be appropriate here.

breakfast is tasty and healthy

Each nation presents a healthy breakfast in its own way. Some countries have established their traditions. Everyone knows that the British prefer oatmeal, tea with milk and soft-boiled egg for breakfast . The French are happy to eat croissants in the morning and drink orange juice. Italians celebrate the new day with a sweet bun and a cup of cappuccino. An ordinary American breakfast consists of hot chocolate and toast with ham or cheese. Asian people indulge in the morning with seafood or poultry salads and green tea. These traditions have evolved over the centuries and tested by time.

Every person who cares about his health should develop the habit of having a good breakfast. In this case, it is necessary to carefully select products for dishes. You may need to get up a little earlier for this, but rest assured, your health is worth it!


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