Sound Track - portable pocket security system

Sound Track - this is a pocket alarm, triggered by a concussion. Despite the abundance of application possibilities described in the instructions, I stopped at one thing - attached the alarm to the bike and it really works. Especially good when an alarm system picks up when arming. Here, even if someone puts an eye on the bike, then hearing the sound of arming will most likely bypass the side of the bike.



Sound Track comes in a carton box, inside which the device and instructions are located in a separate cloth case. Outwardly it looks very modern and attractive.

A little about the device itself and its purpose

Sound Track is a pocket-sized, very loud, with a nasty subtle sound alarm that reacts to a concussion. The photo shows a black lid with holes - this is the lid that covers the piezo emitter diffuser. It also protects it from damage. Immediately under the cover is a multifunctional indicator. In my opinion - too multifunctional. And a small cheat sheet on the designations of a multi-functional indicator.

On the back of the device is a plate with the article number and the inscription: “Made in Russia”. In the upper part of the audio track is the only button and ring for installation. For lovers of forest trips and not lovers of uninvited night guests for this ring is convenient to tie a string and pull it around the parking lot in the woods.

What's inside


Inside the sound board is a board with quite a lot of electronics. The entire board is covered with something very strongly reminiscent of grease. If anyone knows more on this topic - please share in the comments. Perhaps this is a method of moisture protection.


The piezo emitter is connected to the main board by wires that are abundantly filled with hot melt glue.


The body of the device, apparently, is standard, and not manufactured specifically for the device. This can be seen on a special mount for mounting the board. Chips on fasteners and different types of bolts are a bit confusing, but the board is holding up well.


Fastening ringlet does not look too reliable, but the test for "pull harder" survived.


The motion sensor is a piezo element with a weight.

The sensitivity of the sensor is more than enough to detect a small movement of the device or vibration.

Pro & contra


Stable running. Loudly yelling! It is controlled with just one button. Light! According to the passport - there will be enough batteries for 5 years! The board is covered with waterproof varnish.

For comparison, the volume - put Zvikostorozh next to the car and beep . Feels like - the volume is comparable. But Zvikostorod gives a higher and more nasty sound.


The indicator is not visible in the bright sun

Special features

There is no possibility to turn on and off the alarm completely silently. (Although for the protection of the bike is rather a plus).

According to my personal feelings - the functions for a device with one button are a bit too much (and encoding and adjusting the sensitivity and viewing the battery charge level).

Turning off the device can be "password-protected" but the battery compartment opens easily. Those. An attacker can quickly turn off the device simply by removing the batteries.

Total total

Zvikostorozhn - perfectly copes with its main function despite the fact that there are some questions to the construct. Those who wish to save a little on its purchase (10%) can take advantage of this offer for 14 days by entering the promotional code GT-ZV.

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