Fantasy and fantasy for two and a half years, almost a hundred good books

I was pushed into this post by the publication “Why I steal books, poor authors, and how to fix it,” namely, skepticism and objections to my comment that I don’t read bad books. I was offered to tell you how I choose books to read and what I read. So I fell for it.
Making the list was relatively simple, FBReader has kindly stored all downloaded books on GoogleDrive since this service appeared there. I bring to your attention a list of what I read in 2.5 years from the genres of fantasy and fantasy.

I will tell you a little about how I choose books for reading. There will be a bit of lyrics, if not interesting - scroll.

It began - just like everyone who was born in the USSR, the books were taken from friends, borrowed, changed and “got it” in different places, gradually replenishing the home library. Then came the computers. For quite a long time, I simply read familiar authors, having bought an “Electronic Library” disc with 650 megabytes of books in the .ha archives from the Moshkov Library and other collections. I even wrote my own DBMS on Delphi for it, for the convenience of searching and read marks. The process was quite simple: “What I have not read from Zelazny / Lem / Heinlein? And what kind of author, suddenly like it? ". The CD contained several lists of the “TOP 100 authors” type - so I discovered excellent Russian writers (writes in Russian - for me this means that the writer is Russian), such as Oldie, Dyachenka, and Lazarchuk, not to list them all.

At first I took with myself stacks of prints on office paper, I turned the pages in PageMaker in 4 columns and printed on both sides of the paper on a working printer, my vision allowed me to use 4-6 point size and was extremely compact. Then I bought a handheld for the HP iPaq 2210. He held on for a very long time, at first the pegs were peeled off, and then the side panels fell off, then the joypad button fell out, but one rainy day - when connected to the charging, smoke came out of it and his life ended there.

Subsequently, I read from push-button cell phones, from e-readers, from smartphones, monitors, etc., but there was a problem finding new books. By that time Librusek had turned into a “little shop”, Flibusta broke away from him, but the books could still be downloaded freely and in any quantity. At first, I was guided by people whose tastes coincided with mine, read their comments and looked at what they were writing reviews for.

But then 2005 came, and from that moment on Russian science fiction something broke. Part of this is to blame for a series of crises traditional for Russia, but mostly the publishers themselves have guessed, long and diligently chopping the bitches under themselves. They brought up a whole generation of readers of the creepy and cheap graphomania with alternative populans, who then happily piled on Samizdat, where everything could be read the same non-stop, free and legal, thereby sharply reducing the flow of money from selling paper books. I also had attempts to read Samlib, which ended very quickly with great bewilderment and incomprehension.

Gaining arrogance and pouring into the spider-jar gadget community the user community of Flibusta - I occasionally opened a topic on my blog with names like: “What to read?” And was guided by the recommendations of people reading about the same books. The result was constantly pleasing, many modern foreign authors were discovered, who were not knocked down by the Russian crises and Samlib, and the Russian publishing houses did not stop translating them. This topic was enough for six months or a year, then a new one was opened and another portion of writers and books was recorded in a notebook. Since then, I read almost exclusively modern foreign fiction. Periodic attempts to find good books among Russians — end sadly, but several very pleasant exceptions have been discovered.

And then I discovered Goodreads (maybe someone is interested - my profile ). Although this is a foreign service, there are no translations into Russian, but you can search for books and authors in English, and then watch whether they translated them into Russian. I carefully filled out my profile, set ratings, recalling those books that I didn’t like, in the end I placed more than one hundred ratings and started looking at the recommendations of the service. Since the question “What to read?” No longer arises, the service regularly prompts me to books of any genre and direction, both new and old. It is a little sad that not everyone translates and plans to study English to such an extent that it would read the originals, but even Russian translations alone are more than enough, there are many books in the queue for reading and this list is constantly growing.

Finally, go to the list. As I explained above, it covers two and a half years of FBReader statistics. Of course, not all the books I read during this time are in it, I threw out a few non-fiction from him, old books that I re-read in the mood, like the entire series about Amber and Chaos, all Harry Potter books, re-read for GPMRM , which I have already read three times, and in terms of the total volume, it can easily be counted as 8-10 regular books, as a result, the list was reduced by a factor of two, but nevertheless - there were almost a hundred books and a few dozen authors left in it.
I will warn you right away, there is one consideration that almost convinced me not to make this list and not to publish it, namely, it seemed to me that everyone following modern foreign fiction, and so read most of the above, because there is nothing in it New or original, but I decided to take a chance. If at least one person finds a pair of new books or one author in the list, then the post was not useless.

The list is sorted by author, book author - by cycle and alphabetically, if they are not in a cycle. Estimates are set subjective, like the entire selection of authors and genres; all this reflects only my personal taste and does not pretend to ultimate truth. I did not add annotations, book covers, biographies of the authors, limiting myself to just my own commentary, because all of the above can be easily found on the links. If the comment seems too meager - write here in the topic and I will answer in more detail.

Since I don’t want to advertise existing book stores or commercial portals that make money on advertising banners, affiliate programs or direct sales, all links to books lead to Flisland . I hope habraeffekt will not drop the website and the server will cope.

I want to note once again that many books and authors did not fall into this list, because I read them much earlier, and the list covers books from the end of 2014 to the present day.

Literally this morning, they posted a ready translation of the third book by Liu Cixin, added here links to the book and wrote a small announcement: Eternal Life of Death, Liu Cysin - the last volume of the trilogy “In Memory of the Earth’s Past”, the translation is completed .

Finished reading the third volume of Liu Cysin - I update the commentary on the book. The next step is to update the commentary to the House of Dervish .

Read the House of Dervish MacDonald, added a comment

I finished reading Juno, added a comment

Daniel Abraham

(5) Cycle Space (Expanse)
1. The Awakening of Leviathan , 2. The War of Caliban , 3. The Gate of Abaddon , 4. The Fire of Sibola

(3) Hunter's escape . Daniel Abraham co-authored with Gardner Dozua, George Martin.

Paolo Bachigalupi

(?) Clockwork

(?) Shipbreaker

Chris Beckett

(3-) In the darkness of Eden

David breen

(2) Clay

(?) Leap into the sun. Star tide

Andy weir

(5-) Martian

Vernor Vinge

(5) Keng Ho Cycle
1. Flame over the abyss , 2. Depth in the sky , 3. Children of the sky

Victoria Vorobyova

(4+) Juno

William Ford Gibson

(5) Blue Ant Trilogy Cycle
1. Pattern Recognition , 2. Ghost Land , 3. Zero Dossier

(5) Peripherals

Dmitry Glukhovsky

(2+) Future

Gray F. Green

(5-) Ketopolis: Whales and Armadillos

James dashner

The Maze Runner
(4, 3, 2) 1. Running in the labyrinth , 2. Through the furnace , 3. Healing by death

Jacek Ducay

(3+) Ice

Mikhail Elizarov

(3+) Librarian

Robert Ibatullin

(4+) Rose and Worm

Greg Egan

(4) Despair

(4) Teranesia

(?) City Permutations

(?) Diaspora

Mike Carey

(3+) The Gifts of Pandora

Ann Lecky

Cycle Empire Radch
(5, 4) 1. The servants of justice , 2. The servants of the sword

Sergey Zharkovsky

(?) I, Hobo: Death Times

Jack McDevit

Cycle Alex Benedict
(3+) Military Talent

Ian macdonald

(5-) Dervish House





Cycle Space of Revelation
(5) 1. Space of Revelation , 2. City of the Abyss , 3. Ark of Salvation , 4. The Abyss of Atonement . 5. Prefect

Al robertson

(?) Hacked Heaven

Kim Stanley Robinson

Cycle Martian trilogy
(4+) Red Mars

Andrzej Sapkowski

(3+) Snake

(3) Thunderstorm season , the ninth of the well-known Witcher cycle

Charles strauss

(?) Sky singularity

Peter Watts

Cycle Rifters
(5+) 1. Starfish , 2. Whirlpool , 3. Betamote

False blindness
(5+) cycle 1. False blindness , 2. Echopraxia

(5+) On the Other Side of the Rift

Alexander Uralov

0 Long Watch

Michael Francis Flynn

Cycle Spiral Sleeve
(5) Dancer January

Vitaly Frolov

(2+) Ostrich Civilization

Cycle Path Kefauchi
(5, 3+, 3-) 1. Light , 2. Emptiness , 3. Nova Swing

Liu Cysin

Cycle In memory of the Earth’s past
(5-, 4+, 4+) 1. The three-body task , 2. The dark forest , 3. The eternal life of death [without illustrations] 2.5 MB , or 3. The eternal life of death [full bar . with illustrations] 10 MB



(3) .

Stephen Erickson

Cycle Malazan's "Book of the Fallen"
(5) 1. Gardens of the Moon , 2. Gates of the Dead House , 3. Memory of Ice

(5+) Harry Potter and Rational Thinking Techniques

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