Why I steal books, poor authors, and how to fix it

"... So expensive, we have never sold books. We underestimated the demand for this book - we didn’t think that so many copies would be bought. We first wanted to make a price of 10 thousand rubles, but found sponsors and made a price of 8,800 rubles. I'm really proud this book and I think that it is definitely worth the money - if you read and implement ... "

Igor Mann, author of the book “Without a budget. 57 effective techniques of marketing "worth 8,800 rubles.

It so happened that I did not buy books, but downloaded them from the Internet. Now we can talk a lot about the ethics of such an approach, but this is not the point. Moreover, I am more than confident that at least half of those present here do the same.

In short, I do not buy books for several reasons:

1. Books are now unreasonably expensive, even electronic, and I read a lot. None of my modest budgets is enough.
2. From each book sold, the author receives a penny reward. Everything else is smeared with a thin layer over the whole army of publishers and distributors (on Habré and GT there are a couple of topics about the economics of book publishing). And often worthy authors eke out a poor existence, and fashionable, but empty ones bathe in glory and money.
3. Modern books by 80% are conjunctual slag, for which you don't want to pay, especially in advance.
4. Paper books are not convenient for me to read and store.


A couple of days ago I read two books from the novelties - “Sharks from steel” by Eduard Ovechkin. These are sketches from the life of submariners on an atomic submarine. I liked the books so much that I read them literally in three days. Like all previous books, I just downloaded them from the Internet.

And not for the first time, I had a desire to thank the author somehow. Well, really, I was quite calmly ready to transfer 500-700 rubles to him. Naturally, I could not do this. I mean just to go and thank the author in a couple of clicks. Imagine that even a thousand of the same readers will have a desire to throw off the author at least 50 rubles each. Get a sum comparable to the main fee.

I realized that I lacked a service like a movie search, only consisting of authors. Where can I go, find the author from the list, or create a payment to the author who is not yet in the list, and give him any amount. At the same time, any author, confirming his identity, will be able to collect the accumulated amount. Some combination of film search and bumstarter.


1. The author will have the opportunity to receive additional (if not the main), deserved income, as well as to be closer to his audience.
2. A small but significant blow will be dealt to “piracy”. That is, it, of course, will not disappear, but instead of harm it will begin to benefit.
3. Authors will begin to make better and more interesting.
4. Publishers sink a little to the ground.
5. The most important thing is the education of a grateful reader.

As they say, you need to do such a project, which he himself would have used. I miss this, and you? As far as this idea has the right to exist as a public project. Or is our society not yet ripe?

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