Honey: useful properties of a beekeeping product

Who doesn’t know a product like honey? Useful properties can not be overestimated. Each person has their own attitude to this healing product, however, no one will argue that many diseases can be prevented and cured by him. In this article, I would like to clarify once again what exactly honey is good for adults and children, and which honey is the most useful of all the variety.

Honey: useful properties

Natural honey is a very healthy and high-calorie product. Many centuries ago, nature gave it to man to maintain vitality, energy and health. The composition of honey is rich in those trace elements that are present in the human body. Thanks to this, honey is completely and effortlessly absorbed. It consists mainly of carbohydrates - glucose and fructose, therefore, after consuming a few tablespoons of honey, the body is quickly saturated with the energy it needs. This is especially important for weakened, emaciated people, for a children's growing body, athletes, etc. However, excessive doses of this product can lead to overweight, as honey has a high energy value.

Since ancient times, this beekeeping product has had many admirers. And they appreciated it not only for its unsurpassed taste and aroma, but, above all, for its healing properties:

  • Honey is an excellent tonic and tonic that supports the immune system;
  • This is a natural antibiotic that surpasses many chemicals in its properties and potency. But this power is lost when the honey is heated above +40 C⁰;
  • Honey enhances the body's metabolic processes;
  • It helps to accelerate tissue regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect;
  • Honey stimulates the functions of various systems and organs of the human body, including activating blood formation. But he has the greatest positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and is considered to be the best friend of the stomach;
  • The use of certain types of honey (especially acacia honey) contributes to the normalization of healthy restful sleep, relieve nervous tension, and generally has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • Honey can help prevent the development of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • It is impossible to imagine without honey and cosmetology. Here, honey is used to soften the skin, increase its tone, eliminate dryness and peeling. This is a great natural remedy for the face and body.

By chemical and biological composition, honey is beyond competition among products of plant and animal origin. It contains almost all B vitamins, there is provitamin A, vitamins C, D, E, H and K, useful amino acids, copper and phosphorus, manganese and zinc, iron, potassium and calcium. All these substances are very important for the normal functioning and development of the body. Their lack or absence can lead to all kinds of violations and serious diseases.

From ancient times, honey was used as a natural preservative, and now people use it for this purpose if necessary. Even meat can be stored in a warm room longer if it is coated with honey. And different bacteria and fungi of the same mold do not live in honey at all.

It is very useful to give honey to children, because it contains almost the entire set of minerals needed by a growing body:

- phosphorus and calcium - for the formation of bones;

- zinc and nickel - for the reproduction of blood;

- lithium is important for capillaries and blood vessels;

- molybdenum promotes the formation of proteins and amino acids;

- sulfur removes heavy metals;

- chlorine ions contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

These and many other healing substances contains honey. Its useful properties are endless and still not fully established. One to two tablespoons of honey per day can give the body the necessary set of minerals and energy. Honey in honeycombs is especially useful, because the wax of which the honeycombs are made also has healing properties.

It’s hard to say which honey is the best. Some experts emit buckwheat honey. Its useful properties, of course, are high. But when choosing, you must rather be guided by your needs and goals, proceed from the state of the body. Each type of honey has its own advantages in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases. But if the necessary type of honey could not be found, then replacing it with another, you will not lose much, as any natural honey is a storehouse of health and beauty! Be healthy!

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