Tablets for disinfecting drinking water: composition, types and reviews

The use of special chemicals is the best way to disinfect water. The tablets are effective and convenient to use. There are drugs of domestic and foreign production, but they all operate on the same principle. It is enough to dissolve a few tablets, and within 15-30 minutes the water will be cleaned of harmful impurities, viruses and other microorganisms dangerous to human health. You can clean in this way as a small amount of liquid, and a sufficiently large displacement. Tablets for disinfecting water in a tank or well work on the same principle as when treating drinking water in small containers, only the concentration of the active substance is much higher.

tablets for disinfecting water in a tank


There are various pills for disinfecting water. Any such tool should have such properties as:

  • Safety for human health.
  • Quality cleaning.
  • High solubility.
  • High speed action.
  • No precipitate after dissolution.

When purchasing tablets for disinfecting water, you must always check the expiration date. After its completion, the funds lose all their cleansing properties.

Since all tablets contain chemicals, it is recommended to boil the water after purification, and in case of use by young children, be prepared for possible problems with the intestines.

tablets for disinfecting water

Despite some disadvantages, tablets for disinfecting drinking water are a convenient and effective way to clean. They do not require additional cleansing agents, with the exception of boiling. The size of the tablets allows you to take them with you and use in various conditions. It does not require a long time, the tablets act quickly and form a minimum of extraneous odors and a characteristic taste.


Water purifying tablets can be divided into several types. Some disinfectants in their composition contain chlorine as the main active substance. Such tablets are excellently cleaned of harmful bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. Another type of tablet is a drug containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate. It is similar in principle to the substance chlorine and perfectly cleans water from viruses and parasites.

Iodized preparations are well disinfected and have high levels of purification.

Some tablets provide cleaning by binding harmful particles in water. Due to this, a precipitate forms, which subsequently must be removed.

tablets for disinfecting drinking water

When can i use it?

Tablets for disinfecting water are used both for disinfection in water towers, and at home if necessary. Using tablets, it is possible to purify water for bathing infants, rinsing damaged skin surfaces, and in other cases when a highly purified liquid is required and normal boiling is not enough.

tablets for disinfection of drinking water

There are special tools designed to purify water on camping trips, in nature, where it becomes necessary to use a tablet for disinfecting drinking water.

Water from the well may need to be cleaned if a foreign object or dead animal enters the source. In this situation, tablets are also used for disinfecting water, but the cleaning process is more time-consuming.

Trek disinfection

There are many ways to disinfect water in camp conditions. These are various filters, the use of bark, coniferous branches, salt, iodine and potassium permanganate. The most convenient cleaning method is tablets for disinfecting water on a camping trip. As a rule, one tablet of domestic production is enough for 0.5-0.75 liters. Disinfection occurs within 15-30 minutes after dissolution of the drug. Before drinking water, it is better to let it stand or boil. If the water is purified using iodine-based tablets, then additional drugs, usually sold as a set, can be used to neutralize the taste.

camping water disinfection pills

You cannot add tablets to cloudy water, first you need to filter it from clay, sand and other foreign particles. The filter for this can be done independently from improvised means.

The disadvantages of the method of purifying water with tablets

The method of purifying drinking water using special tablets, in addition to a number of advantages, has certain disadvantages. First of all, regular use of such drugs is not recommended. The active chemicals of the tablets are classified as moderately hazardous to health due to their toxicity. But subject to all the recommendations on the dosage of the drug, tablets can be used at regular intervals without harm to the human body.

If the water taken for disinfection is cloudy and contains many impurities, then additional cleaning agents are needed.

People who are prone to allergic reactions to chlorine, you can not use some types of tablets for water treatment.

After using most of the products, a certain smack of chlorine or iodine remains, depending on the main substance of the drug.


Reviews on the use of chlorine-based water disinfecting tablets are often negative due to the characteristic taste. But a strong odor may appear if the proportions of the drug are not observed.

There are many positive reviews about the means of domestic and foreign production, in particular, ease of use in camp conditions is noted. The advantages of water purifying tablets include effectiveness, practicality, reliability and quality. Low cost and high degree of purification are also appreciated. With a long stay in nature, such drugs often become an indispensable tool for the traveler, extreme tourist or hunter. Water after using tablets for a long time is not subject to the spread of bacteria and microorganisms.

tablet water disinfectant

Application Expert Advice

There are some rules that are best followed when using disinfectant tablets:

  1. Carefully verify the authenticity of the drug, since there are many fake tablets for water disinfection on the market.
  2. Do not use expired drugs.
  3. Before disinfecting water taken from a river or lake, first clean it of clay, sand and other large particles that form a precipitate.
  4. Carefully observe the proportions of water and the drug used.
  5. After cleaning with a tablet, let the water infuse or boil.


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