Eating Books: How to Get a Grip on You

Often we are faced with the desire to make the diet right, but this is far from always obtained for a number of reasons.

Why can’t I eat right?

Firstly, we do not have enough willpower. This is due to a lack of sufficient motivation. Around us, few are an example of a healthy lifestyle, in this environment it is difficult to pull ourselves together and change something.

Secondly, it seems to us that proper nutrition is a boring and monotonous food that does not coincide with reality. Armed with enough knowledge, you can create a variety of dishes that will taste superior even to world culinary masterpieces. Where to get this knowledge? There are books on good nutrition, which contain invaluable information.

Nutrition Books

Psychological impact

The basis of any of our actions is psychology. To set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle and not to get rid of it later, you need a certain subconscious mindset. The best books on good nutrition know how to create it. So, to motivate yourself and achieve certain results, read at least one of these books:

  • Colin Campbell, China Study . This is a book for those who want to eat properly to improve their health. What motivates people more than knowing about possible diseases that threaten him, if you do not change your diet? A world expert in biochemistry is investigating the effects on the body of everyday foods that we are used to eating.
  • Friedman Rory, “I am beautiful. I'm slim. I'm a bitch . " This book is intended for a female audience. Girls dream to conquer everyone they meet with their beauty. The book, which was written with humor and understandable language, has become a desktop textbook for many women, as it both motivates people and contains useful tips and tricks on balanced nutrition.
  • Bob Torrets and Jenna Torrets, Vegan Freak . This book is intended for people who decide to devote themselves to vegetarianism. Since at first it is very difficult to refuse meat, primarily psychologically, the authors emphasized not only the diet, but also the motivation of the person.
  • Michael Moss, Salt, Sugar, and Fat. How the food giants put us on the needle . This book motivates people to eat right by exposing the commercial intentions of manufacturers of harmful products. The psychology of the book works on the subconscious.
  • Higher Taste from Bhaktivedanta Buk Trust. The manual contains many recipes for vegetarians, which are supported by stories about the benefits of good nutrition. The book perfectly affects the human psyche.

In addition to psychological influence, you should know the truth about the health of internal organs, which also depends on nutrition.

Good nutrition books

How to improve physical health

Books about proper nutrition, in which harmful products are exposed, have become a rarity in our time, because it is unprofitable for manufacturers to let people know about the effects of their products on the body. But warned - armed, so pay attention to the books:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow, It's All Good . The author included imagination and made 185 different dishes that can be prepared very quickly from healthy foods that will benefit the body.
  • Andy Lew and Natalie Kringudi, Eat Fat Be Thin . The book reveals harmful products that you did not even suspect.
  • Natalie Rose, Detox for Women . In the book you will find information about the digestion processes of the female body and about food that will harm him.
  • David Perlmatter, Wheat and Sugar . The author talks about the effects of wheat and sugar on our body.
  • Adina Nimerov, "Self-Cleansing." This is a universal book in which you will find recipes for proper nutrition, methods, health information and many other useful things.

When you have already found motivation for yourself, it's time to diversify the proper nutrition menu so that you are not tired of it. Eating books are right for you.

Nutrition Recipe Books

Nutrition Recipes

To date, you can find many books with recipes for healthy eating that will be no less tasty than your usual dishes. Pay attention to such books:

  • "Separate nutrition" G. S. Vydrevich.
  • “An Easy Way to Lose Weight” by Allen Carr.
  • “Eat to live!” Linda Larsen.

Eating books is just the beginning of your journey. In the future, you yourself will be able to come up with recipes that suit you.

Best Nutrition Books

What you can’t listen to

Often, in pursuit of a beautiful body, people experience diets and diets that harm the body, although at first glance it does not seem so. In order not to cause harm to health, avoid:

  • articles on the Internet;
  • monotonous or too strict diets;
  • semi-finished products, even if manufacturers call them dietary; they may be low in calories, but all instant foods are very unhealthy.

Books about proper nutrition are compiled by experienced professionals, so you can contact them, although it is best to consult a nutritionist before doing this.


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