Waking up and not starting to hate the whole world: a selection of original alarm clocks

No, we didn’t just wake up, but if we had something from this collection, perhaps we would have time to do many things faster.

In our blog, we often write about watches: there was a selection of wrist watches, a selection of wall clocks, and smart watches told a lot of things at different times.

We got to the alarm clocks. Recently, a lot of them have appeared: among the curious "persistent", it is worth noting a very, very recent project announced in the crowdfunding spaces: it should be shocked until the user wakes up.

The task is to wake up

This is the main requirement for the alarm clock, who would argue! It is necessary to achieve this at any cost: this is how a runaway alarm clock appeared, perhaps the most famous instance from the category of unusual gadgets of this kind.

Much more “sparing” method - alarm clock mat . It will also make you stand up, at least tear your head off the pillow.

So that a person does not fall back into bed, you need to stand on the rug for at least three seconds. This time should be enough to somehow come to their senses.

Another demanding device that will allow you to combine business with pleasure: Shape Up Alarm Clock .

It will not turn off until you do 30 repetitions. The weight of such an alarm clock is about 700 grams. Remember this concept: an alarm clock that destroys money? This was supposed to motivate, and the idea was very clear: waste of time = waste of money.

A similar, but much more noble project called SnūzNLūz . The Wi-fi gadget is configured and synchronized with your bank details, and if you don’t wake up on time, then some amount is donated to charity.

Wake up with comfort

There are several types: light / sound / smell. Light alarm clocks at one time were common: soft colors that mimic the rising sun. One of these sells company Medisana .

A similar project brought together the " Dj ."

Similar capabilities are embedded in other smart gadgets: similar functionality, for example, is in the Xiaomi bedside, which we wrote about recently .

The creators of “sound” models offer their solutions with the following promise: they say, waking up to a pleasant playlist is much easier and more comfortable than to harsh sounds. And most importantly - the same song is not boring: the playlist can be adjusted, optimized, edited ...

Ihome - one of these alarms in the public domain: the user can customize the playlist, and in addition, this model has the ability to highlight.

You can also customize your melody on the Xiaomi alarm clock column : here, among other things, there is also a “night mode”, in order not only to wake up, but also to fall asleep to your favorite music. Bluetooth alarm clock works with miHome.

Beddi is a light-music alarm clock with support for Apple Music and some other services.

Something similar is inherent in the concept of the Life Assistant device: however, it is proposed to wake up not to the sound of your favorite songs, but to a pleasant individual appeal: “Good morning, dear”, “Bunny, it's time to get up” - up to 25 records.

One of the most famous alarm clocks that wakes up with a smell is Sensorwake . Paired with the "cube", the user receives replacement cartridges that distribute the aroma of bread, coffee, the smell of chocolate or mint.

The synthesis of sounds, aromas and light therapy is implemented in this alarm clock. It does not look very stylish, but the functionality is impressive, and the price is about $ 80.

The smell of coffee, but not just a “virtual” imitation, but a real alarm clock coffee maker is a project from last year with Indiegogo .

On this we have everything.
All cheerfulness!

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