I went to the countdown: 7 days left until the ICO "Polybius"

For several months in a row we have been telling in our blog about the development of the project of the financial organization Polybius: a universal bank with Estonian-Swiss roots working on the blockchain and AI. And each of our post, we ended with a promise to announce the date when our project will be crowdfunding. The moment has come: Polybius ICO-campaign starts in 7 days, May 31.

The Polybius ICO will be held in the form of a Polybius dividend-token sale: smart contracts that guarantee a share in the bank's profits. Tokens will be sold for $ 10, but during the first day Polybius tokens will be sold with a 25% bonus, so it makes sense to go to polybius.io on May 31st.

ICO will last five weeks, and at the end of it you will have the opportunity to dispose of the tokens you bought: follow the course, send, sell or outbid them from other participants. Either do nothing with them in principle, and receive annual dividends in the form of a share in the profit of the bank. In total, the owners of all sold tokens will be divided by 20% of the annual documented profit of the bank. More information about bank reporting and control in Europe can be found in the article “ How to open your bank in Europe: reporting and auditing ”.

The goal of ICO is to collect from $ 1.5 to $ 25 million. The type of financial license will depend on the amount collected, as well as the number of ideas that we can implement in the near future. Financial goals and their contents are listed in our project plan:

If you are wondering what three types of financial licenses exist in the EU, then this is described in our other article: " How to open a bank in Europe: licensing and blockchain ."

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