GeekPicnic in Moscow: robots, AI, virtual reality and other joys of the future

This weekend in Kolomna will be the next Geek Picnic . On the second day of the festival - June 18 at 15:00 - an open interview with Dmitry Grishin will take place. Co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of the Mail.Ru Group a few years ago created the Grishin Robotics fund, which is engaged in investing in robotics and IoT. Last year, Dmitry proposed the concept of the world's first law on robotics. On GeekPicnic, he will talk about how Internet technologies and robotics are changing, how smart gadgets are reliable, and whether neuroimplant integration into the human brain is possible. What spheres of life will robots enter first? In which professions will they replace people, but why shouldn't we be afraid of it? Is there a 4-day working week waiting for us, and why is it the very time when dreamers can change the world?

Geek Picnic is a major international popular science festival dedicated to high technology, science and creativity. During the two days of the festival you will be able to attend shows and lectures divided into five areas: technology, science, art, HR and Geek Me. For example, you can listen and see live cyborg Nigel Akland , cybermionic costume designer Olga Levitskaya , astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss , level designer at Duke Nukem and Quake Richard Gray and many others. Also in the program of the race are drones, Tesla shows, cosplay-opera based on the “Fifth Element”, an alien orchestra, a zone of demonstration of VR technologies and other spectacles. And on June 24 and 25 the festival will be held in St. Petersburg.

The Moscow festival will be held for two days - on June 17 and 18, at the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.


Come to GeekPicninc - the festival of high technologies and dreams of the future!


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