The cost of the cryptocurrency market for three days has tripled


The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market for the first time in history has exceeded $ 100 billion. Of these, $ 46 billion comes from Bitcoin. The weighted average rate of Bitcoin jumped another 6 June. On Tuesday, it increased to $ 2,999.91 (as of 5:00 Moscow time). Thus, the course is close to the treasured mark of $ 3000.

On Saturday, June 3, the price of Bitcoin overcame the mark of $ 2500. As reported by MarketWatch with reference to the Coin Market Cap website, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market on Saturday exceeded $ 30 billion, setting a historical maximum at that time.

According to the rating of cryptocurrency, bitcoins are stably leading. On June 3, their capitalization was estimated at $ 20 billion. This is followed by ethereum, ripl and lightcoin. In total, the list of Coin Market Cap 806 cryptocurrency, most of them are not widely spread.

Last year, Bitcoin became one of the most profitable assets among currencies. He managed to strengthen more than 75% against the dollar. This is four times more than the Russian ruble and the Brazilian real, which then were the most profitable monetary units among traditional currencies.

With the growing popularity of bitcoins, the number of companies accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method also grows. In July-September last year, over 1.1 million e-wallets were opened for bitcoins.

According to Charles Hayter, the founder of the CryptoCompare company, which provides analytics on the cryptocurrency market, capitalization has increased with the targeted support of investors. They consider cryptocurrencies a more reliable opportunity to save their funds than, for example, stocks.

Investment activity has developed mainly in Asian markets, including the Japanese stock exchange bitFlyer, Korean bithumb and Chinese OKCoin Huobi. It is they who make the main demand for Bitcoin, due to which the price at these sites turns out to be significantly higher than on European and American exchanges.

As a result, the total cost of cryptocurrency was very close to the capitalization of such giants as McDonalds ($ 106.4 billion) and Boeing ($ 108.8 billion). If this trend continues, in the near future, the market for cryptocurrency capitalization will be able to compete with Mastercard ($ 121.3 billion).


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