Prepare a laptop in the summer

In the summer there are a lot of interesting things: vacation, walking, traveling, meeting friends. But what to say, even working in a warm and light season is easier. And even summer is always a business downturn in most areas and a deceptive sense of relaxation jokes a cruel joke exactly at the beginning of the school year or the peak of demand for your work. Laptops are breaking, tablets are drowning, and buying new ones is postponed until later: how many times have you watched the queues in Russian hardware stores in the first days of autumn. We decided not to pull and offer a closer look at inexpensive and powerful tablets and laptops. Moreover, while everyone was chasing smartphones, their elder brothers market has changed a little. But first things first.

Tablets - Babies Grown

While the diagonal of smartphones stretched to the size of the tablets, the tablets for a long time went in the opposite direction - the most popular diagonals were 7 and 8 inches. When the border between the smartphone, phablet and tablet blurred completely, the laws of the market worked and new types of gadgets appeared that used to seem more like an experiment than a reality. The first type is “2 in 1” devices - rather large and weighty tablets, which, when connected to the keyboard, quietly perform the functions of a laptop. As a rule, such devices support two operating systems: Android and Windows. Hybrids have turned out well: you can take the best from operating systems, play and work without any difficulties. An additional advantage of such "Siamese twins" is that they can become the first computer for a child-student or preschooler and orient him at once to both popular interfaces with which he will have to figure out during his studies.

Teclast X5 Pro 2 in 1 Tablet PC is a convenient and powerful tablet on the new Intel Core M3 Processor with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory (SSD) on board. The device supports two operating systems: Android and Windows. This combination allows you to use the tablet as a gaming and working, connecting to it the keyboard. Specifically, this model features a 12.2-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. Such characteristics can turn a tablet, for example, into a mini-TV for two: they included a romantic movie, lay down in a hammock in the country - and ... what else is needed for a wonderful holiday. You can not worry about the battery - 5000 mAh will withstand 4 hours of continuous video playback, and charging will take only 3.5 hours. And in the morning with such a device it is not a shame to appear at a business meeting, meeting or conference - tables and presentations look especially impressive on it. One conditional flaw - weight, 1 kg, too big for the tablet. But after all, a lot of 12.2 inches. Worth Teclast $ 525.27.

Now almost every child dreams of a tablet. And, despite the contradictions, such a gadget is needed - it is just important to observe children's digital hygiene: limit the time of interaction with the device, unobtrusively check the visited sites and install useful applications. Notice how the child "works" with cartoons? He remembers all the strange names of princesses, the names of supercars from the cartoon, etc. Indeed, competent organization of work with the tablet can improve motor skills, memory, develop skills in systems thinking and analysis of the situation. But a tablet for half a bucks is too much, the probability of its breakdown or death is still great.

The solution is - a light and stylish tablet with two operating systems on board the Cube iwork 1x 2 to 1 Tablet PC for $ 192.68. The impressive display of 11.6 inches combines perfectly with a weight of 760 grams. The “brains” of the device are not the most powerful, but reliable - the tablet runs under the control of the Intel Atom processor. RAM - 4 GB, built-in - 64 GB, with such characteristics for cool games with fancy graphics you will not wipe, but for reading, learning and daily surfing is a great option. The tablet works without a SIM card, the Internet is only via Wi-Fi. But the battery to the envy of many - 8500 mAh, with the possibility of 5 hours of continuous games and video. By the way, a good idea is to take such a tablet with you on the road. Children and adults who are experiencing a trip with difficulty will be able to escape from pre-downloaded cartoons or films.

From WOW-devices among tablets it is worth telling about Cube Mix Plus 2 in 1 Tablet PC on bases of the Intel Kaby Lake processor. This is the seventh generation microarchitecture, which fully supports 4K, providing unrealistic quality of the video stream by delegating the encoding and decoding of the video to the graphics card (without using the processor core). Plus, Kaby Lake is very energy efficient. That is why the battery capacity of 4300 mAh can provide 4 hours of continuous play and video viewing. The tablet works only under one operating system - Windows 10. And this, of course, is absolutely business, status tool with a solid display of 10.6 inches, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in. You can connect a keyboard to the tablet or use a stylus - in both cases, the work does not cause any complaints. The gadget is worth $ 409.45, but we offer on it a special summer coupon CubeMixS, which by easy updating of the page turns the price into $ 319.99.

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Laptops - for work and not only

While the tablets grew, laptops, obeying the general trend and the best samples, lost weight. Office workers, executives, business girls, and all others prefer thin and light laptops. Such devices can be carried on business trips, worn in relatively large handbags and hidden in elegant business cases. The market responded to requests for variety.

What didn’t happen with this Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop with the laptop ? It was lost in the warehouses of the stores, the rush demand was knocked down by the delivery service, then it was recognized as the crowned killer of the MacBook. And, as always, the rumors were not groundless - a decent laptop: a 13.3-inch IPS screen, a powerful Intel Core i5-6200u processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. Well, among other things, it is light (1280 grams) and very pleasant - from the look to the keystroke. Laptop standalone - 5400 mAh provide up to 6 hours of continuous video or games. As part of the sale, it will cost you $ 783.

And there are some very interesting offers for him and other top Xiaomi devices:

Xiaomi Air 13 laptop - $ 659.99 from June 8 to 15:00 Moscow time on June 12
Xiaomi Air 12 laptop - $ 469.99 from June 8
Xiaomi Air 13 - $ 799.99 the first 100 pieces from June 8 to 15:00 Moscow time on June 12
Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 - $ 249.99 from June 8 to 12

Plus, it works a special landing with the sale of smartphones, laptops and tablets Xiaomi

In the network you can find a million arguments about whether it is good to walk with a “copy” without a cherished highlighted apple. We have repeatedly “felt” both options and give our answer. This is not a copy, it is a strong, thoughtful and well-implemented laptop from the manufacturer, which values ​​its name and is not shy about putting a label on its products. So, if you like a laptop and it suits you in all characteristics, take it safely and use it with pleasure. The only inconvenience is the need to stick or engrave the Russian keyboard.

No less interesting is the CUBE Thinker Notebook with a 13.5-inch 3000x2000 touchscreen, with Windows 10, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory onboard and a seventh-generation Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor. In general, the name "thinker" assigned to a laptop is not accidental - it is able to support both games and any professional activity. The laptop supports Bluetooth 4.0 - it can be used as the central system of your home or office Internet of things. A special feature - a fully metal case unfolds to an angle of 180 degrees. The price of the laptop is $ 639.99, but we stocked a ThinkerDE slimming coupon price of up to $ 579.99.

Laptop Jumper EZBOOK 3 - a large beast, as much as 14.1 inches, but only 1220 grams of weight running Windows. The laptop runs on an Intel Apollo Lake N3350 processor. These are low-cost and high-performance processors from the seventh generation line already mentioned in the review, which are quite suitable for work and for fairly loaded games. However, the laptop can not be called too powerful - 4 GB of RAM and built-in 64 GB impose certain restrictions. Such a laptop is best suited for the student, especially since the price of $ 299.94 makes it possible to provide the student with a good laptop. And in the framework of the nearest flash sales, the price promises to drop to $ 185.99.

VOYO VBOOK V3 - a laptop that can V, namely, bend in all directions and be at the same time a laptop or tablet on a stand. The display is 13.3 inches IPS, the processor is still the same APOLLO LAKE N4200, 4 GB of RAM and built-in 32 GB EMMC + 128GB SSD. The price is $ 346. 35. This laptop has its zest - a 12000 mAh battery, which lasts 9 hours of video or games. The screen supports stylus operation, and it adds bonuses for using the device in a business environment. Laptop weight - 1.5 kg.

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Need more tablets

A classic is a classic, so as not to age and delight with new models. Among the classic Android tablets, too, there is something to see. And the market is so dynamic that you can pick up a good gadget for less than $ 100. And this trend seems to us to be correct, since the tablet, like a smartphone, should not be a luxury, but a working tool.

A simple and completely inexpensive ($ 79.99) Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC with an INTEL CHERRY TRAIL X5 Z8350 processor and support for two Windows 10 + Android 5.1 operating systems will delight your child or become an excellent multi-functional reader with advanced features. 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory is enough for simple games and high-speed surfing the Internet. The battery is only 3800 mAh, but the weight is 300 grams with a diagonal of 8 inches.

And if you are a fan of "simchaty" tablets, then on June 8 at the sale for only $ 99.99 you can buy VOYO Q101 4G with a 10.1-inch display on Android 6.0. This is a classic tablet with a small RAM of 2 GB and built-in memory of 32 GB. In general, a 4G tablet is a handy thing, since cellular coverage is much denser than a Wi-Fi network. Such a tablet can be used as a navigator or just a convenient tool for working on the Internet. Moreover, with a relatively large display, the device has a small weight - 460 grams.

From the same series, but more expensive:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!

The sale extends to the original, top-end game and generally very well-loved by buyers, the GPD WIN gamepad . We have already written about him in great detail on Hiktatimes (read, even if you do not need a gamepad - a fascinating review). One has only to add that it is profitable to buy it with a GBGPD coupon for $ 317.99.

We do not undertake to predict what will happen next - we all remember how in 2005-2007 there was a general fashion for mini-phones and everyone predicted phones the size of a finger or even a ring, and as a result the industry came to "shovels". But we clearly like the current trend of light, thin, powerful and durable devices. Maybe there will be a complete accretion of functionality, and, conversely, a dedicated line of complimentary gadgets will be formed (we have already observed such ecosystems). Life will show.

In the meantime, summer is coming, which, as we know, has a small life, we are holding a hot summer sale, in which not only laptops and tablets participate, but other equally useful gadgets.

Be brave, people, soon maybe for sure the summer!


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