Godmother's diet. From pumpkin to Cinderella and back

The modern aesthetics of a person’s appearance suggests that a beautiful body must first be slim. But not everyone can boast of a fast metabolism in the body when food is converted into energy and consumed at the highest rate.

Abundant nutrition, office plankton lifestyle , laziness, endocrine diseases and stress seizing became the scourge of modern man, affecting his appearance and health.

Health or quick results?

The fight against excess fat should be conducted on many fronts. The first front is motor activity. Exhausting loads in the gym or leisurely daily walks in the fresh air, swimming or cycling, in a word, what suits a particular person.

The second front is proper nutrition. Compliance with the principles of a healthy diet, cooking without an abundance of oil, abstinence from fast food are the main weapons in the field of weight loss.

godmother diet reviews

The fight against excess weight on both fronts will be long and difficult at the same time, but the result will be stable, and energy and strength will be added. The day will be the 25th hour. But this state of affairs will require a person to leave the comfort zone and maintain a healthy lifestyle day after day.

Many lovers of quick and effective results choose for themselves a different way of improving their body.

The number and variety of weight loss diets, so widely demanded by our contemporaries, is amazing. One of the most popular on the Web today is the godmother's diet.

General characteristics of the diet

The godfather's diet implies an intricate and, at first glance, illogical alternation of days of fasting, overeating, and also periods when you can only use:

  • specific fruits in a certain amount;
  • vegetable juice of no more than one liter;
  • boiled meat;
  • dairy or dairy products;
  • sweets such as chocolate.
    diet godmother reviews results

The diet is characterized by a cross-emphasis on carbohydrate foods, which is not quite usual for nutritional schemes recommended by those wishing to lose weight. Daily diet imbalance in nutrient composition is another unattractive feature of it.

The godfather’s diet lasts thirty-one days, most of which must be done while drinking tomato, cabbage or carrot juice or water and tea, or even refraining from eating.

Such an ascetic type of eating behavior is diluted for two months on an all-inclusive basis, when you are allowed to eat and drink whatever you want and as much as you like.

Diet efficiency

The godfather's diet today finds many enthusiastic supporters who claim that for 31 days of observing its rules they really got rid of extra centimeters. The result of weight loss was different, from three to twenty-two kilograms, and depended on the initial parameters.

godmother diet results

Even a cursory analysis of the diet makes it clear that its effectiveness is due to a sharp and long-term reduction in the number of calories consumed until starvation. Therefore, to maintain vitality, the body is forced to urgently "open bins", spending its own reserves.

Why is weight losing so quickly?

The first effect that the godmother's diet has is the results of an unexpected shake for an organism accustomed to abundance. The brain perceives the restriction in food and the expectation of hungry days as stress, which often leads to weight loss (if you do not try to get rid of it with the help of treats).

The second link in the effectiveness of a diet is to reduce the amount of intestinal contents as a result of the actual fasting of the body. Looking at the arrows of the scales, losing weight should not be seduced by rapid successes, because they are caused not so much by fat loss as by the absence of food lumps in the intestines.

The third link to success is fluid loss. Indeed, man consists of more than seventy percent water. Unnecessary fluid lingers in tissues due to excessive salt intake. The godfather diet prescribes abstinence from it, as a result of which water leaves the body naturally.

It should be noted that with a simple abstinence from table salt for one month, you can get rid of several kilograms of water in your body without any diets.


Irritability, drowsiness and loss of working capacity will be guaranteed to those who consider that the godfather diet will help them in the fight against excess fat. Reviews of strong-willed young ladies who have gone through a month's journey of overcoming the natural desire to eat are rather enthusiastic, but most by chance indicate problems with the kidneys, stomach, pale complexion and constant fatigue, coupled with headaches, not to mention problems with stools.

All these arguments make it unlikely that the godmother's diet was developed by a professional nutritionist, and this indirectly follows from its name. Professional nutritionists unequivocally state that universal nutrition systems do not exist. Diets can really be effective and have a healing effect, but for this they must be individually designed, taking into account all the characteristics of a particular patient, his lifestyle, health status and character.

godmother diet

Therefore, the popularity that the godmother’s diet uses, reviews, results, often exaggerated, and other theses not confirmed by medical science about its effectiveness should not replace the common sense of a person who dreams of becoming slim and healthy.

Without an understanding of the laws of biochemical processes in each case, any diet will become only a short-term forced starvation, after which a discouraged organism will stock up with fat for the future in case of repeated onset of difficult times.

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