Can doubling the amount of RAM greatly increase the performance of a gaming laptop? We check in practice

We welcome gamers who have come to our blog and sympathize with them. Today we will try to check whether the user-friendly upgrade of the gaming laptop will help (read - increasing memory and replacing HDD with SSD) to seriously affect the overall performance of the machine.

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In general, a PC upgrade, if we are not talking about desktops, where the user is free to replace everything he reaches, is quite limited when it comes to laptops. All the more - about ultrabooks. So if you are using a mobile system with discrete graphics, you may be interested.

And while in laptops, so far (so far), manufacturers still give the opportunity to add memory plates or put an SSD to improve the quality of life (and the price of a laptop for resale), then in ultrabooks everything is usually carefully and carefully soldered on the board once and for all so that you do not improve the machine yourself instead of buying a new one.

This time we will conduct tests on the ASUS gaming notebook of the Republic of Gamers series. We will check the work of popular games at the maximum settings on the stock version of the laptop, and then add our memory and SSD to it and see what the difference is.

Patient TTX


Intel Core i5 6300HQ (there is a version with i7 6700HQ)

Intel HD Graphics 530
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2G GDDR5 VRAM (there is a version with 4G).

DDR4 2133 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM (maximum supports up to 32, 8 available out of the box).

15.6 '' 16: 9 IPS FHD (1920x1080), matte.

The rest of the details on the manufacturer's website .


Memory characteristics

Laptop memory


Write / Read / Copy / Delay / Cache

HyperX Impact 8 GB


Write / Read / Copy / Delay / Cache

HyperX Impact 16 GB

Write / Read / Copy / Delay / Cache

Summary table for memory characteristics

MemoryReading, MB / sRecord, MB / sCopy, MB / sDelay, ns
HyperX Impact 8 GB16402161841619871.0
HyperX Impact 16 GB30384334283030572.0

World of tanks

Art - WoT site

Test parameters: graphics quality - “Maximum”, screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, client - HD.

Stock grade (8 Gb) - depending on the intensity of what is happening on the screen, the average FPS value is from 60 to 68.

8 Gb Hyper X - 59-72 FPS.

16 Gb Hyper X - 60-74 FPS.


Art - site

Graphics options are set using the game settings with reference to the memory capacity of the video card. Enabling or enhancing the display of additional effects fills the available memory scale. With a total of 2 gigabytes GeForce GTX 960M, all settings can be set to “High”, then one third of them can be raised to “Very High”.

The average FPS value on the stock settings is 59.

8 Gb Hyper X - 60 FPS.

16 Gb Hyper X - 60 FPS.

Mafia III

Art - site

With the stock bundle on the maximum settings, the game produces 29-30 frames, sometimes sagging to 27.

8 Gb Hyper X - 29 FPS.

16 Gb Hyper X - 30 FPS.

Battlefield 1

Cover - Wikipedia

Settings - “Ultra”, the average FPS value on the drain memory is 31.

8 Gb Hyper X - 32 FPS.

16 Gb Hyper X - 32 FPS.

FPS summary table

MemoryWoT, HD, Maximum, FPSGTA V, the highest available quality / FPSMafia III, the highest quality available / FPSBattlefield 1, Ultra, FPS
Stock (hdd + 8 gb)60-685929-3031
HDD + 8 Gb Hyper X59-72602932
HDD + 16 Gb Hyper X60-7460thirty32

3D Mark, Time Spy test suite

After passing all the tests, the set (graphic, CPU, etc) the average score on the stock memory is 1320 .

8 Gb Hyper X - 1321 .

16 Gb Hyper X - 1327

Summary Table of 3D Mark Time Spy

Equipment3D Mark Time Spy
Stock memory1320
8GB HyperX Impact1321
16 GB HyperX Impact1327

Dry residue

As the attentive reader has managed to notice, the difference between attempts to increase FPS with the help of a new memory and the desire to play on the sink gland is rather small. In the case of FPS, it is not in principle. The fact is that the video card has its own memory, and it uses only it for work. Increasing the operational memory to any volume will not improve FPS in games, if the discrete video does not use RAM.

But replacing HDD with SSD greatly influences the overall performance of the PC (we already wrote about this in more detail here ) and has a good effect on stability. If such manipulations do not have any effect on FPS, then there is already a difference in the work of the PC, which simultaneously runs standard applications and some demanding game.

This is how we conducted the tests.

The working scenarios were checked rather - you are sitting and playing tanks, but here someone calls you on Skype / writes to SLK / PM FB, etc., and you (of course, after the end of the battle) turn off the client to answer.

And here the operational memory comes into play. World of Tanks, Mafia III, GTA V reacted to this rather predictably, namely:

Stock memory - everything collapses and unfolds adequately.
HyperX Impact 8 GB - everything collapses and adequately unfolds.
HyperX Impact 16 GB - everything collapses and adequately unfolds subjectively a couple of times faster than 8.

But Battlefield 1 behaved a bit categorically.

8 gigabytes of memory ensured that the game is successfully minimized to a black screen, and 50/50 hangs the system to the state "Now you can turn off the computer power."

16 gigabytes of memory allowed to turn off the game, paused, answer the Skype call, expand the game and continue the gameplay.

In the case of gaming laptops, memory upgrade will help only for general PC operation and execution of demanding operations - for fans of video rendering, modeling, fans of new tabs in Chrome with every click. Then yes, the more memory - the more fervently everything works. After all, we should not forget that for games used in the test, 8 gigabytes of RAM is only the minimum system requirement. And besides the game, the computer in any case will also have to keep the OS and applications running.

PC Mark 8 Home Tests

This set of tests is designed to evaluate the speed of a computer when using standard home tasks - surfing the web, working with photo libraries, watching movies, streaming video, video conferencing, and more.

By clicking on each screenshot - an online comparison of the results with similar characteristics of the PC.

Stock equipment (HDD + 8 Gb)

HDD + 8 GB HyperX Impact

HDD + 16 GB HyperX Impact



SSD + 8 GB of stock memory

SSD + 8 GB HyperX Impact

SSD + 16 GB HyperX Impact

PC Mark 8 Home Results Summary

EquipmentPC Mark 8 Home
HDD and stock memory2937
HDD + 8GB HyperX Impact3293
HDD + 16 GB HyperX Impact3517
SSD and stock memory3398
SSD + 8 GB HyperX Impact3437
SSD + 16 GB HyperX Impact3588

Windows boot time (up to desktop):

SSD - 26139ms
HDD - 49512ms

That is, it is impossible to improve the performance of a gaming laptop?

You don’t feel much of a difference in terms of FPS. But on the general work behind the laptop (stability, speed of reaction to the folding-unfolding of programs, the use of demanding applications), this upgrade will have a very, very positive effect.

And even more positively, it will affect mobile systems with video cards without their own memory - we will tell about this in one of the following posts.

If you want to repeat our experience and pump your laptop a little (or any other mobile system), you can make such an upgrade yourself, especially since you can now buy Kingston memory modules and M2 SSD-drive in DNS stores at a 10% discount .


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