Looking for a golden fish with a bluetooth sounder iBobber

Balakovo is a small provincial town. The decoration of the city is, of course, the Volga. To reach the shore, you can walk for about 15 minutes. But this is not all. In our town there are several other water arteries: the Sazanleyka, Balakivka and many ponds. It is logical that one of the favorite activities of some of our citizens is fishing!

It is enough to leave the house with a fishing rod and start fishing. Large equipment, in principle, do not need enough fishing rods and bait. But still, I advised our fishermen to take with them another very interesting device for fishing, namely the iBobber echo sounder.

The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the compactness of our dadzhet. Outwardly, it resembles the usual float and weighs only 47 grams. It fits easily in your pocket.

iBobber is conventionally divided into two parts, red and white. When immersed in water, the red part goes under water. It contains sensors that will scan the entire situation at depth. The white part of the echo sounder will be located above the water, and it is from it that the signal to our mobile device will come.

Probably worth mentioning the complete set of our dadzhet. These are the iBobber echo sounder itself, a USB charger, a carrying bag and instructions for use.

Separately worth stopping on instructions. It is completely in Russian and everything is described very accessible and understandable.

Now it’s worthwhile to dwell on the action, which, when working with iBobber, will allow you to appreciate all its advantages, namely, before going fishing, you need to charge it! And for this you need to use the charger, which is available in the kit.

To start recharging, it is necessary to insert an echo sounder into the slots and fix it tightly.

After that, we connect to the power source, the charging indicator on the echo sounder will light up. The indicator starts flashing, it means charging is completed and you can get ready for a hike.

But first, for the complete set, you need to install a program on your mobile device that will control the whole process of work. Mobile application iBobber can be downloaded for both Android and iOS .

After the application is installed, we will conduct a small virtual acquaintance with our djadzhet and find out exactly what he can do. Communication sounder with a mobile device is supported using bluetooth.

One touch of the screen will allow you to scan the bottom and find a fish at depth. All key indicators: sonar charge status, water temperature, fish signals, bite and LED beacon on the screen.

iBobber is able to control the space up to 40 m in depth and 33 m in width. To help the fisherman there is a built-in lunar calendar, which will help you plan your actions correctly.

The application also allows you to keep a full log fishing and record all actions. And if necessary, all photos will be uploaded to your social networks, and your friends will be able to see your catch.

The weather this year did not spoil the heat for a long time, there were rains and squally wind. And I still could not manage to experience iBobber in practice. But then a clear sky appeared in the sky, and I began to act. Tests decided to hold within the city, especially all the conditions for this. And so I went to Sazanlaka.

Local fishermen are constantly stationed there. So this time there were two catchers ...

My questions about how bite goes, all as one, they said that ... not very ...))

To check the presence of fish in the reservoir, I set my echo sounder in motion, having previously tied it to a fishing line and lowered it into the water. The echo sounder works on the float principle.

Once in the water, the iBobber remains on the surface, and at the same time the underwater part is scanned and information about the presence of fish in the echo sounder “beam” is transmitted to the smartphone.

The inclusion of the modes "fish signal", "bite signal", "night fishing beacon" occurs by touching your finger to the corresponding part of the screen. The screen shows, as an example, the activation of the “signal (visibility) of fish” mode in the sonar beam.

The mode of visibility is very convenient, since the fisherman can orient himself to this place, which means it is in him that he can cast fishing rods.

When a float bite appears (the echo sounder-float began to twitch), a warning signal is turned on on the smartphone, which helps the fisherman in his back to catch the fish in time.

Connecting ...

Scan the bottom ...

We monitor the situation ... We fix the temperature of the water and see if there is a fish here ...

There is a fish ... But they don’t bite an infection ... We were on the verge of success, but a brazen fish licked a worm off the hook and disappeared in the depths ...

Fishing this time failed. And not a single fish suffered during the test. This time I did not manage to catch my goldfish. But it's not over yet!))

What are my impressions after testing? I liked the concept of iBobber itself. All information is displayed on the monitor of your smartphone or tablet. If we take into account that almost everyone has smartphones, then there is no need for separate monitors, and this saves you a lot of money.

It may seem that the space that is fixed by the echo sounder is a bit limited, it is 40 m deep and 33 m wide. But, first, it is not convenient to use a very long fishing rod, and even if there is a fish at a depth of 40 m, then fishing is possible. Why deeper? For fans of social networks will be interesting function when the application itself puts your photos in your accounts.

Weather forecast is important for fishing. For not in any weather fishing can be successful. And this feature helps to plan your actions depending on the vagaries of the weather.
And of course, a chic interface, bite fish, iBobber will warn you about it in time with the help of indicators.

Pleased with the price. In the official store of the echo sounder you can purchase 8990 rubles. The price for such characteristics is quite friendly, and it can be allowed to buy both as a gift and as a gift to a friend, if he is an avid fisherman.

I repeat that today I showed how we can fish in Balakovo. But so far I have not managed to get out on the big water. But I think it will be later. Believe me, there are very beautiful places and even more cool fishing!

By the way, there is a great opportunity to purchase an iBobber Sounder with a 10% discount on the promotional code GT-IBOBBER , the promotion is valid only for 14 days!


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3. Instructions.

Author Alexey Koloskov (lk55lk), Balakovo

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