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At school I “studied” French. No wonder I wrote the word "studied" in quotes. It was not very interesting and quite incomprehensible why. Now there is no point in convincing readers of this blog of the usefulness of knowing English - the need for English is already obvious to everyone. And along with the understanding of the need for English, comes the understanding that the language must be started to learn as early as possible.

And it is desirable to do it wisely, or with Smart English!


Now my daughter is almost two years old, and she phenomenally quickly memorizes any new words, and it doesn't matter in what language. We are quietly with her leafing through books with pictures and English words, cards with objects and names. We try to learn in a diverse and interesting way.

By the way, a small life hack from my colleague. He and his daughter also love to learn English. And when we discussed with him the subtleties of this case, the question arose - how to make the child not confuse Russian and English and would not work like this: What language does she speak
So the actual problem of mixing languages ​​when learning is solved very simply. A friend started a toy for the child - a bear named Paddington and explained to his daughter that this bear is an Englishman. And that you need to speak with him in English. As a result, the child very clearly understands - we play with a teddy bear in English, with other toys in Russian. There will be a desire to learn French - it means that a French “doo-doo” will come to visit.

And now directly to the device Smart English .

The device comes in a large (even very large 50 x 30 x 12 cm) box in which there is a large stack of cards on almost all topics and another large box with the device itself.


By the way, the device itself is called ShowPen and not SmartEnglish. Included by itself, there is charging, usb cable, lanyard for suspension and other trifles.


The first thing you need to charge the device. This does not happen instantly, which suggests a large battery (1400 mAh). While the battery is charging - I recommend reading the instruction book. The device contains only a few buttons, but without instructions it is difficult to understand which of them means. So I recommend to read. Everything is described very well and in detail. I will not repeat here.

Physical foundations of magic

At first I didn’t really understand how this miracle of technology works. Externally, the cards look like this:


But carefully, and even under a microscope, looking closely at how the cards were printed, I saw patterns that look more like stereo pictures than QR codes.


Although it is possible, if the QR code is spread evenly on a large sheet of paper, then it will turn out exactly that. These small patterns absolutely do not interfere with the use of the textbook, since they are very small, and they can only be considered with the help of optics.


I already have some experience in learning a language with children, and at the initial stage of learning the biggest difficulty is memorizing the names of objects and their pronunciations. With SmartEnglish teacher, it's simple! You can turn on the magic pen and simply point to any items in the cards.


Practically about any subject the handle knows. He pointed the pen to the object, and the pen calls it and shows the drawing. Interestingly, not just static pictures are shown, but small animations. If they pointed at a ball, then it rolls, at a cow - it shakes its head and grunts. In addition, there are special marks on the cards that do much more than just call an item. For example, on the farm card, pointing to the drawing of the music, you can listen to the song Old Mcdonald had a farm

The process of learning the language itself is not a school routine, but a pleasant and fun game. And this is very cool! This is not just putting paper cards in squares - it's much cooler!

Important note!

SmartEnglish is a very smart device with which even a small child can play independently. But do not abuse this opportunity. Live communication and live play are necessary. Also, SmartEnglish does not replace paper cards, books and cartoons in English, but only complements them very effectively.

What's inside?


A little more delight

Kids love to play together! In particular, they will definitely want to play SmartEnglish. But the screen of the device itself is small. And everyone will want to see the picture. Development engineers have already solved this problem. Included with SmartEnglish is a usb receiver and a drive.


It is enough to copy the disk to a computer, connect the usb-receiver and you can see everything on the monitor screen (TV). I had no difficulty with the connection, except for the fact that I had already forgotten a little how to use the CD and had to connect an external drive.

Plan of the education

The book that comes with Smart English is small, but contains a very nice bonus - lesson plans. This is a very useful and pleasant little thing.


Some questions

Included a lot of training materials. But I want more! Until I figured out where and how you can find more.

And the second question - the way of coding and the possibility of creating your cards is very interesting. If anyone has something to say - write in the comments.

Advantages and disadvantages


Almost everything that can be said about the device is solid pluses. The ease of learning - yes, we diversify materials - yes, children like it - yes, adults like it - too, yes! It helps a lot in learning a language - yes, yes, yes!


Only one, and rather a nuance, not a minus. Some pictures are not very beautifully drawn. Something where it seems that the picture is obtained from a photo by the method of tracing in a vector. There are few such pictures, but they are there. And this is probably the only negative.

Total total


If you are serious about learning English, and use a variety of approaches to studying it with children, I recommend considering Smart English as another way to learn. 10% discount on GT-VU promo code for readers of HotTimes is valid for 14 days.

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