Smart clothes: what can you buy today?

Having appeared in 2017, we practically did not notice how deeply high technologies entered our daily life. Smartphones and tablets, smart watches and even light bulbs with Bluetooth - this is hardly a surprise for the modern man in the street. True, in one thing we persevere in keeping our habits. It's about our clothes.

Smart clothes should neatly fit into our daily life, hiding the electronic stuffing from prying eyes until the last. Perhaps that is why futuristic sneakers with Nike Air Mag lacing did not become widespread, and the Nike + project remained only as a cloud-based service of training records. Manufacturers of sports and casual wear are just beginning to experiment with a neat combination of electronics and wardrobe items, but many of their products can be used now.

At the same time, searching for smart clothes is mostly not in trendy shopping centers, but in more narrowly targeted stores. So far, most manufacturers specialize in sports topics and add-ons for smartphones, developing the idea of ​​smart watches and wearable gadgets. At the same time, among the manufacturers are not only yesterday's startups with KickStarter, but also very well-known brands. Below we will talk about what items of clothing can already be replaced by smart ones.


Not a season, you say? Let me disagree. We sometimes do not mind wearing smart gloves in addition to the summer down jacket.

So, gloves with a special coating for controlling the touch screen are far from new, but what about gloves with an integrated Bluetooth headset? Such, for example, produces Italian Hi-Fun. On the cuff Hi-Call integrated control unit with a battery, and the speaker and microphone brought to the ends of the thumb and little finger. It looks spectacular, and most importantly it is convenient in the cold, especially when playing sports.

Gloves are available in two versions (fabric and leather): the first in black, gray and purple, and the second black and red. The accessory can be purchased on the official website of the company at a price of 59.99 (99.99 for leather) euros. In Russian online stores the price ranges from 1,700 to 3,200 rubles.


If the BT-headset in gloves is not an obvious solution, then the idea of ​​combining the cap and the wireless headset suggests itself. Specialists of Dress Cote managed to hit the target accurately by disguising the musical filling in the usual element of clothing. The Hatsonic hat is a real dream of a lover of winter sports and long walks, tired of the discomfort of wearing ordinary headphones under the cap.

According to the technical part, there is a pair of open speakers with external control buttons, communication with a smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0 and a 100 mAh battery, which is enough for 6-8 hours of listening to music. The accessory adequately copes with all its duties and can become an indispensable attribute in winter sports.

You can easily buy a hat Hatsonic in Russian online stores at prices ranging from 1,700 to 3,500 rubles.

For those who believe in the imminent coming of summer and want to stay at the peak of high-tech fashion at any time of the year, the same Italian Hi-Fun offers a BT-baseball cap, which is called a hi-cap. The cap is equipped with a BT-headset, which allows its owner to quietly listen to music and talk on the phone. Side control buttons are located along the bottom edge of the cap. For charging, use the usual mini-USB port. If necessary, the headset can be removed - for example, to wash the baseball cap. Headwear can be purchased on the official website of Hi Fun for the price of 59.99 euros.


The idea of ​​endowing small items with useful features is undoubtedly promising. Next in line are smart socks. It would seem - where socks, and where high technology. But the Swiss company Blacksocks has found a way to combine one with the other: it equipped one of its product lines with RFID tags, which make it easy to find a lost sock. Tags look like tiny buttons and are almost invisible when worn. Additionally, using the control panel, you can determine the date of manufacture of socks and the number of washes that they have undergone. Special application allows you to synchronize socks with the iPhone.
Socks are only in black - available on the Blacksocks official website at a price of $ 189 for 10 pairs.

Another option for smart socks is Sensoria. Products are focused primarily on athletes and are equipped with imperceptible load distribution sensors on the foot. A special device is mounted on the legs and analyzes data from the sensors, allowing the owner of the socks to track information on training, running technique and foot position using a proprietary application. The application may also advise how to adjust the technique in order to get more comfort from playing sports and to achieve new results.
The starter kit (two pairs of socks, anklet, charger and application) in the official store costs $ 199. Two additional pairs of socks will cost $ 49.


The sports industry is a pioneer in the use of smart clothes, so it is logical that here we are waiting for the majority of new products. Sports bras, T-shirts and T-shirts - not a complete list of what can be found on the online shelves and try for yourself. For example, in the assortment of the same Sensoria, in addition to smart socks, smart clothes with a special heart rate monitor that collects training data and synchronizes with the application on a smartphone. The device is easily removed, according to the manufacturer, it works for about eight months from a single battery and is compatible with many popular fitness applications (Sensoria Fitness, Strava, Runtastic, MapMyRun, Endomondo, Runkeeper, PolarBeat, RunMeter).

The clothes themselves are also versatile - you can buy T-shirts and T-shirts - and allows you to use other monitors (for example, Polar H7 or Garmin Premium). All products can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer at a price ranging from 69 (sconce) to 139 (men's t-shirt with monitor) euros.

OmSignal is also actively involved in the development of smart sportswear, with an emphasis on convenience and comfort of bras. Advanced elastic materials, a wide dimensional grid and an abundance of bright colors look very attractive, and a heart rate monitor with a proprietary smartphone application allows you to flexibly adjust the nature of your workouts. Wall lamps in four sizes and colors are available on the official website of the company. The starter kit costs 169 euros, and an additional bra will cost 69 euros.

Well-known sports brands also did not stand aside. The adidas miCoach project is now going through a stage of integration with the most popular runtastic service, and a functional heart rate monitor (Adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor) is being sold with a complete chest strap for 7-7,5 thousand rubles.

Smart bras specifically for the heart monitor can be purchased, for example, on Amazon at a price of $ 59.99. The same t-shirt is for men. The sensor there will cost a little cheaper - about $ 50.

The classic scheme of tight-fitting sports T-shirt and mounted heart rate monitor has received the expected popularity among many manufacturers. For example, a Nexx HRM-02 chest strap can be attached to a CB Sport T-shirt, which is fixed on special mounts in the desired area near the solar plexus and analyzes the cardiac performance of the heart and respiratory system, accumulating data and transmitting it via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to smartphones and tablets.

Inexpensive T-shirt and GOW BT Tracker can be found on Amazon for $ 25 and $ 66.

Hexoskin has developed a solution for those who are not ready to put up with attachments and are looking for the most inconspicuous set of monitoring systems for training. The company's range includes tracksuits with a special pocket for a small device (7 cm in length, weighs 40 grams), which analyzes all the information about trainings: cardiac activity, frequency and strength of breaths, distance, calories burned, and measures the marginal impact oxygen in the muscle VO2 max.

Various options are available on the company's official website, for example, a starter kit will cost about $ 400.


Nike did not have time to curtail sales of the Nike + sensor, as enterprising Asians took up the development of sports shoes with an expanded range of possibilities. Xiaomi Smart Shoes sneakers are produced in the sky by one of the largest sports brands Li-Ning and are equipped with a Bluetooth activity tracker like Mi-Band. A wide range of colors, women's and men's variations, plus a small price is a great option for summer runs light, followed by tracking activity and route.


Fortunately, modern technologies in clothing are available not only to sportsmen and music lovers, but also to ordinary office workers. Arrow launched a smart shirt with Arrowlife NFC tags. Tags store user information and allow you to transfer contacts or a profile link in social networks to your partner in one touch, launch your favorite track or meeting mode with an auto answer for all calls on your smartphone.

The shirt can be purchased, for example, in an online store for the price of 2999 Indian rupees (about $ 46).

What to expect tomorrow?

The most noticeable novelty of the near future should be Levi's smart jacket in the Commuter collection, created in collaboration with the Google Jacquard project. Infused with sensors and touch controls, this jacket is designed to change our user experience of interacting with smartphones and WEB-services.

On the other side of smart clothes are the concepts of jackets and accessories for storing energy with the subsequent transfer to mobile devices. The Acme Power portable solar panel can already be purchased today for hiking, and in the future we should expect the development of ideas that had previously flashed in the joint project of Pvilion and Tommy Hilfinger, who added solar batteries and a 6000 mAh storage unit to outerwear.

It is obvious that today the direction of smart clothes is only in its infancy and essentially depends on the direction in which the wearable device moves. A surge in the popularity of fitness — bracelets and smart watches — introduced accessible sensors and sensors into sports equipment, and the development of control units made it possible to introduce heating into an everyday vest, like a BT headset. Further development of the industry is directly dependent on sports trends and the reaction of the fashion industry. Just a year ago, smart clothes were just an addition to the booth of Samsung and other companies at CES, and this year, on April 21, the first Wearable 2017 summit was held in China, and on July 25, a separate conference on smart clothes would be held in San Francisco. As they say, it began! And if you have other interesting examples of smart clothes that you can buy, write in the comments!


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