At the ICO "Polybius" raised $ 20 million in two weeks

ICO "Polybius" today passed two important milestones: two weeks out of five and $ 20 million total fees.

With this result, we are not only provided with the funds necessary to open a full-fledged bank in a European country, but we can also finance the launch of the technology under the working title Digital Pass based on Polybius.

On the nose is the next psychologically important milestone of $ 25 million. The enthusiasm of the ICO participants gives us the resources to launch the program to the maximum. As an authorized financial institution, Polybius Bank, after its launch, will have the opportunity to act as a personal information provider recognized at the level of government agencies and private companies.

Thanks to its own technology of storing and transferring protected personal information, Digital Pass will enable Polybius clients and partners to receive financial, medical and other services in various countries, including those where the user is not a resident or has never even been as if he had done his visit with the presentation of paper original documents. Now we are talking about European countries - no matter how tightly connected the EU is, there is still no single credit history or medical insurance database, so a citizen of one EU country may not be able to get a loan or medical insurance in another.

At the same time, Digital Pass will not become such a base - this is an unnecessary and completely non-secural solution. No one needs that such data could be collected in one place and then sold at a flea market near Paris. Digital Pass is a tool for remote digital verification of the fact that the credit history or medical records that the user decided to share with the bank or the insurance company belong to him. The authenticated “Polybius” and our partners (credit agencies, etc.) are responsible for the accuracy of the initial information, and the blockchain at the heart of the Digital Pass technology guarantees protection against distortion, forgery or removal of materials.

You can take part in the Polybius ICO by purchasing PLBT investment tokens right now . Tokens are, in fact, smart contracts for Ethereum, for payments on which 20% of Polybius dividends will be paid annually. In addition, upon completion of the ICO, the tokens will go public, so their owners will be able to earn not only on receiving dividends, but also reselling them on cryptobirds.

The next 7 days PLBT investment tokens are sold with a 10% bonus to the purchase amount.


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