We are looking for speakers at the DIY-MAP on July 1


Our active DIY community continues to exchange ideas and do cool, unexpected things. Now we are starting the preparation of the Mail.Ru Group's summer DIY meeting and are ready to invite all concerned DIY shoppers to our cozy Moscow office and share stories about our projects. :) Mitap will be held on July 1st. Sign up for the event will be from 12 June.

Format and Timing

This year we offer an alternative version of the blitz report: in addition to the reports, an exhibition of the coolest works with thematic stands will be organized in the lounge area of ​​the office. Timing reports: 20 minutes (!).

How to become a speaker?

If you want to speak at our meeting, then write to v.istomina@corp.mail.ru . In the letter, specify the topic of your report and a summary of the presentation. We will hold a vote, which will determine the most interesting topics, we will invite their authors to become speakers at the mitap.

You can talk about everything that you have done with your own hands. These can be projects that you, for example, have implemented using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266. The project may or may not concern the “smart” home and electronics - we are interested in any DIY. If you want your hand-made article to be at the exhibition and want to communicate with like-minded people: write to the post office and send a photo and description of the hand-made article and, if necessary, comment how you think it is better to place it.

Examples of topics

In case you want to take part, but have not decided on the format - look at the posts of our guys from previous meetings:

You can learn about current news and ideas for inspiration on our DIY-channel in Telegram. We upload videos from mitap here .

Come yourself and bring children, cats, friends!

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