What you can print on a 3D printer

Hello. My name is Sergey and I develop 3D printers. In this article I want to show the options for using a personal SLA 3D printer RK-1 (with photos, of course).

When someone asks why you can use a 3D printer, many immediately recall the jewelry industry. With it, let's start. The polymer is not cast (you can pour directly from it, of course, but there are nuances). However, many jewelers do without a molded polymer - they make forms and wax is poured into them, getting waxes. I will describe this method in more detail in the following articles.

The next application will be prototyping. Also an important and widespread use of a 3D printer. We print the device under development, see how it is assembled (yes, you can do it in CADe, see how it lies in your hand, on the table, in your pocket, etc.), install electronics. interested person.

Let's not ignore the use of 3D printer for medical purposes. In this case, for example, cite the printing of surgical templates. Earlier in the article described in more detail about what it is and why.

There are such items - celebrity collectible figurines . Previously, heads for such products were sculpted (maybe even now molded) with hands from plastic masses. Now they mold in the program 3D modeling and after they print. It remains only to cover the ground and paint.

3D printers are generally more profitable and convenient to use when you need to print one product, and then make copies of it. Yes, of course, there are examples when printing serial products at once, but this is not so widespread now. In general, the technology is simple: we print the product, remove the form, pour the material into the form.

Print results:

Casting results:

Printing of various products, models, figures, cases, etc. These are exactly the products that are needed in a single version without the need for replication.

Thank you all for your attention. What application of 3D printer do you see?

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