Music or non-music: what to do with the next flagship reader PocketBook? What will the people say?


This time we do not have a review of the new device (reviews in the foreseeable future will appear, wait!), But a post of a slightly different type. I'll start from afar. PocketBook often appeals to users of its products and e-reading fans for tips. Constant feedback from users is one of the key components of PocketBook's success in the market, which has been making excellent readers for many years in a row and occupying ¾ of this market in Russia and the countries of the former USSR, as well as second place in Europe.

It is interesting to note that the hit reader PocketBook 360 at the time was fully developed according to the wishes of the usual visitors to forum. The company also developed the project, where everyone could express ideas on the development of PocketBook readers. And today, the leader of the Russian reader market again turns for advice to ordinary users of their products.

Let me remind you that in the fall of 2016 a new line of PocketBook readers came out, led by the flagship model PocketBook 631 Touch HD

One of its key features is audio capabilities. Firstly, this reader can play sound - songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and so on. In general, anything in MP3 format. Secondly, he can voice books by voice - talking about the function Text-to-Speech. It looks like this:

And now, in the summer of 2017, the flagship reader PocketBook of a new generation is being developed in full swing, which will replace the PocketBook 631 Touch HD by the end of the year. And in the process of developing a new flagship a very sensitive question arose. There are two options. First: leave the music. Songs, audiobooks, podcasts, text playback by voice and so on - all this will remain in the heir to PocketBook 631 Touch HD.

The second option looks like this: remove the 3.5-mm headphone jack from the heir of the PocketBook 631 Touch HD, and with it, at the program level, the ability to play music.

Along with this, the ability to play texts by voice (Text-to-Speech) will also disappear, since it will be impossible to connect headphones to the reader, and there will be no dynamics in it. In this case, the price of the heir of PocketBook 631 Touch HD will be able to be reduced a little. As far as - while difficult to say, most likely, a thousand rubles or so.

And now, in fact, questions to users.

First : do you think the player in the reader is a useful thing?

Arguments " FOR ": on the reader, you can read books and listen to audiobooks. That is, all literary features are collected in one device. Neither a smartphone nor a separate player is needed.

Arguments are “ AGAINST ”: the reader is inferior in quality to the same smartphones, and you don’t listen to music in very high quality on the reader. Again, readers are not friendly with lossless formats, only MP3 and full stop.

The second question is : do you consider the important function of Text-to-Speech and how would you relate to its disappearance from the next flagship reader PocketBook? Speaking books in a voice is important, for example, in a car - you can go and listen. The sound at the same time using a special cable is output to the car stereo.

Before you write comments, once again note that PocketBook 631 Touch HD is an uncompromising flagship. In many ways, just because of the sound capabilities - this option is not found in other readers today. Neither in Amazon, nor in Kobo, nor in hand-made articles, sold under Russian brands. PocketBook is leading not only in the market as a whole (and the company, I recall, about 70% of the reader market in Russia), but, logically, in the number of unique technological chips in the segment of electronic readers. Yes, it's not a fact that everyone and everyone needs an MP3 player in the reader, but ... Do you want an ultimatum reader with a maximum of "stuffing" for all occasions? Here it is, PocketBook 631 Touch HD. And her heir can be exactly the same - also with music and Text-to-Speech. And now there is an opportunity to deprive him of a certain share of this very ultimatum of technological saturation;)

It turns out that the upcoming flagship will differ from the more affordable Pocketbooks only by the E Ink supertechnological screen (it will be special, I promise! But, alas, I cannot reveal the details yet). In the case of readers, such differences between flagships and middle-class models are normal, they are not smartphones, where, when creating a top model, it is imperative to change the processor, cut the camera, increase the RAM, and so on. But still! Sound is the most important and almost unique feature of the current flagship PocketBook. And she can become one of the highlights of the next flagship. And now - in the comments!

Let me remind you that the issue price - reducing the cost of the device by about 1 000 rubles.

We are waiting for answers to these simple questions in the comments. Be sure to analyze everything and try to take into account all opinions!


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