Happy geeky day (yes, it's today)

You may not have known, but there is a reason to celebrate) On May 25, eleven years in Europe and the States are celebrating the day of geeks. Of course, Star Wars fans are celebrating with might and main on may the 4th, but for all other enthusiastic people they have recently come up with a different date, closer to the summer and the beginning of the holidays. And it is not as "random" as it may seem.

For the first time, the party on May 25 in honor of Geek Pride Day was staged in Spain in 2006 on a tip from blogger Herman Martinez. The idea was picked up by the eastern states of the United States. In 2009, Canada, Romania, Hungary, and Israel joined this drunken party with chaining dew and cookies. Since 2013, the festival of geeks with a parade has been held annually in Sweden. They say it discusses plans for a quick takeover of the world.

In Russia, with the day of geeks, it is somehow rotten, although why are we worse off? If someone is not born a fan of Chewbacca and Princess Leia, then only the programmer's day remains, that's all.

Why May 25th? This is a special day, Herman chose it for a reason. Star warriors who quit after the 4th cannot miss it, because on May 25, 1977, the first film of the cult saga was released. At the same time, fans of the chic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on May 25 are used to celebrating Towel Day in honor of Douglas Adams. There is such a passage in the book: “A towel is the most necessary thing for a hitchhiker. You can wrap up in it while traveling on cold moons, you can cover them while sleeping under the stars, it is comfortable to lie on sandy beaches, you can swing them, giving distress signals, or wet them for melee combat ... Well, in the end, you can wipe them off , if the towel is clean enough "... So if you notice a man with a towel over his shoulder on the street on May 25, that’s definitely a hitchhiker, so be aware.

Plus, May 25 is also a special date for fans of Terry Pratchett. In the “Night Guard” from his legendary cycle “Flat World”, he wrote: “According to the old tradition, every year on May 25, when lilac blossoms in the city, some residents of the city pin blooming purple twigs to their costumes. Just one day. And here is the same system as with Douglas Adams: lovers of the "Flat World" in Britain on May 25 identify each other on the street through lilac twigs in their clothes. Cool because.

In general, do your bit, who will succeed. Mail and I decided that such a day deserves a bottle of apple cider, under which, by the way, we write.

PS Today, by the way, “Wonder Woman” is released in the world hire. It seems that there is order there with humor, and Zack Snyder is no longer at the helm. Cross your fingers.

If it comes out perfectly, there will be another bonus reason to appoint May 25th as our day.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/404129/

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