Can boiled corn be given to nursing mothers? Find out!

Corn is the queen of the fields. This slogan is well known since the time of the "Khrushchev thaw." Then the triumphal procession of this cereal began throughout the country, and now it is difficult to imagine a family in which there would not be kept a couple of branded recipes for dishes using corn. But, like any product, it probably has contraindications for use. Let's find out, for example, whether boiled corn can be given to nursing mothers.

Can boiled corn be given to nursing mother?
From the point of view of the benefits of corn, no doubt, it will be needed in the diet of any person, because it is rich in proteins and amino acids, and also contains a complex of trace elements useful for mother and child. In addition, she is rich in fiber, which positively affects the stomach of a young mother. Therefore, if you look from the side of utility, then the question: "Is it possible to boiled corn to nursing mother?" can be answered positively. But, as with any product, it is worth being careful in its use in the first months of feeding.

Corn can contribute to the formation of gases in the stomach and intestines, which leads to bloating and can trigger the onset of gastric colic in an infant. Therefore, get involved in this cereal while the child is very small? not worth it, that is, you can boiled corn to a nursing mother, but not a little and not in the first month after the birth of the baby.

you can boiled corn to a nursing mother,
Much also depends on the method of preparation of this cereal. Even the question of whether boiled corn can be given to nursing mothers, there may be several possible answers. For example, porridge made from grains of this cereal will definitely benefit. There can be several types of such dishes, depending on the grinding of grains. But they will all benefit. Moreover, due to the fact that the corn does not contain gluten, such cereals can also be given as complementary foods to the baby after he grows up.

corn to nursing mothers

A very useful cooking method is simply boiled corn. This summer treat we all so loved to gnaw right off the cob in childhood! Corn to nursing mothers in this form will also benefit. True, no more than one ears per day, and it is advisable to combine it with butter for better absorption by the body.

But it is better to refrain from the canned look of this cereal for the entire period of breastfeeding. Despite the fact that it is, like, also boiled corn, the body will not receive much benefit from it. Indeed, during canning, many useful properties of the product are lost. In addition, it is far from a fact that the manufacturer did not use flavorings, flavor enhancers or other no less harmful substances - preservatives.

In general, to the question: "Is it possible to boiled corn to nursing mother?" The answer we get is rather affirmative, although with some reservations. Our advice will be: try to introduce it into your diet after the baby is at least a month old. And if he does not react to her use of allergies, colic or gas, then why not a young mother from time to time enjoy this healthy and tasty cereal.


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