The first launch of the PH Electron was partially successful

This was announced on Twitter by Rocket Lab.

The weather did not allow the launch of the rocket earlier, yesterday it reached readiness -12 minutes, but was forced to postpone the launch due to weather conditions.

About the rocket and the company in more detail you can read here .

The rocket carried an overall weight payload layout instead of a real satellite.

Team Rocket Lab lays out so far only short videos. It is not known whether the onboard camera was on the rocket, and by what means the launch from the earth was observed. We are waiting for more detailed video.

UPD: The official statement revealed that the launch was only partially successful - the first stage worked normally, the second stage successfully separated, dropped the head fairing, but could not get into orbit. The rocket reached space, which Rocket Lab tweeted, but soon entered back into the atmosphere and collapsed there.

UPD2: There was a video from the rocket.

UPD3: More videos appeared:
View from a different point on the nozzle of the second stage, visible reset halves of the head fairing.

The work of the cosmodrome systems - rotary antennas of telemetry systems is shown.


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