Unexpected meeting. Chapter 9

The scorching local sun rose to zenith when a man approached the temple. His clothes did not stand out in the crowd and he moved slowly. Glance attracted only excessively direct posture. Passing through the arched entrance, he stopped, turned around, and slightly bowed to the world that remained beyond the threshold of the temple. Glancing over the tall, glittering glass and metal buildings that were visible behind the green area of ​​the temple with an indifferent look, he turned around and dejectedly went deeper. The couple coming out of the temple slipped on it with a scattered look - another parishioner came to confession.

A priest entered the small confessional room 14/3, in which the new parishioner was sitting. When he appeared, the parishioner stood up and the men bowed to each other. In the middle of the room were two ascetic wooden chairs. There was no other furniture in the room. As soon as the men sat down on the seemingly rough and stiff chairs, they transformed into chairs — they caved in a bit, widened slightly, and assumed comfortable enveloping forms of the bodies of the people sitting in them.

Comment from the author and abstract
Comment on the author.
An unexpected meeting is my experimental literary project. The project is based on my thoughts on the model of controlled development of civilization, ideas about future technological advances, as well as some thoughts on scientific and technical progress, its role and implications for the development of human civilization. The idea of ​​the book originated in 2013-2014, but only at the end of 2015 I had free time and I was able to start working on it. Initially, a series of separate stories was planned, but in the process of creating a single universe for stories, I preferred to try to write a whole science fiction work.

Two former graduates of the Academy of the Space Fleet, who have not seen each other for a long time, unexpectedly meet on a cargo ship. Both are working on the task of providing support ship cargo. However, after the almost completed regular inspection of the ship and the cargo on it, events occur that prevent further divergence of their life paths. In an atmosphere of mutual distrust, heroes have to figure out what is happening and look for solutions to emerging problems. After the overall situation on the ship becomes clear, there is another unexpected encounter that not only has a strong influence on the future of both heroes, but also triggers larger-scale events in the worlds inhabited by people.

For those who read for the first time or read a long time ago: decoding used abbreviations
VKF - Military Space Fleet
ZKP - Spare Command Point
AI - Artificial Intelligence
KIRP - Kinetic Induction Rotary Gun
NBS - NeuroBiosystem (corporation in SPM)
Security Center of CMS - Security Service of CMS
SCM - Union of Central Worlds
FIPI - Physio-Intellectual-Psychological Index (person)
CCTS - Central Command Telemetry System
TSUK - Ship Control Center
EMIG - Electromagnetic Pulsed Grenade

“Greetings, my son, in our temple.”

- And I am glad to meet you, father.

People were silent for several minutes, looking at each other carefully and shamelessly. In the temples it was customary to refer to “father”, “mother”, “son”, “daughter” or neutral to “you”, which was designed to have people talking to trust each other, but the behavior usually did not go beyond respect. The same confession immediately began atypically.

- With what thoughts did you come to the temple? Tell us about your life and we will rejoice together or think what is wrong with it and how it can be changed.

- Father, it is embarrassing for me to talk about ... mmm ... about some moments of my life. But I am ready if no one else will hear us.

- Of course. I will install protection. All that will be said here will remain only between us.

The priest took out a volume cylinder from behind the bosom of his attire, pressed the relief knop on his side, and put it on the floor, not far from the chair. The cylinder blinked red, then from both sides of the cylinder, the gates, imperceptible at first glance, opened and mechanical beetles scattered at the corners of the room, unwinding thin wires behind them. The beetles began to blink randomly - either to negotiate something with their home, or to communicate with each other. While the beetles were busy with their business, the top cover of the cylinder spread apart and a miniature fancy antenna complex appeared on the appeared platform, which began to look around on different sides and froze, staring at some single point on the ceiling. Men looked with interest at all this fuss. Finally, the whole system calmed down and the cylinder began to glow with a soft green light.

The parishioner took exactly the same out of the folds of his shirt, which he held in his hands all the time and did similar manipulations. Two cylinders, emitting a muffled emerald light, are located between people. After some time, one more bug crawled out of each cylinder, which grappled with each other and the cylinders lit in blue.

“It was a double calm,” the priest shook his head approvingly, “I approve of your choice of means of security, my son.” In the era of neural network communications, the process of deploying this electronic-mechanical masterpiece of engineering art always leaves a lasting impression. The coagulation of the complexes will be even more interesting, especially if they, ”he jabbed a finger at one of the beetles,“ entangled in the wires, ”the men almost simultaneously snorted. - But will it be enough for you?

The parishioner fished out of his folds, it seemed immense, his shirt was a small case and held out to his father. The priest sighed, shook his head and, taking the proposed thing, stretched out exactly the same to his ward. They attached cases to the back of the palm and almost simultaneously with force pressed on the side of the device. In my hand it pounded, the neural networks immediately found identification devices “Personality 2 LM M27SB4” and, with the permission of their users, performed the standard procedures for working with devices. After the end of the identification, the men exchanged cases that were iridescent in blue. After that, each pulled out another module, which is connected to a luminous case. Both modules were part of a secure and reliable identification system. One part was a compact and highly specialized mini-laboratory that independently collected and analyzed human bioparameters and, with close interaction with the neural network of the carrier being studied, created a unique neurobiological image of a person. The second one compared the obtained data with the contents of its memory and displayed the results of the analysis visually. After connecting, the blue glow of the cases went out, and the modules to which they were connected were lit green — the personalities were confirmed and coincided with the expected ones. Men contentedly removed the device back.

“How complicated everything is in the world,” the priest complained to the parishioner, “there is still no neural network control for such things. We do everything the same way as thousands of years ago - to get, press a button, look. Routine.

“Minimizing any contactless interaction has a beneficial effect on information security,” said the parishioner melancholically, slowly packing items back into the depths of his shirt. “This complex is old, but it’s still very difficult to prevent its work ... at least in any non-contact way.

- But neural networks are extremely reliable! Security protocols have not changed for half a millennium, they are time tested. It would seem ... - the priest was silent, squinted and slyly looked at the man who was sitting opposite him, - maybe someone knows something that is unknown to the overwhelming part of the society?

“Well,” a man scratched his chin for some reason, “fathers really aren't part of this part.” I am even sure that they know much more than the overwhelming part of society. As a matter of fact, I came for a ma-a-a-scarlet piece of this knowledge, - the parishioner expressively showed the distance between the thumb and the index finger for what small part he came.

- From the side it would look strange when a person comes to confession with Calm and Person, and in the versions of the modification for the security services, and at the same time says that he needs to know something else.

- And the presence of these items from the priest should be taken for granted? - his opponent laughed good-naturedly.

- We respect and carefully preserve pieces of life of people who come here. This is our duty, my son!

- I would love to get to know one of the pieces of life. For my part, Father, I assure you that this piece will be taken care of no worse than in the bosom of the Church.

- What exactly are you interested in?

- The project "Laer".

The men relaxed a bit. Gestures, tone, style of conversation psychologically disposed them to each other. At least it seemed so at first sight. All the necessary phrases were said. The identities of the people were confirmed in a way that guaranteed accurate identification and ensured neural network security by the inspectors. Information security was provided by a pair of devices that created an invisible sphere around the speakers - people could switch to neural network communication, but to the inner side of the sphere with a radius of two or three meters, any electromagnetic radiation attenuated, and from the outer side of the sphere, using electromagnetic, light-sound and other The sensors created such a realistic illusion of a pre-arranged conversation between two people that it was extremely difficult to distinguish it from a real one. At least not in this peripheral world.

- The project has already been completed. With the transfer of data you are removed from it the status of "current". The implementation did not correspond to the previously agreed plan - the experimental conditions were tightened in order to obtain more accurate and guaranteed data. Currently, there are no project elements in the SPM space.

The priest held out the data bank.

- Due to the experimental conditions, only external indirect observation systems were used. Therefore, the quality of telemetry itself is not very large and there are temporary gaps. I considered that the raw information is more valuable, and you yourself will do the processing without any problems. Our analysis of the project results is also attached.

The man took the outstretched thing, which more resembled jewelry - the faces of a transparent crystal were iridescent with bright flashes at its particular orientation in space.

- And how do you assess the results?

- Results? .. Could be at least some. If to summarize everything, the project did not achieve any of the goals, despite the highest quality of the material and careful preparation and study of the experiment itself. Obviously, the current direction of development is ineffective.

“Good,” the man said, twirling the crystal in his hand thoughtfully. - I also remove the status of "current" from the project and confirm the fulfillment of your obligations under the project. Do you have any complaints to us?

“Not at all,” the priest raised his hands. - I also confirm the fulfillment of your obligations under the project.

- In this case, the question is closed. Each party has previously agreed to non-disclosure obligations. I think this formality can be skipped. Moreover, everyone understands everything in such a way - we have a great mutual understanding for a very, very long time.

The parishioner was silent for a bit, as if he was thinking about something. Having twisted the crystal in his hands, he removed it and carefully looked at the priest, as if deciding on something.

- What is with the project material?

- Material is lost.

From the priest did not escape the fleeting mimicry face parishioner. Surprise, disappointment, guilty look. After a moment, nothing of this could be read on his face, and if the priest had a basic neural network, he could not even notice. “He was not ready for their death,” the father realized.

- Then, I would like to discuss the further fate of the development of neurostop.

- Unfortunately, the results are such that we are forced to curtail all the work on this implementation of the neurostop. Efficiency is so low that there is no point in wasting time and resources. For all the time of the development, we did not get even the associated practical results. Although the theoretical experience in working with neural networks, of course, was received considerable. The only question is - what to do with it now?

- As you know, the project "Laera" was supposed to be the first brick in the work "Warranty". But ... now you have to return all development to the beginning and write off the unthinkable amount of resources already spent as a failed attempt to pre-accelerate development. The source of our main funding, the parishioner waved his hand carelessly, is the Union itself. But some people will be very unhappy, considering how hard the advance in the second stage was pushed through. Especially in the expense went very valuable shots. Very valuable. And, worst of all, apparently they left without any result at all. Given their abilities and skills, it’s even somehow, ”he paused, picking up the right word,“ somehow unfairly. First of all in relation to them. It is unlikely that someone will now allow me this luxury, even if we develop a new method. And if I still agree with the fighters, then I had major problems with the loss of a person from the NBS - in the NBS they treat staff losses in a slightly different way. This development took almost a century. Going back ... will not be easy. Your side, at the time, offered an alternative. As far as I understand, he was offered for a reason and there were some developments? Surely you have advanced research on this path?

The priest was silent. The parishioner did not take his eyes off the olive eyes, which were looking at him attentively. The pause dragged on. Finally, the priest broke the silence.

- We initially had a slightly different idea ...

“Yes, I know,” the parishioner interrupted, “but now it may not be important.” In the absence of alternatives, hardly anyone would be against it.

- The problem is not that someone is against our principle of the organization of the neurostop. And how most structures will react to this. And, first of all, the leadership of the worlds and the fleet. Many half a century ago gave preference to our concept. But these were people of the wrong level, who had a serious influence on something.

- Come on, father. A hundred years have passed. And although the same figures remained in key positions, this does not mean that people have not changed their attitude. They are not idiots. Dogmatics quickly lose power. Moreover, in terms of the technology of extending longevity. The situation is such that all levels already understand that a neurostop is needed. And I needed another three hundred years ago. A new generation of neural networks is on the way, but no one is in a hurry to roll them out even into some masses, preferring to hang on them the “T” or “E” indices and proudly report about it. We significantly slow down in the pace of development of the last century. The periphery for this time has strongly tightened its level. And the leakage of personnel from the center is far from the last in this success. As well as effective espionage, thriving in some layers of the administration. Everyone understands that a fundamental solution to a complex of problems is needed. Well, if the military are concerned about this ... you know what this opens up prospects in terms of resources and scale. Our technique did not go, although it was the military who pushed it for obvious reasons. But I do not think that they will be so much upset by some of the limitations of your concept. Especially in the absence of an alternative. The basic function of our models are the same. And some moments ... like a complete remote control - but maybe it is for the better? You know, I myself was not very eager to implement technology ... the risk of a certain end of humanity in the form in which we know it. Just if I did not make a choice in due time, now my place would be occupied by a person much worse in terms of human qualities.

The man was silent.

- Now I have the opportunity to really influence something. When you grow to the level of decisions of such scale and, most likely, you will not see the result of your decisions in full force, then the motivation of power and resources recedes into the background and no longer seems so significant compared to the desire to “just make the right thing”.

- I understand you. But the criterion of "right" is sometimes very subjective. What one considers to be true, most can define as "wrong."

- I agree. But the task ahead is such that there is no one to ask for advice. There is no experience creating something like this. There is no one to order an expert assessment, as everyone will be interested. Without exception. Even you. I have been dealing with this topic for almost one hundred and fifty years. I know the ups and downs to the very bottom. I have no children, but when they are not indifferent to me, the future in which the children of their children will fall. It does not matter in which stratum of society they will be - life can turn to you by any party at any time. And I would like not to lose the existence of effective vertical elevators between these layers. If you have a genetic predisposition to a successful FIPI and a good neural network, then you can get out of any layer. And our current development of a neurostop creates several layers, voluntarily and unconsciously hitting a person who simply cannot get out of them on their own. Your concept is ideologically closer to me - it gives new opportunities and, at first glance, it practically does not have any minuses.

- What are your powers?

- Despite the fact that I have a little make-up, you know perfectly well who I am, - the parishioner smiled. - Does this mean my influence? I am one of the heads of departments - this says a lot. The neurostop unit was created for me and I manage the development. Of course, the objectives of the project are fully coordinated with the head of the corporation, the leadership of the central worlds, the command of the central fleet and many peripheral worlds. But these are only goals. And how to do and what to do - I decide.

- Even so?

The man shrugged his shoulders and circled the outlines of space with two consistently working systems “Calm”.

- Do you think that all this was needed only to say a few words and silently accept the data bank? I don’t have to spend time getting to this world.

There was silence. Men no longer looked at each other. Everyone was thinking about his own, glance wandered between the interlocutor and the luminous cylinders standing on the floor. Everyone understood that the fate is being decided right now, no less than nothing, of all mankind. The path of further development was obvious, but the nuances of the chosen road, along which it had to go, determined the appearance of the future man and humanity as a whole. Everyone understood that in front of him sits a full-fledged representative of an influential organization. The meeting has ceased to be a random meeting of strangers.

- We will assume that the main idea was conveyed to me correctly. But I have no right to make an uncoordinated decision on my own.

- Of course. For now, I ask you only to consider options for a new collaboration.

“Here,” the priest took out and handed the databank to the man, “a little more than what I can pass on.” Only the basic principles of neural network communication. The primary protocol between the neural network and the natural neural structure of the human brain to create the so-called "responsibility mantle". The technique is somewhat specific, since it can be effectively disclosed only for a given neural network base, but its study and analysis will be useful. This is my personal initiative to restart our common development of neurostop. I think I’m even sure that the initiative on your part will be positively accepted.

The man took the crystal. Thoughtfully twisted it in his hands.

- Thank you father. I think we all made the right choice.

Unexpected meeting. Chapter 9
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