Results of cloud mining in May: up to 379% per annum

When at the end of 2015 I found out about cloud mining cryptocurrency and spent $ 1000 on power in the cloud, I realized that I was taking a lot of risks. Bitcoin then cost unrealistically expensive - $ 440 and I was afraid that he might fall. It's only been a year and a half, and today Bitcoin costs $ 2,800.

The invested money "got out" at the end of June 2016 and mining began to earn.

In December, I summed up the year . It turned out that the income from the invested $ 1000 in a year amounted to $ 688.6, that is, the yield was 69% per annum. The bitcoin rate at that moment was $ 760.

Now, due to the sharp rise in the rate of Bitcoin, the profitability of mining has increased significantly. I calculated my results for May and, based on them, calculated the current profitability of mining of different cryptocurrencies.

My cloud mining works on the Hashflare platform. In the summer of 2016, when I was passing through Tallinn, I volunteered to visit them in the office and talked to the director of the company .

Now Hashflare sells four types of cloud mining: SHA-256 (Bitcoin), Scrypt (Lightcoin), ETHASH (Ethereum), X11 (DASH), and the contracts SHA-256 and Scrypt are sold for life (more precisely, until the moment it is economically feasible ), but with each payment is taken maintenance fee and electricity. Contracts ETHASH and X11 are sold for a period of 1 year, while the maintenance fee and electricity is not taken - it is already included in the contract price.

I calculated the profitability taking into account the electricity and maintenance fees, based on the results of my mining for May, Bitcoin course $ 2800, Ethereum $ 260, Desh $ 147. When buying each type of cloud mining for $ 1000, the following numbers came out. The amount of income includes expenditure of $ 1000 for the purchase of capacity.

With the current yield and current rate, the mining of Ether gives almost 380% per annum. Impressive. I had only 0.1 MH / s of this type of mining exclusively for experiments. Today, I bought Ethereum's rather serious mining powers, but the risk here is greater than with SHA and Scrypt - last year, the mining profitability of Ethereum and DASH was negative and the annual contract did not fight back. Now everything has changed, but there are no guarantees that everything will continue to be so great.

With contracts of SHA and Scrypt in this regard, it is calmer - at the end of last year, the yield was not very high, but the contract is for life and now the yield is much higher.

I know that after my articles on cloud mining, many of my readers also joined the community of miners and those who acted according to the same strategy that I (buying equal power equally) did not regret about it.

If you also decide to take a risk, register on Hashflare at my link and I will also get something in the form of a bonus for your registration. :)

It is possible to pay for computing power both with an ordinary bank card, and with btc, emc transfer, as well as through webmoney and payeer payment systems. Bitcoin cloud mining (SHA-256) can be bought for as little as $ 1.2, lightweight mining for Lightcoin (Scrypt) for an amount of $ 13.5, cloud mining for Ethereum (ETHASH) for an amount of $ 2.2, cloud mining for an amount of $ 5.8. The injected money is displayed on a cryptocurrency wallet, and from there money can be withdrawn to any payment system or cash using exchange services.

Three days ago I brought part of the bitcoins inked into cash rubles (I’ll tell you about this quest separately) - this is another part of my strategy - despite the growth rate, output half of the named one.

It is important to understand that all these windfalls can stop at any time if the cryptocurrency rates fall. Will it happen, and when it can happen no one knows. Never invest in such investments last money, and especially credit money.

© 2017, Alexey Nadyozhin


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