Pain during sex in the vagina: causes and how to deal with it

What to do if pain during sex in the vagina systematically occurs? If this unpleasant symptom appears periodically, you must visit a gynecologist. After a thorough medical examination of the patient, the specialist will be able to identify the factor that influenced the appearance of pain in the woman's genitals.

Features of vulvovaginitis

pain during sex in the vagina

Why does the vagina hurt during sex? In the inflammatory process of the external genitalia, the reaction affects only the vestibule of the female genital organ. Under such conditions, vulvitis develops. If inflammation captures the vaginal mucosa - this is a sign of vulvovaginitis. There are several forms of this disease. Among which are:

  • sharp;
  • subacute;
  • chronic.

In the chronic form of vulvovaginitis, vaginal spasm may occur during sex. Due to prolonged inflammation, atrophy of the mucous membranes occurs. Under such conditions, hyperplastic processes begin. The atrophic form of vaginitis is dangerous in that it can provoke the development of cancer.

The causes of the disease

Why does pain occur during sex in the vagina? Due to the rapid reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and a decrease in the body's defenses, vulvovaginosis occurs. If the hormonal background of the woman is normal, then the vagina has all the conditions for the multiplication of the lactic acid type of bacteria. Other bacteria may be present, but their number is insignificant, and vital activity does not cause the development of the inflammatory process. Specific and non-specific microorganisms can provoke the appearance of vulvovaginitis. Specific include:

  • Trichomonas;
  • chlamydia.

To conditionally pathogenic:

  • candida;
  • streptococci;
  • Escherichia coli;
  • staphylococci;
  • enterococci.

Such pathogenic microorganisms adversely affect the body's defenses.

What factors lower immunity

lubricant for sex

There are several reasons based on which immunity can decrease:

  1. Drug therapy. In the process of antibiotic treatment, pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. But after an infectious disease treated with an antibiotic, candidiasis or dysbiosis of the vagina and intestines can occur. As medical practice shows, cytostatics most often provoke the development of diseases. Taking a glucocorticoid drug does not affect the microflora itself, but it reduces the body's defenses.
  2. Hormonal disbalance. During the gestation of the baby and before menstruation, the concentration of hormones changes - the work of the ovaries decreases, a deficiency of estrogen occurs. Under such conditions, an atrophic change occurs in the female genital organ. During which an inflammatory process may occur.
  3. Endocrine disease. With diabetes, thyroid diseases, immunity can significantly decrease. As a result, diseases in the pelvic organs can occur.
  4. Severe pathology, surgery, trauma - these are the factors that provoke the depletion of the human body.
  5. Sexual infection With unprotected sexual intercourse, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis are transmitted.
  6. Hygiene rules. If you do not follow basic hygiene rules, signs of vulvovaginitis may occur.
  7. Scented sanitary pads upset the balance of microflora.

To strengthen immunity, you need to eat properly and balanced. To lead a healthy and active lifestyle - do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke. Avoid stressful situations.

Signs of pathology

vulvovaginitis symptoms

During the development of inflammation in the pelvic organs, strange secretions may appear in women. In addition, minor pain occurs during sex in the vagina. In the absence of diseases, their volume is small and increases during the release of the egg from the follicle, before critical days. We can say that there is an inflammatory process, if the secret has changed its character, the discharge may be:

  • thin;
  • too thick consistency;
  • white with an admixture of blood;
  • foamy;
  • with an unpleasant odor;
  • plentiful.

Analyzing the nature of the secret and additional symptoms, we can assume the pathogen. For example, with candidiasis, cheesy discharge is observed. In addition, the woman feels severe itching and burning in the genitals.

As symptoms of vulvovaginitis, quite often there are painful sensations in the lower abdomen, in the event that severe inflammation has occurred in the pelvic organs. Under such conditions, you need to visit a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe an individual therapy regimen.

Diagnostic measures

At home, it is impossible to identify the cause, based on which there was pain during sex in the vagina and to determine the factor that provoked the development of unpleasant symptoms, so you should visit a gynecologist. Depending on the identified disease, the doctor will prescribe appropriate therapy.

Diagnostic measures include the following laboratory tests:

  1. Smear. The specialist applies the secret from the vagina to a special glass. In laboratory conditions, the doctor determines the composition of the microflora.
  2. Baksev. To determine the morphological properties of specific microorganisms, the secret is placed in a special nutrient medium. This will help determine their sensitivity to the antibiotic.
  3. PCR If there is no pathogenic microflora in the smear, and the symptoms of the disease cause discomfort, then this type of study is carried out.

If necessary, the doctor recommends an ultrasound of the pelvic organs - this will allow the patient to make an accurate diagnosis.

Features of the treatment of vulvovaginitis

If there are symptoms of vulvovaginitis, then with the bacterial form of the disease, an antibacterial agent should be taken. Depending on the type of infection, the doctor will select a specific medicine. If the inflammatory process is nonspecific, then the doctor prescribes suppositories with the antiseptic "Hexicon" or "Povidone-iodine."

Specific infections are treated with antibiotics. To overcome candidiasis, it is necessary to carry out treatment using Clotrimazole, Pimafucin, Ginofort, Fluconazole.

Polygynax and Terzhinan appoint a gynecologist to the patient if the inflammatory process is caused by a fungus or bacteria.

To prevent the development of vulvovaginitis, you need:

  • observe basic hygiene rules;
  • timely treat gynecological diseases;
  • visit a doctor regularly.

If timely treatment of the disease is not carried out, then the infection can spread to the uterine membrane. Chronic inflammatory process will lead to the formation of adhesions. Under such conditions, an ectopic pregnancy can occur.

Vaginal dryness

Dry female genital organs can occur in both young girls and more mature women. Most often, a pathological condition is observed before menopause. This problem is called "atrophic vaginitis."

Dry mucous membranes cause a lot of inconvenience. Discomfort is manifested during sexual rapprochement. In some cases, there is slight bleeding that is caused by microtrauma, as there was no moisture during sex. A frequent desire to empty the bladder is the main symptom of this disease.

The above phenomena can occur due to the development of genitourinary infection. In a healthy woman, the secreted secret from the penis is colorless and odorless. Only at the time of sexual arousal does lubrication begin to be actively released. If an insufficient amount of fluid is produced, then unpleasant symptoms may appear, which manifest themselves in the form of:

  • itching and burning;
  • dryness in the vagina.

Such unpleasant symptoms affect intimate life, because during sexual intercourse a woman experiences discomfort and under these conditions, the desire to have sex disappears.

The main causes of vaginal dryness

burns into the vagina during sex

There are several reasons based on which the named unpleasant symptom may occur, namely:

  1. Hormonal disbalance. Due to an insufficient level of estrogen in the body of a woman, dry genital organs may occur. Most often, this problem occurs during menopause, therefore it is called "age." In this case, it is recommended to use a lubricant for sex.
  2. Quite often, an unpleasant sign develops on the background of breastfeeding.
  3. Medications. Vaginal dryness develops during treatment with antiestrogen drugs, which are prescribed for the treatment of cancer. Antidepressants, antihistamines can provoke the development of this unpleasant symptom.
  4. Allergy. Due to an allergic reaction to latex condoms, vaginal irritation occurs.
  5. Sjogren's syndrome is a pathological condition in which the body's defenses attack its own glands, which produce moisture.
  6. Vaginal pain during sex often occurs due to insufficient excitement or the presence of a psychological problem. In this case, you need to visit a therapist, since only a doctor will help solve the problem.


If during sexual intercourse systematically there are painful sensations in the vagina, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist. As medical practice shows, such unpleasant symptoms often indicate that a strong inflammatory process is developing.

The problem may be in the head - inability to relax, psychological trauma and so on. In this case, the help of a psychologist is needed.

Using a special lubricant for sex or a moisturizer, you can eliminate the discomfort that occurs during intercourse. A humidifier is best bought at a pharmacy. It can be used systematically, regardless of the presence or absence of sexual activity. It is advisable to apply lubricant only during sex.

Cracks in the labia may cause pain in the vagina.

It is difficult to answer unambiguously the question - why is the vagina dry during sex? First you need to go through an examination with a gynecologist. This pathological condition often develops due to inflammation in the pelvic organs. Cracks sometimes appear on the labia of women. Under what conditions can painful sensations be given inside the vagina.

Damage occurs due to aggressive environmental factors. If you do not follow the basic rules of hygiene, use low-quality underwear, then this pathological condition may occur. Taking medications and various diseases also provoke the formation of microcracks on the mucous membrane.

In the process of conservative treatment of cracks at the entrance to the vagina, it is necessary:

  • to take measures to strengthen immunity;
  • comply with hygiene standards;
  • eliminate unpleasant, pungent odor;
  • lubricate the affected areas with boromentol ointment;
  • apply therapeutic compresses, grindings and lotions - based on pain medication.

Calendula therapy

Healing plant

To prepare the tincture of calendula, it is necessary to combine the dried flowers of the plant (60 g) with boiled water (1 tbsp). Put on fire and bring to a boil. Boil for 30 minutes. Before use, drain the medicinal product and cool. Lotions of the affected area of ​​the skin do several times a day.

Effective medications

The drug "Betadine"

First you need to identify the cause of pain in the vagina. Then you should start therapy.

  • "Terzhinan" is prescribed for colpitis, vaginitis, infectious and fungal diseases of the pelvic organs. The duration of therapy is 7-11 days.
  • "Polygynax" - recommended for use in colpitis, candidiasis. The duration of therapy is 8 days.
  • "Hexicon" - prescribed for candidiasis, colpitis, vaginitis.
  • Burning in the vagina during sex can occur due to the development of a fungal disease. "Betadine" will help overcome the fungal disease that caused the inflammatory process.
  • "Mikozhinaks" - recommended for colpitis, bacterial infections.
  • Consuming "Nurofen" or "Ibuprofen" can eliminate the strong pain that arose as a result of disruption in the reproductive system of women. You should know that painkillers are not recommended to drink systematically, since such a group of medicines does not affect the development of the underlying disease.

The use of suppositories

Suppository for inflammation

An infection that penetrates the pelvic area and causes thrush, cervical inflammation or fibroma, requires complex treatment, which includes the use of anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories.

If the vagina burns during sex, then to remove the inflammatory process and the discomfort in it and in the anus, the doctor prescribes Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Movalis to the patients.

"Longidase" is a drug that is prescribed during the treatment of inflammation of the pelvic organs.

Endometritis and adnexitis can be cured with Fluomizin. Candles "Posterisan" increase local immunity and eliminate the inflammatory process, accelerate the healing process of damaged tissue.

Before using any medicine, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since self-medication can greatly harm and only aggravate the course of the underlying ailment. The duration of therapy will be determined by the attending doctor. Self-medication can cause side effects.

To summarize

If dryness in the vagina during sex occurs systematically, then you need to seek help from medical personnel. Doctors will help solve the problem. Based on the diagnostic results obtained, the doctor will prescribe an individual therapy regimen.

Many gynecological diseases provoke the development of the inflammatory process in the pelvic organs. Under such conditions, sexual intimacy causes severe discomfort and provokes the development of pain. In order to prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to start therapy in a timely manner.


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