Digital Dentistry - Master Class Top 3D Shop

Top 3D Shop holds a master class in digital dentistry on June 21 in Moscow.

Only for dentists, heads of dental laboratories and dental clinics, dental technicians, heads of milling centers, orthopedic dentists, surgeons and orthodontists.


3D printing

3D scanning


CAD \ CAM-systems

Aligner production

At the master class in digital dentistry, we will talk about the use of 3D printing, digital modeling and 3D scanning in dentistry. Imagine the latest technology and equipment - 3D-printers and special dental 3D-scanners.

We will review the most frequent problems in this area and propose solutions. We will talk about the CAD-CAM cycle, milling machines, modeling programs for aligners, crowns and implants - Exocad and 3shape Dental System.

Our lecturers: Roman Bulanov - CEO of , , , founder of the milling center, and Janis Zamanapulov - Top 3D Shop specialist in CAD-CAM in dentistry, will talk about the use of additive technologies in surgery, orthopedics and orthodontics, share experiences and answer questions from listeners.

Watch the video from our conference Top 3D Expo 2017 , on the application of 3D printing and 3D scanning in digital CAD CAM dentistry.

For a detailed program, reviews from previous workshops and information on how to attend an event for free, read the master class page.
Date: June 21, 2017
Time: 13-00
Venue: Moscow, Electrozavodskaya 24,
BC "Transfiguration"
Cost: 2000 rubles
Prepaid 20% discount
Free for Top 3D Shop customers


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