Overclocker channels: soldering iron, nitrogen, source of new knowledge

Photo from the event Maximus IX Apex Absolute Zero, which managed to set eight world records, including an incredible 7.328 GHz Core i7-7700K.

Thanks to overclockers, manufacturers of computer systems receive independent external testing in extreme conditions and attract the attention of the audience, which with a light heart "destroys" the technique for the sake of sports interest - a sort of IT alternative to rally.

But what does the user himself receive, except for the numbers in the synthetic test? Overclocking is not just art for the sake of art. This technology and knowledge. Knowledge that can be applied in different areas. Overclocker will easily pick up any computer configuration or talk about mining technologies (remember, when enthusiasts built home “farms” for extracting bitcoins from video cards).

Curiosity, the desire for new things, the replenishment of baggage knowledge in chemistry, physics, electronics and other disciplines - all this is the basis of acceleration. The results of experiments can be used in the development of new products, but it is interesting to observe even the process of increasing the frequency of system components.

We have collected for you the most interesting video overclocking. Overclocking is not just a hobby inside a small subculture. It is also a valuable source of information on new technologies.


Probably the biggest channel where you can find a lot of valuable information on overclocking. Judge for yourself: more than 4 million subscribers, more than a billion views. Of course, not all videos deal with various aspects of overclocking. There is a lot of information on iron in general: from laptops with water cooling (hello, ASUS ROG laptop) to 5K monitors. There are a great many affected topics, however, a lot of attention has been paid to overclocking. For example, not every processor overclocking ( Intel Core i7 6700K ) gains almost a million views. There are various video options with translation into Russian.


The channel, which subscribed to more than a million people. Much attention is paid to issues of cooling (but not only). A lot of information for beginners in the style of "how to raise the FPS." The tendency to disperse through the software, no dangerous experiments with iron.


Giant number of videos with interesting reviews. The author focuses more on the hardware itself, but it also pays enough attention to overclocking: Kaby Lake , Fanless , $ 1200 computer , i7-7700K & i5-7600K , etc.


Community of technical enthusiasts and gamers. Many real experiments with iron and liquid nitrogen. They give speeches at various events and competitions ( Galax ), reviews of the best electronics markets in the world, budget assemblies, customer guides and just a show.

Paul's Hardware

Overclocking and modding in all forms. We overclock 6600K / 6700K , R7 1800X , Ryzen 5 and more. Virtual and real builds on a different budget.


Calm, leisurely videos with overclocking, which are not similar to an exhaustive textbook, but remain clear and understandable even for people who do not speak English. All overclocking is done through software and is available to ordinary users. Most of the videos on this channel (if you only take overclocking) are about processors, but no prohibitively complex things - for an example, see the Kaby Lake Core i3 7350K overclocking from Intel (a budget dual-core unlocked processor with Hyperthreading support).

Joker Productions

All about computer games and technologies that allow you to get pleasure from games. In this regard, most of the channel is at the mercy of overclocking video cards (with some exceptions - a friend was able to overclock the monitor , compared the Ryzen 1700 and i7 7700K ) and a discussion of performance efficiency. Nvidia GTX 980 , overclocking monitor with a resolution of 4K to 72 Hz for owners of Nvidia cards, GTX 1080 and 1070 , etc.

Gamers nexus

Reviews of gadgets (including tests and benchmarks), overclocking GTX 1070 , basic information about overclocking processors in the form of this video tutorial, a very simple guide to overclocking AMD RX 480 .

PC Life Channel

Popular Russian-language channel dedicated to recommendations on the choice of computer components, boxing, reviews and comparative tests of video cards, processors and all other components. Among interesting overclocking lately, we can highlight the increase in the frequency of the Intel i7-7700K to 5150 MHz, the overclocking of the Intel Skylake on the bus with BIOS modification (very dangerous for iron), ASUS GTX 1050Ti Expedition , HIS R9 380 IceQ X2 .


All in a row for beginners in Russian. Of interesting lately: tests of the Xeon X5650 processor in overclocking, overclocking guide (unlocking Turbo boost to all cores) Xeon E5-26xx v3, Xeon E5-26xx v3 on the Haswell core.

Actually hardcore overclocking

A little-known, but interesting channel. Do not worry that some schoolchildren are teaching it - the content is really diverse, relevant and appropriate to the name of the channel. Often practiced experiments on iron (after which the computer does not always maintain performance). That moment when I decided to work at the computer, pouring it with liquid nitrogen ( FX 9590 + Fury X ), a detailed analysis of the Zotac GTX , how to store nitrogen barrels under the bed ( GTX 570 E-power ), working with a soldering iron and RX 480 . The only negative is the long duration of the rollers.

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In addition, do not forget about our main YouTube channel for all enthusiasts of advanced technologies - ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) . Among the small audience, but interesting from the point of view of filling the channels, we also highlight: DigitalFoundry , HardwareCanucks , NCIX Tech Tips , Science Studio , Tech of Tomorrow , der8auer .

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