Emotional intelligence


Denis : Hi. Nice to see you! How do you?
Oksana : Normal.
D : I recently watched the show and liked one storyline X. Would you recommend another such exciting line?
A : Googles. There are a lot of them.

Such a dialogue will seem trivial and unjustified to you, but there are thousands of such dialogues to take as an example from life and this does not indicate a person’s inclination to you. Perhaps there are some problems or he is offended at you, but with almost 100% certainty we can say that if you have a good relationship with a person, then his emotional intelligence is poorly developed. Such people are often difficult to understand.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) - the ability of a person to recognize the emotions, intentions, desires of others and their own, as well as the ability to control their own and others' emotions. In other words, the better developed EI, the more accurately a person will be able to interpret the situation and will be less prone to stress.

In most cases, if you even understand that this behavior is standard for this person, you will get offended at him at best, and at worst you will gradually become indifferent to him. In the future, perhaps you will stop communicating and for you this situation will be clear, but another person will look for reasons and rummage in himself. Perhaps this is good for both sides, but such people with a low level of development of emotional intelligence need to accept and understand their actions, as this will make your life easier at times and will help in your future career and relationships.

To meet a person with well-developed emotional intelligence is already a great find. It is very difficult to simultaneously perceive, use and understand emotions, as well as manage them. Usually a person has well developed 1-3 components of emotional intelligence.

A person with a well-developed emotional intelligence always remembers that there should not be any gaps between his intentions and the real impact of the words spoken to them. For example, you can say a phrase in a rude manner, and another person will take it into his account and will think that you are not loyal to him. Although in reality you sympathize with him and did not want to say anything offensive.

There are several models of emotional intelligence, but consider the simplest to understand - a mixed model. It consists of 5 characteristics explaining EI.

Signs of a person with low emotional intelligence

How to develop emotional intelligence?

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be developed at any time during its life. Therefore, if you feel some discomfort when communicating with friends, family and relatives, do not be afraid, you can easily overcome it, you just need to want and make little effort in the development of emotional intelligence.

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