8 best backpacks for geek

Presenting a city dweller without a backpack today is impossible. Programmers and IT employees of companies are no exception. Summer almost came into its own, which means many will think about buying a new backpack. I have long chosen a backpack for myself and decided to share the most successful, in my opinion, models that can be found on the shelves of online stores.

1. Thule Subterra


Backpack from the famous Swedish manufacturer is great for active life in the city. Immediately one feels that they are developing a backpack in Scandinavia - the design is honed to the millimeter. Thanks to the streamlined shape, the backpack does not cling to anything in the transport and does not hurt other passengers.

Inside there is a convenient organizer and a compartment where you can place a laptop, written applications, a notebook, etc. Access to the compartment for a laptop can be obtained directly from two sides - through the top and side.


One of the most stylish urban backpacks (in my opinion, of course). The original model was released back in the 50s, and Knekken II - a modern rethinking of the classics.

At first glance it may seem that the backpack seems to be made of cotton or similar lightweight fabric, but in fact it is durable 600D polyester - strong and durable.

Branch backpack allows you to place a 15-inch laptop. By itself, the department is not very voluminous, but it is enough to take with you the necessary wires, a bottle of water and a book. Under the top flap there is a separate zip pocket where you can put a tablet.

3. The North Face Access Pack

A model from one of the most popular manufacturers in the world, Access Pack will appeal to lovers of futuristic design. The main compartment boasts a rigid steel frame made of molded EVA foam and 500D nylon.

Inside the compartment are elastic pockets for gadgets - a laptop, tablet and phone. The authors added a convenient tongue to each pocket, with which you can quickly and conveniently remove the gadget.

The back of the backpack is rigid, with an aluminum frame - the back will not get tired of wearing even a few hours later.

4. Deuter Tommy

Backpack sling for those who prefer to travel light. Of course, you cannot take a lot of things with this model, but you need to fit the most necessary things - keys, wires, a book, etc. On the strap provides a pocket for a cell phone. In addition to her, Tommy has a lap belt that can be unfastened at any time.

Deuter Tommy is sewn from durable 210D nylon fabric and reinforced with Deuter Super Polytex - 600D polyester inserts with polyurethane coating. The dense back possesses the "breathing" poroplast lining. In my opinion, Deuter Tommy is a great option for walking light.

5. Deuter Giga Pro


Another Deuter - this time a large backpack for a laptop. Giga Pro is very capacious (volume 32 liters), you can safely take it with you on a weekend trip.

For a laptop, the Giga Pro has a special compartment and a removable soft case. Do not forget the authors and about the pocket for the charger. There is a place for everyday trifles - each thing has its own pocket, be it a bottle of water or a book. In order to carry so many things around with them, the developers reinforced the back of the backpack with a pair of steel plates. Powerful backpack, but every day it is unlikely to be convenient.

6. Haglows Corker


The Internet suggests that CORKER is the most popular backpack in Scandinavia. Haglows Corker is very popular among urban residents of the region, and there is an explanation.

It looks small, the Corker boasts a volume of 18 liters. On the sides, the developers positioned two compartments with zippers - it is convenient to keep everyday trifles in them, and you can get access to them without removing the backpack.

Inside is a compartment for a laptop. The compartment was equipped with soft inserts to protect against shaking. And yes, there is a mount for an ice ax.

7. The North Face Base Camp Kaban


A backpack with an unusual design and, perhaps, one of the strongest in the collection - for the production, the authors chose fabric 900D, which will last longer than you want to wear this backpack.
At the top of the backpack is a cap-valve, and under it - a spacious compartment for your belongings. A separate pocket is provided for the laptop, which can be accessed by opening the zipper on the side of the backpack.

Things that you use most often can be put in the compartment on the front side, and you can fasten a bottle of water or, for example, gloves in the special pockets on the sides.



Very convenient city backpack which is made in Russia. During its development, the authors focused on safety and manufacturability. The first is provided with invisible zippers and pockets hidden from prying eyes. The second is a convenient built-in power bank, so that the smartphone can be charged directly from the backpack.

Inside there is a spacious compartment with a pocket for small items, a protected compartment for a laptop and a pocket for documents. The authors did not forget about the wires - they can be folded into a special compartment. And under the ceiling is a shock-proof glasses compartment.

The body is made of fabric 1680D with a reinforced thread - so the Neosafepack will last a very long time. And due to the fact that the production of a backpack is in Russia, its cost is much less than analogs. Actually, that's why I chose him - especially since now they are selling it at some very indecent price.

Write in the comments which backpack you like the most and advise your favorite model - it will be interesting to know which packs are popular with Geektimes users.

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