Yet Another Conference 2017

Today began the traditional conference of Yandex . Andrei Sebrant will lead the flow of marketing, Ivan Yamshchikov - an online channel, and Gregory Bakunov will open a new section "Technologies of Medicine". For anyone who cannot personally attend the conference, Yandex conducts an online broadcast.

Atlas has prepared for the audience and participants of YaC a big program - two speakers, free genotyping and a small surprise. Now we will tell about everything in more detail.

Author photo - Ochir Mandzhikov

Stream "Marketing and Media"

Traditionally on the big stage discuss new technologies in digital marketing. As speakers here, it is customary to see heads of companies and departments sharing their work on analyzing data and user behavior, reports on new advertising formats, and analyzes of successful and unsuccessful marketing cases.

But this year, the issues of health care in the digital age began to be discussed on the main stage. Entrepreneur and member of the Board of Directors of Yandex Ester Dyson will begin the lecture day with a discussion on digital medical products.

Big scene program

Stream "Technologies of Medicine"

This year, the conference will open a new section of Digital Health. The stream is led by Gregory Bakunov. On the second stage, experts will discuss the use of digital technologies for early diagnosis of diseases, the fight against aging and new principles of communication with patients.

At 2:15 pm, Andrei Perfilyev, Medical Director of Atlas Biomedical Holding, spoke. He described how genomic and post-genomic technologies have already changed and continue to change habitual medicine.

Small Stage Program

Special online program

The third stream of speeches combined trend topics - the development of smart cities, machine learning, interaction with artificial intelligence and medicine of the future.

At 4:00 pm, the clinical geneticist of Atlas Irina Zhegulin will speak. She will tell you how genetics has evolved since the DNA structure was discovered in 1953, and in 2003 it read the human genome.

After the speech, Irina Zhegulina and Maxim Vasilyev will participate in discussions about the genetics of the future.

Online Performance Program

Free genotyping of the COMT gene

Free genotyping will be organized at the company's booth. Anyone can take part in the "field" laboratory work: to extract DNA from saliva and watch the PCR. We will provide test tubes, pipettes, centrifuges, solutions and detailed instructions.

We will genotype the “warrior gene” COMT, which encodes the catechol-O-methyltransferase enzyme. It destroys adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine - the famous neurotransmitters that determine the majority of our emotions.

With the work of the enzyme COMT associate the level of stress and creativity. Option GG on polymorphism rs4680 defines "warriors" - especially stress-resistant people who quickly navigate in critical situations. Variant AA is found in “creators” - such a textbook “crazy scientists” with outstanding intellectual abilities that panic at the slightest stress. GA is found in “wise men” who are engaged in creativity in peacetime, and in stressful situations do not lose their ability to make rational decisions.

Typically, genotyping in the laboratory takes three days, but on the Atlas stand the entire analysis, from collecting saliva to obtaining the result, will take one hour.

Not everyone will be able to attend the conference personally, so an online broadcast is available for interested viewers. As a consolation to those who could not participate in genotyping, we prepared online entertainment.

UPD: Andrei Perfilyev finished his speech and announced a test on the history of medicine. Correct answers to questions give a discount on a genetic test, a study of myrobiotics, or some complex programs in the Atlas clinic. Test your knowledge!


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