Tomorrow! The first competition of cyborgs in Russia


Friends, hooray! I want to share with you my joy. June 15 in Moscow will be held "Kibatletika" - the first in Russia competition of people with high-tech means of rehabilitation. Our team and myself, as a pilot of the Stradivarius bioelectric prosthesis, take part in the discipline of the forearm prostheses. Do not miss! Cyborgs are already among us .
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Why is “Kibatletika” important?

Because it is a breakthrough. Huge prospects are opening up for humanity, and the Kibatliteka is another bell of the approaching future.

I explain "on the fingers" :)


This is how the Peugeot looked like that won in 1894 on the first automobile race in the history of mankind. The automotive industry in that era was in its infancy and the machines were, to put it mildly, far from what we now take for granted. And let out of the 28 cars that came out at the start, only 17 reached the finish line, and the average speed of the riders was 17 km / h - the prospects for the cars were already obvious then. Therefore, such competitions were organized - to accelerate progress.

"Kibatletika" is in a similar situation. Yes, high-tech prostheses available on the market today are still largely lagging behind natural limbs. But this is only for now. Over the expansion of human capabilities throughout the world (especially pleased, as in Russia), there are many scientists and engineers. I am sure that in the foreseeable future, “Kibatletika” will demonstrate previously unprecedented achievements of science and then people with disabilities will have a chance not only to restore lost functions, but also to exceed the capabilities of ordinary homo sapiens.

How is the "Kibatletika"

The competition consists in performing everyday activities (for time and accuracy) with the help of modern means of rehabilitation. For example, participants with prosthetic hands should screw in a light bulb, participants with prosthetic legs should score the ball into the goal, and electric wheelchair users should go down the stairs. Schematically trails are shown below.

The first "Kibatletika" is held in 3 disciplines:

1. Forearm Prostheses


2. Prosthetic legs


3. Electro-electrics


In addition to the competitions themselves, an exhibition of high-tech prostheses (this year as part of the largest exhibition of the TSR “Integration”) and an international conference on modern prosthetics and rehabilitation are held as part of Kibvatletika.

What will be June 15?

To participate in Kibatletik can register as individuals who use the prosthesis, and the companies-manufacturers of means of rehabilitation. I will pass the track with the help of the Stradivarius myoelectric prosthesis developed by Motorika. With one of the prototypes of this prosthesis, I participated in the first international cyborgs competition "Cybathlon" :


Also at the competition on June 15, you will see one of the most recent costly prostheses of the forearm I-limb Quantum:


As well as top leg prostheses C-leg 4, Rheo Knee XC:



And much more. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. So come and become part of the first cyborgs games in Russia.

Transhumanism and unlimited possibilities - here and now. And more precisely, on June 15, 2017 at the address Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 14., Expocentre Fairgrounds. To visit the competition, please register on the Integration website and on the official website of Kibatlétika . By the last link you can register to view the competition online.

To stay up to date with all the events in the life of cyborg in Russia, subscribe to the pages of Cybathletics on Vkontakte and Facebook .

We need volunteers

Friends, if you want to not only see, but in every sense touch the new technologies of prosthetics and rehabilitation - then you can become a volunteer. Volunteers will work directly on the track, accompany the participants and assist with the installation / dismantling of equipment. You can register as a volunteer on the official website . It is your interest and non-indifference that will help bring closer the era of cyborgs in Russia. Join now!

We have far-reaching plans. Already in November, we want to hold the next, more ambitious stage of cyborg competitions. The number of disciplines "Kibatletiki" will necessarily increase. In this regard, we are interested to know your opinion:


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