"Eternal Life of Death", Liu Cixin - the last volume of the trilogy "In memory of the past of the Earth", the translation is completed

Several years of work have come to an end, the final part of the trilogy “In Memory of the Past of the Earth” by the Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cysin has been translated - Eternal Life of Death

In this translation, I participated only a little, editing a few chapters, after which, to my regret, it became clear that at this pace I would not be able to combine work, personal life and work on translation. The team that worked on the book was this: translators sonate10, Mr. N; editors mr. rain, Linnea, Natalia M; cover mila_usha_shak.

Half a century has passed since the Battle of the Doomsday. The strategy of intimidation binds the hands of the Trisolarian invaders and prevents them from attacking the solar system.

The achieved balance is shaky, but the knowledge and technology of Trisolarians led humanity to previously unseen prosperity. Earth science is developing rapidly, Trisolaris adopts the achievements of earth culture; all points to the fact that both civilizations can coexist on equal terms without the monstrous threat of complete mutual destruction. But did not mankind become too careless in these conditions?

Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer from the 21st century, comes out of hibernation and brings to the new world information about the long-forgotten program of the times of the beginning of the Trisolarian crisis. This circumstance can upset the delicate balance between two worlds.

The universe is dark and dangerous, there is no place for pity and sentiment. Will humanity fly to the stars, or die in the cradle?

I have read only half of the book so far, but some opinion about it was:
The book is very ambiguous.

In the first book there were real people, with characters, memorable. There were many of the modern history of China, there were interesting descriptions of the lives of ordinary people. And in the latter there are a lot of pure narratives like: "Jacob begat John, and then John begat him, then there was this, then this." The book reads like “a hundred years passed, then boo-bang, then another hundred years passed, again a bum-bam episode, then another thousand years passed,” and so on. From the book almost all living people disappeared, only names without characters remained. I can not say that I do not like, there are interesting moments, but it is read without enthusiasm, more by inertia. The author has good fresh ideas, but there are very many of them, he is trying to cram in nevpihuemoe and because of this it turns out such a ragged story. Some episodes are read as a story for a whole book. In fact, this third book could have been divided into 6-8 ordinary ones, but at the same time developed for good, with heroes, with an action not a teaspoon per pan. He bit off a lot, and it's hard to chew.
In spite of this, it is interesting to read a book; the author knows how to surprise and constantly maintain the interest of the reader: “But how can they get out of this mess?”. I am not a great expert in Chinese literature, but it seems to me that this style of narration is rather dictated by the Eastern tradition, and the first book was diligently written in the Western tradition, because it is easier to read, and the hero is more alive in it.

However, I suggest that everyone judge the quality of the book: links to Fllesland are traditionally, but we all understand where to find the files and how to download them.

Eternal Life of Death [without illustrations] 2.5 MB , or Eternal Life of Death [full var. with illustrations] 10 MB

Article about the translation of the first volume: Translation of the book by Liu Cixin, "The Problem of Three Bodies"
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