It's time to hike: collect the backpack

How to recover in a short time after a working gray winter and a cold spring, come to your senses, forget about fatigue, relax? The ideal option is to go camping with friends. First, it is fun, secondly, it is useful, finally, it is interesting. Despite all the difficulties on the way, you can gain composure in a hike, chat with friends, test your strength. This can be a trip to nature for a couple of weekends, a hike through the native region or an exciting rafting experience on rafts. The main thing is to be ready - to tune in, learn the route and ... collect things. The third is perhaps the most difficult. We tried to figure out what tourists prefer not to do without.

Wings behind

What is the start of any hike? From the idea, the route, the gathering of friends, the heated discussions on the upcoming journey ... In fact, the trip begins with a backpack, which during your journey will become not just a true friend, but an extension of you - it will have everything that will allow you to have a great time, relatively comfortable live the days of the hike and finally survive.

Choosing a backpack depends on the duration of the trip, the type of terrain, the number of people in a group, the availability of support from the organizers, etc. But the general rules are fairly linear: for short exits to the nature - 40-50 liters, for long hikes - 70-100 liters (if you are not quite an ascetic), for skis (what if?) And water (for example, rafting on rafts ) - 90-120 liters. Without harm to health and the spine, a woman can carry a backpack no more than 15 kg, a man - 20 kg. But the first time, you still can’t optimally calculate the weight and things, so go on a short hike with a new backpack, evaluate whether you are wearing it correctly, whether there are enough things, look what has never been learned. Experienced walkers tell hundreds of fables about how novices took glass dishes, glasses, heels, mountains of cosmetics, laptops, large plush toys, volumes of books. It's funny and cute, but extremely counterproductive.

And this is not funny and not new. Just a cat named Higgs loves to travel with his owners and he climbs into a backpack if he does not like the weather.

A good option for short trips "weekend" - durable and functional backpack FREEKNIGHT FK0396 50 liters and a load capacity of 20 kg. All that is needed from him, he gives - roomy, dark, with excellent mounts and numerous pockets. The material of the backpack is durable, waterproof, resistant to random scratches. An additional fabric “cover” protects the zipper from the rain. Adjustable soft shoulder straps reduce pressure on the shoulders, and the "breathable" mesh lining in the back reduces sweating and prevents the back from overheating from contact with dense synthetic material. The price is only $ 21.12.

More expensive ( $ 44.16), but also more advanced backpack - LOCAL LION 60 liters of waterproof nylon. It is distinguished by an important detail - the presence of belts on the chest and on the hips. When properly fastened, these belts distribute the weight of the backpack and relieve some of the load from the shoulders and spine. By the way, if you plan to carry really heavy styling, be sure to pay attention to the presence of such pectoral, waist or hip straps, so you will solve a part of the problems with just the design.

Roof over your head

Immediately after the backpack, it is time to select a tent. Experienced hikers and travelers do not have to advise - they have long known what a marching apartment should be. But for short walks for a couple of days and hiking in good summer weather, we recommend paying attention to the tent Naturehike . This is a great solution for outings in pairs, small groups, for camping and for those who like to travel by car. 3-4-seat tent quickly and easily unfolds, reliably protects from rain due to silicone-impregnated fabric, and the additional net protects from mosquitoes, spiders and other small uninvited guests. So, even if it started to rain or hail, to set aside panic, the roof over your head will cope. And the mood will not spoil - light color will accelerate melancholy. Due to the weight of 1.81 kg, such an awning can be carried by attaching it to a backpack. And the price of $ 122.31 is good news, especially for beginners. If the camp life will not impress you, you will not have to grieve because of the huge amounts spent on equipment and inventory. A tent will be able to serve its intended purpose, for example, in the heat of the country.

Another indispensable and convenient thing needed in a tent is NatureHike inflatable pillow for only $ 6.99. Wear-resistant, with low thermal conductivity, waterproof, with an additional layer of foam, it is useful for sleep and as a "seat" that protects you from damp and cool soil or raw wood. It is not unimportant that it is almost weightless - 83 grams.

When there are no roads, directions remain.

Of course, the technology stepped forward and we all used to rely on GPS and GLONASS navigators, but anything can happen, and there is nothing more reliable than the usual mechanical compass . With it you will not get lost, do not lose the abandoned car, if necessary, you can navigate the terrain. With a little dexterity and minimal knowledge, the compass is one of the most faithful helpers along the way; you should not underestimate it. Moreover, the price of $ 12.92 does not greatly facilitate your wallet, and a device weighing 30 grams does not overload the backpack.

In the trip, comfort sometimes provides little things.
Another interesting and unusual device for tourists and lovers of outdoor recreation is the multifunctional SUNROAD station . It acts as an altimeter (altimeter), thermometer, hygrometer, clock, alarm clock, barometer and compass. The station is able to build a weather forecast for the coming days, can keep a history of observations. The thing is miniature and weighs only 70 grams, but it costs $ 25.19.

There is a coupon: GBRUOU4 reduces the price to $ 18.99 - 20 pcs.

An unexpected thing in our review, but a very useful thing in the campaign, especially if there are sudden problems (you get lost, lost, etc.) - the FURA whistle for $ 3.03. It's simple: a durable stainless steel whistle with a capacity of 150 dB with a comfortable and wide ring for attachment to keys or a backpack. In which case, each member of the hiking group will be able to emit a beep and call for help (for comparison, the cry of an adult is 80-90 dB).

The bracelet-multitul has not even had time to stop being a desired decoration on a man’s hand of late youth age, and a replica has already appeared - a multitul on 29 different instruments. And if in the city such a bracelet is more fetish and show off, then during the hike it is quite a working tool and even with such a convenient place to wear it: you can tighten a screw or nut on a bicycle, pick a hole, open a beer bottle. For $ 70.61, you get a wearable set of screwdrivers and keys from good stainless steel. The bracelet is quite heavy - 150 grams, so for girls who love brutal accessories, it is better to think twice. But on the male hand will look cool and stylish. WOW-effect is provided.

Always in touch and without boredom

In a professional hiking group there is always a walkie-talkie, if necessary - a reliable connection with the base. But if you are going on a hike with friends for a few days, then it is better to take care of a durable phone - the one for which the diagonal of the display and the quality of the camera do not decide anything. And decide the level of protection and battery capacity.

If you can’t live without the Android interface, pay attention to the GEOTEL A1 3G smartphone running the Android 7.0 operating system with the IP67 protection standard (waterproof, dustproof), operating temperatures from -22 to 55 ° C and durable display glass. Of course, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of built-in will not surprise anyone, these are the most average TTX, but two-SIM cards and a 3400 mAh battery make this phone a reliable hiking device. As for working only in 3G, you are at least in the woods and a small distance from the city, you can’t find it, 4G isn’t. By the way, it is very inexpensive for its quality - only $ 85.58.

There is a coupon: GEOTELA1 reduces the price to $ 68.99.

An even more reliable option is a DTNO.I A9 cell phone with an IP67 protection level (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof) and a powerful 4800 mAh battery (this is a lot for a phone of this class). Of course, no 3G and a modest memory of 32 MB, but a powerful flashlight on the case and a very long period of work from a single charge. What else do you need for $ 35?

There is a coupon: DTNOA9 reduces the price to $ 29.99.

But not one of the most secure phone can cope with its task if there is no network coverage, so be sure to check the base station map on the site of your cellular operators. But even if you go to a place where you do not catch anything, you need to take the phone: it will come in handy when you get to the network coverage area or help out in a difficult situation - even without a network and a SIM card, you can dial emergency number 112 and ask for help.

Let there be light

Among avid tourists, their attitude towards binoculars is ambiguous: someone always carries them with them and considers them not just entertainment, but a measure of security, and someone ignores them and considers them an extra weight. However, binoculars are justified on rafting, in hilly hikes, expeditions to beautiful, but difficult to reach places. Finally, it can be used to inspect the surroundings, and not walk up to them and thus save time. Yes, and look around you is never superfluous.

We liked the waterproof (one that tolerates fog, but not the river) binoculars for $ 66.68 with an 8.5-fold increase and field of view up to 1 km. It is not very heavy, only 550 grams, but it must be borne in mind that with a long toe around his neck, he still begins to delay it. Nevertheless, you will receive the rarest pleasure from observing birds, plants, opposite river banks and local monuments.

There is a coupon: GBRUOU1 reduces the price to $ 55.99 - 20 pcs.

But without what you can’t do without during a hike, it’s without a flashlight, which will not only hurt yourself during a night walk, but will also scare away uninvited four-legged, and sometimes two-legged neighbors. A nice option is the Nitecore MH40GT flashlight for $ 170. Not the cheapest in its class, but worth it: 1000 lm, user modes, different degrees of brightness, strobe mode, durable waterproof case (holds up to 2 m under water), a beam up to 900 m. The flashlight withstands falling from 1.5 meters, that is, an accidental fall from the hands will not harm him. With such TTX lamp weighs only 300 grams.

There is a coupon: HIKV3 reduces the price to $ 89.99 and is valid until July 30, 2017.

But for this lamp, in addition or as a standalone version, you should choose a forehead version, for example, Nitecore HC60 . Its luminous flux is 1000 lm, several operating modes are supported, impact resistance and water resistance are at the level of the previous model, but the beam length is less - up to 150 m. However, such a flashlight is designed to illuminate the path, in fact serve as a “human headlight” (maybe a bicycle one), so that 150 m is a great option given the angle of the beam at 100 degrees. The flashlight weighs only 98 grams, fastens on comfortable straps and does not cause any discomfort when wearing.

There is a coupon: HC60GIFT for $ 39.99 instead of $ 59.95.

But this IMALENT DN70 flashlight for $ 57.99 is very popular with buyers. With a palm size and a weight of 116 grams, it has a high brightness - 3800 lm and, like previous models, switches to SOS and strobe modes. The beam "pierces" at 300-400 m, impact resistance - 1.5 m. The body of the flashlight is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with scratch protection, waterproof.

Life support

One of the main objectives of the campaign - to get fire. And here the fire still holds the palm among the inventions of mankind. However, sometimes, especially in summer, the only thing that is needed from the fire is to boil a kettle and cook sausages, and in the forests there are restrictions on making fire. In such a case, you can purchase a gas burner for $ 31.23 , which is carried in a convenient case and easily ignited. Lightweight portable stainless steel tile does not take up much space and will last you more than one year. One liter of water boils in just three minutes. Be careful with gas cylinders and calculate their weight when laying hiking backpacks.

The second important task is clean water. Everyone takes care of it in their own way, but it is better to have an emergency option - an easy and reliable filter system Diercon Tactical TW01 . The filter includes a layer of fibers for filtering large fractions, an antibacterial carbon filter and purifies water from 99.99% of impurities and bacteria, including E. coli and chemical compounds of chlorine and lead. The filter is designed for 3000 liters and pumps up to 600 ml per minute. The weight is only 242 grams, it does not take up much space in the backpack.

There is a coupon: GBRUOU5 - reduces the price to $ 32.99 - 20 pcs.

And of course, perhaps the most versatile item on the trip is a durable folding knife. Our team and our customers like Ganzo knives: black for $ 16.99 and bright yellow with a more comfortable handle for $ 11.59. Knives of this series are distinguished by their small size, convenient folding mechanism with locks without backlash and squeaking, hardened stainless steel blades. Please do not forget to fold the knives, do not play them, do not give them to children and do not cut tree trunks unnecessarily.

So, choose the best and do not forget to take with you:

The main thing is to make your list and start collecting a little in advance.

We choose routes depending on the desires and possibilities, health and desire for comfort. Tourism is a wonderful way to spend an unforgettable summer, improve your health, improve your mood, and rediscover your friends. Choose your route, get ready to go. Be the first - the rest will follow you.


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