That the Progress MS-06 truck will deliver to the ISS on June 16, 2017: overview of cargo, experiments and tasks

So, on June 14, 2017, from the Baikonur cosmodrome at 15:20:13 local time, the Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle sent a Progress MS-06 cargo spacecraft flying to the ISS. The flight program is proceeding as planned and, after launching into an intermediate orbit, the truck will continue on its way to the station for two more days. At this time, we will consider the tasks solved by this launch and find out what is the connection between the launch of Progress MS-06 and the Science module.

The launch of the Progress MS-06 spacecraft using the Soyuz 2.1a launch vehicle from the Baikonur launch site (June 14, 2017).

So, RN Soyuz-2.1a has worked properly and now Progress MS-06 is moving towards the ISS. The launch of this truck was carried out according to the old scheme, that is, it will move in orbits until docking, not 6 hours, but 2 days. At the same time, according to the flight plan, the docking with the Star module should occur on June 16 at 14:42 Moscow time. The reconciliation and docking of the ship with the ISS are planned to be carried out automatically, however, the Russian cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin , who is at the station, will control the automation, and in the case of an abnormal operation of the Kurs system, the docking control will be taken over.

The module of the Russian segment of the ISS “Star” with the Progress vehicle docked.

The main tasks during the mission of the Progress MS-06 spacecraft are:

The cargo delivered by the Progress to the ISS is quite standard: basically it is what allows cosmonauts to provide daily life (for example, 15 kg of fresh apples, adjika, mustard, horseradish and smoked sausages), as well as fuel for adjusting the station’s orbit.
For the reader, nanosatellites displayed during the mission may be of much greater interest; we will consider them in more detail below. In addition, a few unscheduled loads are the trouser legs and sleeves for the Orlan-MK spacesuit, and the thing is this.

Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev during a spacewalk in the Orlan-M spacesuit.

But the fact is that at the end of 2016 it was planned to deliver the new Orlan-MKS spacesuit to the station as part of the Progress MS-04 payload, but since the cargo never reached the ISS (the ship was lost ) the Russian crew lacked the means of protection for going into outer space, with one exit scheduled for the end of this summer, and the new spacesuit is not yet ready. Therefore, it was decided that Progress MS-06 would deliver trouser legs and sleeves to the station, after which they would be attached to the rigid case of the old Orlan-MK spacesuit at the station.

1) Nanosatellites aboard the Progress MS-06 spacecraft

So, as mentioned above, Progress carries four nanosatellites on board. They are called "Tanyusha-UGZU" No. 1 and No. 2, "Sphere-53" and "TNS-0 No. 2". Actually, their launch is one of the tasks of our astronauts during the spacewalk planned for the end of summer (launches are scheduled to be carried out manually).

2) Preparing for the launch of the module "Science" (task canceled)

According to the adopted flight program, all the time in the Progress MS-06 station will be docked to the Zvezda module, although a slightly different flight program was originally planned.

Multifunctional laboratory module "Science", which should be part of the Russian segment of the ISS.

The fact is that the delivery plan of the Multifunctional laboratory module "Science" implies the connection of this module to the "Star" through the docking station where another module of the Russian Pierce segment is currently located (this module has been a part of the ISS since September 15, 2001 years, that is almost 16 years). Therefore, it was originally supposed that Progress MS-06, during its mission, should be docked from the Star to the Pier, after which it would be deactivated with it. However, as we know, the launch of "Science" is constantly postponed (this was written on GT here and here ), so now it is assumed that the Progress MS-09, the launch of which is planned for the end of 2018, will sink.

These are the tasks of the Progress MS-06 cargo spacecraft. It remains for us to wish Roscosmos success in the fulfillment of the program of this mission, and cosmonauts - soft docking and pleasant appetite.


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