The world of the Russian “Internet of things”: T-band, Element, X-turion, FlipFlic and much more

The Internet of things is about Russia. To prove this in practice, the Mishiko team searched for and selected for you interesting Russian projects from the Internet of Things sphere (both published and at the development / prototype stage). In this publication, we will describe what these projects are, what they are for and how they work.



Cubic is a small standalone voice assistant that can become the basis for a smart home. The device can control appliances and all systems at home and office. In this case, Cubic itself is controlled by voice commands. You can connect to it in two ways:

  1. With the help of a portable device Power Badge;
  2. Stationary Home Cube device for home or office (works with the Cube App mobile app).

Among the functions of the gadget - the answers to user questions. The gadget is responsible for issuing useful tips and news, shows the weather forecast and traffic situation, and also works as a GPS navigator. Search for the requested information is carried out in the device database or on the Internet. Cubic can also be used as a calendar and alarm clock.
The developer is Russian company Cubic Robotics .
Price: $ 195 (9705 rubles).


Teslawatch bracelet tracks the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, calories burned, the duration and quality of sleep. It has the function of a smart alarm clock, a reminder system for taking water, medications and the need to move. Charges via USB, runs on one charge for up to 23 days. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic silicone, size - from 16 to 20.5 cm (adjustable depending on the girth of the arm).

The developer is Teslawatch .
Price: 3490 rubles.


The ONETRAK bracelet counts the number of steps, the distance traveled and the time of motor activity. Based on this, the calories burned is calculated.

Under the brand ONETRAK produced two types of bracelets. The Sport model is intended for professional athletes (the batch of such bracelets since September 2014 helps athletes of the Russian Olympic team in badminton). The bracelet captures the activity of a person and displays everything in detail on the chart. Model Life is aimed at people who want to maintain their physical activity and health.

In addition to activity, the bracelet app includes data on more than 16 million Russian dishes and food: it will help to monitor calorie and diet, eat right.

Developer - ONETRAK company
Price: Life 01 - 2000 rubles, Life 05 - 3000 rubles, Life - 4000 rubles,
Spot - 4500 rubles.


Where without us! Mishiko is a small aluminum dog tracker that attaches to a pet's collar and connects to a smartphone via the Mishiko App mobile app. With him, the owner of the dog at any time can find out where the pet is, and monitor the state of his health, focusing on the statistics of daily activity.

Information is provided based on data from the accelerometer built into the device, GPS / GLONASS module and 3G modem. Small size and light weight (45x45x19 mm, 50 g), waterproof aluminum case, as well as a universal mount, suitable for almost all types of collars, allow you to use the gadget for dogs of any breed. The device comes with a wireless charger.

Developer - we are in person, the company Mishiko .

Price: from 9000 rubles.

Healbe gobe 2

Healbe GoBe 2 - sports bracelet that performs a variety of functions. It contains a sleep quality detector, a heart rate monitor, a pressure sensor, a blood sugar sensor (direct data are not shown, but are used to calculate the caloric content of food consumed), a pedometer, a hydration sensor (shows how much water the body needs) and a distance sensor. A full charge lasts up to 2 days of battery life in standard mode.
GoBe 2 is compatible with popular health tracking applications: Google Fit, Apple Health, Withings App, InKin.

Developer - startup HealBe .
Price: 13 900 rubles.


A modified motorcycle helmet that is slightly larger than normal. It integrates a system of devices designed to make travel as convenient and safe as possible.

The built-in microphone allows you to enter voice commands, and small headphones - to listen to notifications and warnings, for example, from the built-in on-board navigator.

The helmet has an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a digital compass. The system allows you not to take your hands off the wheel and not look away from the road. In order not to distract the driver, the navigation map will be displayed before the eyes of the motorcyclist only at low speed.
The device uses a lithium-polymer battery, the power of which is 3000 mAh. Without recharging, batteries can function for a day.

Developer - Moscow company LiveMap . In general, the project is controversial: . It started a long time ago, but the product has not been released yet. April 14 this year, the company announced the completion of the design of the prototype and is currently collecting pre-orders for the helmet.

Price: $ 1,500 (75,000 rubles).


Personal environment monitor. It consists of 4 sensors, connects to the iPhone and allows you to find out the temperature, humidity, level of radiation and electromagnetic radiation, as well as check vegetables and fruits for acceptable levels of nitrates. Does not require customization and special knowledge.

There is an opportunity to share your research in social networks, as well as add to the global global eco-map.

By the way, this Russian startup bought Airbnb (!).
Price: 9980 rubles.


Car navigator of the new generation, which not only paves the route, but also predicts traffic density at a certain time in a particular place. It connects to the car via OBD-port, sends data about speed, fuel consumption and system errors to WayRay Navion and WayRay “clouds”. Provides integration with a smartphone through the application.

The driver is simultaneously shown two types of information display channels: green holographic and full-color infotainment. R & D research is conducted in Moscow.

The developer is WayRay , headquartered in Lausanne.

Price: 4750 rubles for the version with Bluetooth or 7950 rubles for the version with 3G support.


In 2013, the Russian company, together with the iDealMachine venture fund, developed a new-generation mobile robot that monitors apartments, offices, country houses and various warehouses. The complete set of the robot includes: a video camera, a smoke and leakage sensor, as well as a gas analyzer.

It is based on the navigation and control system, which gives it intelligence. The robot can independently create a map of the room and plan the path of the path, as well as automatically charge the battery and transmit video. You can control the robot through a mobile application or a web interface.
Drone can be used as an addition to existing home security devices.

The developer is Russian startup X-turion .

Price: $ 699 (39,505 rubles).


The THRONE project (“Tron”) is a smart home control system and devices of the “Internet of Things” category developed by a company from Yaroslavl. The device offers completely new home control options. The interface is based on a schematic 3D model of a managed object. The user can change the viewing angle of each location, scale the model and navigate through it as it is convenient.

The 3D model has graphic symbols of control systems and individual devices shown in the locations in which they operate. This allows you to more carefully manage all devices in the house.

Developer - engineering company "TRON Project" .

Price: Unknown.


The device is designed to maintain a comfortable level of lighting and temperature in the house. It is equipped with sensors and automatically responds to changes in light and temperature, and also regulates the degree of openness exactly as you need.

The device is controlled through a free mobile application on Android and iOS. In addition, there are options for adjusting gestures, remote access and management of a group of blinds. FlipFlic easily integrates into the already existing model of “smart” home thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi and ZigBee technologies.

Developer - Ksenia Vinogradova.

Price: Unknown.


MyRope 's children's phone watch with GPS tracker is an ultra-accurate waterproof watch with geolocation using GPS / AGPS / Wi-Fi / LBS sensors and a phone function. Using the MyRope application, parents can always control the whereabouts of the child. The SOS function will help to urgently contact the parents, when you click the coordinates of the location instantly sent.

The clock works like a mobile phone - take calls. You can also use the "callback" function and listen to what is happening in the child's whereabouts. Hours can store up to 15 contacts entered. The weight of the watch is 44.1 g.

The company offers two models - R11 and R12. They are identical to each other, differ in shape and color. The R12 has a voice messaging feature.

The developer is Best Brands electronics.

Price: 5990 rubles.

And, as promised, some more cool devices from Western companies:

Prynt pocket

We think everyone who read and watched “Harry Potter” always secretly wanted the photos to move in reality. Prynt made the impossible possible. She has a new augmented reality printer for the smartphone. The gadget joins the phone, instantly prints the pictures.

To make the picture move, just look at it through the front camera. The gadget has a replaceable paper cartridge.

Prynt has already released a smartphone printer earlier, but this updated version has become better, thinner and faster, and the gadget is now suitable for any smartphone model.

The developer is Prynt .
Price: 150 € (9522 rubles).


The device from the firm Alchema is a small machine for the preparation of alcoholic beverages, namely, mead, young wine and cider. However, the gadget for the patient: the preparation of wine takes about 16 weeks, cider - from 6 to 14 days.

The device is self-cleaning each time fruit is loaded using an LED UV-C lamp.

The gadget works with the Alchema application, which helps to control the process of preparing a drink, automatically weighs fruits and berries, you can also adjust the device and set the desired functions. In addition, the application has various recipes for the preparation of alcohol.

The first prototype of the device was released in 2014, now the company is raising funds to produce the first batch, which is scheduled for July 2017.

Developer - Alchema

Price: $ 359 (20,290 rubles).

Cronzy pen

To the delight of artists and simply lovers of drawing, the Cronzy Pen miracle pen appeared . This device is able to draw any colors using CMYKW ink. To get one or another shade, you need to bring the pen to the object with the desired color, the pen will scan it and you're done!

Also, the color change can be controlled using a mobile application that runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Battery grip will be enough for about 7 hours of continuous operation.

On sale the pen will come complete with two interchangeable ink cartridges and several tips.

Developer - the company Cronzy .

Price: $ 299 (16 898 rubles).


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