Bobby Compact - a new generation of "anti-theft" backpack

On Geektimes there are a lot of reviews and collections of backpacks from Madrobots. And this is no accident - we are fans of practical things that are required daily. Six months ago, we wrote about a novelty from the Dutch company XD Design - a Bobby backpack , whose campaign collected nearly 67 million rubles on crowdfunding platforms. XD Design managed to design and create an all-weather backpack that successfully resists the “hacking” of intruders and has a lot of compartments for the necessary things.

As soon as manufacturers managed to send more than 10,000 backpacks to backers from Kickstarter, they immediately announced the second generation of the backpack, which was called the Bobby Compact. In fact, this is the same Bobby, only slightly smaller in size. XD Design clearly listened to the wishes of customers who asked to make the backpack less voluminous (despite the fact that you can't call it big), and it turned out to be a mini Bobby. Now it is a fully urban backpack, which is suitable for daily use within the city limits, plus short-term outings for the city. And of course, now ladies can also go with him, but I will tell you more on that later.

Until now, in one post we did not talk about how the idea of ​​creating an "anti-theft" backpack appeared at all. It all started with the fact that the designer Thomas Droz spent the last year of study in Shanghai and noticed one thing - most of the locals and tourists wear their backpacks in front on their stomachs. It is strange that this happened exactly in this city, since Shanghai is considered one of the safest cities for tourists in China. True or simply a romantic story for a beautiful brand description is hard to say, but it sounds quite realistic.

XD Design is a brand of the famous Dutch company Xindao, which, before crowdfunding, was engaged in the production of accessories for everyday life (umbrellas, thermoses, etc.). After Thomas Droz shared his observations, XD Design took up the development of a backpack, which is not terrible to walk around the city. In 2016, Kickstarter and Indiegogo launched the project of the first model Bobby, collecting a total of about 67 million rubles. What is remarkable for crowdfunding, the guys started production and started sending backpacks so quickly that it saved them from a wave of dissatisfied backers who had been waiting (or had not received) their orders for several months or even years.

Bobby Compact is not inferior to its “elder brother”, and for someone it may even become more useful and more convenient. Everything is thought out in it - from fastening on the suitcase handle to the original zipper and rain cover.

Usually, things from a backpack or bag are stolen either unnoticed by unzipping a zipper or by cutting a wall. In the Bobby Compact, the zipper is securely hidden behind a dense fabric fold and goes along the edge of the back of the backpack, if the owner does not plan to unfasten it, then it will not open. The backpack quietly opens at three angles - 30 °, 90 °, 180 °. If you need to quickly get some little thing, you do not have to completely unfasten it, and if you want to get something large, you can open it by 180 °. According to the experience of use, I warn you immediately - to open the backpack completely without removing it from the back is almost impossible task. For some, this is an obvious minus of a backpack, but considering its purpose, everything is logical.

There were no questions to the fittings during the test drive, a lightning bolt from a backpack from the world famous company YKK, which has been operating since the 1930s of the last century.

Unnoticeably cut the fabric of a backpack just like that. Like the older model, the Bobby Compact has five layers of various materials, including those that are well resistant to mechanical stress. The front and sides of the backpack are sewn of waterproof fabric. The very first layer is durable polyester. Another layer is a soft material that protects the contents from shock and squeezing. Then there are several layers of fabric that provide additional reliability. The main cut protection is a polypropylene sheet that is inserted in front of the lining.

The backpack is protected from water - honestly tested it in spring rain and snow, the contents of the backpack never suffered. The only thing that still remains a mystery in the new model - why waterproof raincoat backpack? Unanimously, they came to the conclusion that the rain cover in this case acts as an element of beauty and additional protection for those who do not believe the word “marketers”.

Due to the difference in volume of 3 liters, the Bobby Compact looks a little smaller than its predecessor. For some, it will seem a plus, for someone a minus, here the question is purely individual.

On the left is the Bobby Compact, on the right is the first Bobby model.

What's inside?

Inside the backpack is not so much space as it may seem at first glance, BUT! the number of branches is well thought out. In adjacent compartments of different sizes on the back fit a laptop (up to 14 inches, no more!) And a tablet. The compartment for the tablet has a size of 210 * 225 mm, the tablets of 14 inches will not fit into this compartment, you can not even try. Plus, there is a compartment for pens, a camera, an external battery, and other useful things.

Need a recharge for your phone or tablet? No problem at all. Inside there is a wire to which an external battery is connected (which is not included in the package). The second part of the wire is located on the right strap, to which the device is connected, right there is a convenient pocket for the phone. I plugged the wire, hid the phone and you are not afraid that it will be stolen. On the site of the developers XD Design, I would have long added a portable battery to the package - a necessary thing, especially when traveling.

As already mentioned, the organization is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, each strap has pockets in which you can store a ticket or a bank card. Again, if you are worried that you may lose a bank card, you do not carry it in this pocket, but simply replace it with a work permit or any other card. Personally, I have been playing with fate for half a year already, during which time not a single bank card has been lost.

On the back of the backpack, by the way, there is another pocket with a zipper - you can put small things like a phone in it (especially while charging), keys or documents. On the inner side of the "wings" there are two small departments with a clasp for those who like to carry with them every little thing.

The distribution of the load on the shoulders is organized fairly well. The fact is that the heaviest things are the same laptop, tablet, etc. placed closer to the back, and the little things - away. Plus, between the departments there are partitions that do not allow gadgets or other things to hang out during movement. Convenience is felt in the process of daily wear, you appreciate the lack of bumpiness. The manufacturer claims that the weight becomes less by 20-25% - it feels like this when compared with a regular backpack without weight distribution.


Few people know, but small people have a problem with long straps (this is when you pull up a backpack so that it looks normal, and you have straps hanging up to your knees). So, Bobby Compact has special niches where adjustment ribbons are placed - hid and forgot, a paradise for aesthetes and perfectionists.

Another cool thing that is useful when traveling is a rubber band for attaching a suitcase to the arm. Especially convenient for the strong and independent who love to travel alone with a backpack and a suitcase. Threw a backpack on the handle and walk yourself quietly on DutyFree.

All that has been described above is in the older model, so what's the difference, in addition to the bright rain coat and smaller volume? And here the developers have played on our weaknesses. Definitely trying to expand the target audience, they made 5 bright colors of the backpack: yellow, blue, mint, dark blue and even pink. Now, no one dares to call Bobby a purely men's backpack. And due to its size, it will suit even schoolchildren.

Deciding not to dwell on bright colors and finally "finish off" the female audience, XD Design added attention, a small backpack the size of a female palm, in which she hid the bag. Bag in a mini backpack in a backpack Bobby. Why and why - yes, just go to the grocery store and do not take a backpack. The Dutch tricked by fabrication coped with their work - I wanted to urgently change the first model of the Bobby to the Compact, but better!

Despite the fact that the warm weather does not yet spoil our country with its presence, in the summer with a backpack you can safely move thanks to the ventilated back and straps. As a result, the back does not get tired, and the backpack is not soaked with sweat.

With this backpack it is not scary to ride a bike in the dark or cross the street, because it has reflectors. Two are placed on the sides, one - on top, plus one on the front. They are noticeable at a distance of about 100 meters or even more.

The weight of the backpack is only 850 grams, so it fits all - both men and fragile girls and children of high school.

As a person who wears Bobby backpacks for more than half a year, I can safely say that he has no shortcomings, apart from the absence of an external battery pack. For getting around the city, the thing is irreplaceable and comfortable (the main thing is not to forget that in public transport the backpack is still taken off, do not turn into awkward annoying turtles).


This is how it all looks and works.

If you like a backpack, you can buy it here. Colors for every taste - from light blue to pink (sic!). Well and, as usual, to all readers of Geektimes - a discount in 20%. It is available under the GTBOB code, and it extends to the “big brother,” the Bobby model.

Total: a lot of useful bonuses, classic Bobby style and of course the expected protection. The main thing is not to forget that this is a city backpack and you will not go on a long trip with it, having picked up a primus stove and a kettle, taking things for a couple of days. But for the city or short trips - the perfect solution.


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