Watch Your Back: how to choose a city backpack

A modern city backpack is a friend who has to trust the most valuable thing: a laptop, tablet, smartphone, documents, and a bottle of cool water (which is very important in the summer heat). This is a satellite that can spend the whole day behind you. This is a reflection of your style, after all. Therefore, the choice of a backpack should be taken responsibly and take into account ergonomics, wearing comfort and design characteristics. Judge for yourself what is more important for you - or try to find among the new products described below a model in which all three criteria are optimally combined.


Pickpocket Bobby Backpack

This novelty has no analogues of the year among city backpacks. In this backpack you can fearlessly carry your favorite MacBook, freshly received wages, documents and not worry about their safety! image

Bobby from XD Design became a hit even before the manufacturer launched this model in production. A high-tech backpack was displayed on the Kickstarter , where this invention immediately gained fans. And no wonder: there were no such backpacks on the market yet. Thieves in the span.

By the way, the developers of Bobby created this backpack, "impressed" by the crowded streets of Shanghai, where in a dense crowd a man with a backpack is a potential victim of thieves. But with Bobby, you can safely walk even in such extreme conditions.

All this comes with a lot of fashionable and useful chips: for example, a pocket on a strap for a travel card or keys, ergonomic compartments, a fixed area for a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15 inches and a tablet, light reflectors and a USB port. image
The design is universal and suitable for a person of any gender, age and occupation. Bobby can be worn with youth clothes, with casuals, and even with office suits. image

Color versions of Bobby Compact with pickpocket protection

It is worth mentioning about the special, female version of the Bobby Compact backpack with protection from pickpockets. It is presented in four color variations: yellow, blue, blue and pink. In addition to the expanded color gamut, the Bobby Compact differs from the classic version in a more compact size (which is reflected in the name). So, if the classic Bobby includes a laptop with a diagonal of 15.6 inches, then the Bobby Compact is designed for laptops up to 14 inches.

However, the developers managed to increase the compactness not only due to a banal reduction in size, but also due to well-thought-out ergonomics. Therefore, the capacity of the compact version hardly differs from the “big bobby”.

Otherwise, this is the same Bobby with unique "anti-theft" characteristics. Polypropylene inserts protect the inner compartments of the backpack from the intruders' knives, zippers are hidden from prying eyes, and the secret pocket on the back is generally out of reach of criminals.

Like the classic version, the Bobby Compact opens in three ways:


Backpack for laptop case logic LoDo Large Backpack


The light military-style design makes this backpack stand out among casual and sporty fellows. Material - natural cotton canvas. Genuine leather locks.

Looking at this backpack, we were surprised to notice that only part of the pockets are closed with a zipper. The rest - on magnetic clasps. Perhaps it is convenient: opened - got - closed, actions are performed almost instantly.

Well, ergonomics - like a normal (but quite comfortable) city backpack. That is, you can shove a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches, a tablet and other things. For smartphones, keys, documents - separate pockets.

Laptop protection in a special compartment of Case logic LoDo Large Backpack provides a soft lining with shock-absorbing properties. The tablet also has a protective segment. For the smartphone highlighted pocket with a zipper.

Carrying Case logic LoDo Large Backpack is convenient due to the small mass of the backpack itself (less than a kilogram), competent weight distribution systems and comfortable straps. The back panel is soft.

What is the result? Good ergonomics and extraordinary design. Light militarism, natural canvas and magnetic buckles - perhaps the model deserves attention.

Thule EnRoute Triumph 2 Daypack Laptop Backpack

And this is a model from Thule, available in six color variations - a backpack in which there is a place for all kinds of gadgets, bored without their owner. Protection for these fragile technologies will provide a special design SafeEdge. image

What can be put in two compartments and additional side pockets? If you want, a MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 15 inches or a laptop with a screen diagonal of 14 inches. For him, there is a special compartment, tightly closed and protecting the gadget from contact with its neighbors. The tablet will fit comfortably in a personal "compartment" - a soft pocket. For a smartphone or something fragile like glasses - another pocket with protective properties. Ergonomics improve the external pockets on the valves for small things that you often get. image

A special feature of the Thule EnRoute 2 Triumph backpack is the innovative SafeEdge fragile electronics protection system. Unlike most other protective systems in backpacks, it not only generally protects a laptop from mechanical damage, compensating for external loads, but also has a special property - it protects the corners of the device.

The capacity of the Thule EnRoute 2 Triumph is 21 liters, and the weight will be comfortably distributed due to the thoughtful design of the backpack, and the shoulders will protect the compression straps.

Piquadro Coleos Leather Backpack


Cool, leather and almost eternal. This is a novelty from the Italian brand Piquadro, addressed to romantics and travelers - especially motorcyclists. Downstairs, the Piquadro Coleos has a special section for motorcycle helmet. Really convenient: you go to a meeting or stop near a shop, leave a motorcycle near a university or work - and instead of carrying a helmet in your hands, you hide it in a backpack. And when you saddle the "iron horse", a leather backpack complements the dynamic style.

The backpack in the photo looks like new (actually, it is), and in a few years the skin, of course, will rub a little. But, we believe, from this Piquadro Coleos will only be more charismatic.

Style, material, practicality and durability are complemented by well-thought-out ergonomics:


In case a long journey is planned, and there are a lot of things with you, the backpack will comfortably rest on the suitcase. For this there is a special mount.

A unique bonus is a rain cover plus a full rain coat.

Not surprisingly, Piquadro Coleos won the Best Bag title from the Wallpaper Design Award.

Thule Crossover 21L Daypack Laptop Backpack


Another model from Thule, created specifically for those who do not take a step without a laptop. The compact model Thule Crossover 21L Daypack is a backpack in which your laptop will be very comfortable. An additional feature is a shockproof compartment for something small and fragile: for example, glasses or a smartphone. image

Feature Thule Crossover - in the presence of a special compartment for a laptop, closing with a zipper. A laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches is placed in the compartment. This section protects the gadget from the twists and turns of the world and does not allow it to scratch against other things, as in ordinary backpacks. image

Everything else is located in the adjacent sections, in a secret pocket on the outside and side compartments. Of course, there is also a familiar side compartment for a bottle of water, to which the owners of modern urban backpacks have become accustomed. Thule Crossover's capacity is more than worthy: 21 liters, which, given the correct layout, makes this backpack a wonderful companion not only for traveling around the megalopolis, but also for tourist outings.


Of course, choosing a reliable friend who will literally cover your back while traveling around the city is not limited to these models. This sample, rather, reflects the fundamental points that are worth paying attention to, and the functions that modern backpacks have. If you still have doubts, visit us in Inspector Gadgets - we will help you find the right copy. We know everything about backpacks. Almost


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